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Viking Season 4! We are back! Grab your axes boys...#ragnariscoming #SeriesMarathon

Ne hasta bekler sabahı, ne taze ölüyü mezar. Ne de şeytan bir günahı, seni beklediğim kadar!
Vikings season 4B geliyor, 30 kasim! #ragnariscoming #vikingsarecoming 😁😁😁

For you women trail runners out there, we have the Saucony Xodus and the Saucony Peregrine! :-)
#sauconytrail #trailrunningiscool #ragnariscoming

Took my new kicks for a ride tonight. I think this is the beginning of something good! #ragnariscoming #pileonthemiles #nike #running

Good luck Langley! #Ragnar #ragnariscoming

And we're off (and scaring the woman in the seat beside us) #innerwild #ragnarmichigan #myteam #ragnariscoming #bettertogether

Get off work early, special run destination! #echopark #LA #ragnariscoming #pouridea?

Post run happiness! It's hard for me to get out the door for a run after work. #yayme #ragnar #ragnariscoming


Running trails while fighting nausea is hard. But friends like @heatherandersonnorris make it a tiny bit more tolerable. #running #trailrunning #workbesties #ragnariscoming #bonnevilleshorelinetrail #topofthemountain #saltlakecity #iloveutah #ilovemylife

Ginger's face says it all... Ginger: Daddy, What. Are. Those?! 😂🐶👍🏼 #RagnarSwag #RagnarIsComing #AreYouReady #RagnarPA #NewSwag #NewKicks #feetandconcrete #Squadup

MOTIVATION MONDAY 🏆 One of the realest posts I've ever done 😄 If you're a competitor and you say that you haven't gone on the hashtags for your show to check out the other competitors, you are a shameless liar 😂 The other day I got bored at home and did exactly that. Nothing will put doubt in your head like seeing your competitors on Instagram in that LA Fitness bathroom lighting with a perfect angle and five filters 😅 Doubt pours in like water. You start thinking "What if I go to this show and I don't place at all?" "There's no way I am gonna beat this guy" and you believe that you might lose. With that said, I have overcome that and more as a competitor and as a man. I have had really difficult days, I have been stepped on, overlooked, and kicked when I was down, I've been called every name in the book, but I survived all of it and I ended each story with a STRONG triumph 🏆🔥 Each of those four pictures are special to me because they each were a moment of triumph at the end of preps where I struggled physically, mentally, and emotionally ♦️ I cried backstage at the Ruby after winning my first overall because all I could think of was everything that I overcame during that prep 🎇 I had a dream about the picture on the top right before the Precision and someone snapped that picture matching my dream after my second overall win 👥 I got to run out into the audience and hug my father who laughed and teared up on my shoulder after my third overall win 🏆 And finally, I hoisted overall trophy number four after the infamous twelve hour prep snapping a LONG streak of all around bad luck 🍀 I have beaten great competitors on days that were not my best, I have won overalls at shows where I didn't think that I would place at all, and I have proven that I belong. I love the saying "If not me, then who?" Because that is EXACTLY right. I believe that my story is not a story of lucky breaks and easy victories, but a story of extreme will 🛠 It's not that I have never been knocked down. I just know that my scraped knees have made for some awesome stories #ScrapedKnees #FuryOfAPatientMan #RevengeIsCooking #BlackSails

Structuring your training is easy when you have a grasp of anatomy and how to effectively target specific muscle groups. The biceps have two heads, the long and the short 👐🏾👌🏾 The development of the long head is largely responsible for the "peak" of the bicep, while the development of the short head will enhance thickness and width of the bicep when viewed from the front. A very lean and conditioned athlete will be able to see separation between the two heads while contracting 🖖🏾 The brachoradialis runs along the "top" of the forearm and is recruited heavily for many elbow flexion exercises.
Tri-Set for Bicep Development:
1️⃣ Close Grip EZ Curls (Increased recruitment of long head) 3 sets of 12
2️⃣ Wide Grip EZ Curls (Increased recruitment of short head) 3 sets of 12
3️⃣ Reverse Grip EZ Curls (Increased recruitment of brachoradialis) 3 sets of 12
#CurlsForTheGirls #BigBicepsAreImportanter #RagnarIsComing #TheySayTheyAreSavages #AttackAttackAttack #HewManyFoe #NeitherForgivenNorForgotten #RevengeIsCooking #NPC #NPCPhysique #MensPhysique #Physique #SDPhysiques #TeamSDPhysiques #StandardDeviationAthlete #FitByScience #ContestPrep #IIFYM #Macros #Bodybuilding #ClassicPhysique #Fitness #Inspiration #Motivation #Transformationtuesday #TT #Transformation #APS #Mesomorph

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