Personal training with the lovely Julia @rainbeaubelle. Functional exercises to strengthen and tone. A very efficient and effective way to workout the whole body. The exercise demonstrated is commonly know as 'chopping wood' aiming to improve core strength and mobility of the spine.

Happy Saturday! Are you having a good one? So far I've only had one child with me at a time what with clubs, play dates and sleepovers 🙌🏻 these flowers were from my little girl to say sorry for spilling her milkshake on the floor the other day! Bless her. I wasn't too cross, honestly ☺️ the business card I've been meaning to share for a while now, my blog logo was designed by one of my gorgeous friends Caro @thetwinklesmama and the cards were made by another gorgeous friend Ling @turretstationer go and give them a follow if you don't already! 😘💕

A first taste of windsurfing for three-year-old Flo, who was having a go with the amazing childminders from mini club today! How cute is this pic? Her little face was a picture. Love that even the littlies get to give the water sports a go too here at @mwlevante ☀️#mwmoment #rainbeaubelle PS it's Julia here from @Rainbeaubelle taking over the Mark Warner account all week! 👌🏻

#GPTakeover | @rainbeaubelle takes over the Green People Instagram: Hey! I'm off out this afternoon and have freshly washed shiny hair thanks to @greenpeopleuk - I absolutely love this Intensive Repair Shampoo, it rocks!

Getting some glitter tattoo practice in before Florence's party tomorrow. My baby's turning three! Oh and my kitchen table is covered in glitter! 💕

This is the photo from the previous shot - used on tonight's blog post, about nine months without Rog 💛


Doubling up tonight with my favourite bangles from @black_and_sigi 👌🏻💍

It was Roger's birthday this week so the kids let some balloons go into the sky for him, something we started doing on special days. They chose the colours this time!

Packing with kids, one of my least favourite things to do! But how sweet are these luggage tags from @coconutgrass - the kids haven't seen them yet, can't wait to show them!

Can you believe my boy is still only six? He's rocking his new shirt from @questioneverythingkids this morning - it's called a Bowie shirt ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Mama's shoes 👠👠👠

Five years is a wood anniversary so my lovely sister @katiepeat bought me this @jomalonelondon wood sage and sea salt treat! Smells amazing. ❤️Worn with my fave @black_and_sigi ring and new @estellabartlett stars bracelet X ⭐️ x ⭐️ x

Love my new bracelet from my gorgeous friend Rach @moonhead75 - it's just like all those stars in the sky ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @estellabartlett

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