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ragertha is shaking !!
—ib @regimechxlls
[two hot bisexual y'all should stan]
for antonella #spottyrct2

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Ubbe & Ivar
Ragnar is up in Valhalla screaming “wtf you bitches, stop fighting each other”
I’m gonna make a hvitserk and ubbe edit soon cus those guys had the cutest relationship ever😩
Ps. The audio was supposed to be more smooth than that at the end

Aslaug, take a seat and stay put, thanks
Plus, the one son that Lagertha had can fuck up the four sons aslaug had put together ✌🏽

Belong together 💝
<Phone edit>[kinemaster]
Ac&ib; azgedas
Dt; @xragertha @praimerya @xlothbrok
#vikings #ragertha #omgpage #katherinewinnick
#travisfimmel #ragnarandlagertha #vikingsedit Tried some new style on my phone I'm so proud of myself sksnsks

My Queen, my true love

Björn 🐻
He really resembles a bear. The way he walks and fights and looks. His parents were right to name him ‘björn’ (means bear in the Scandinavian languages)
Dt: @zuchv @xlothbrok @chickronz - OBSESSED with your edits🤗❤️

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