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Вчера перед сном намазала мелкой голову кремом (от корочек, их немного осталось у нас) и ушла мыться)) Маман ей расчесочкой такой ирокез соорудила)) а у ваших деток были корочки 🔅на голове?❓ Ну да не об этом пост)) блин забыла, что хотела написать, склероз.. во! Нужен совет, мы когда памперс снимаем, у нас конкретная краснота(( мазали и судо кремом, и различными другими - один фиг - красно, чуть менее красно, чуть более, но совсем краснота не проходит(( врач сказала, что может быть инфекция, выписала мазь - после этой мази стало ещё хуже, красное до ужаса, в итоге врач нам ее отменила. Вот я думаю, это может быть от памперсов? Мы памперсами одной фирмы пользуемся изначально, вот не помню, вначале было покраснение или нет. Попробовала другие памперсы сейчас - первый раз сняла, прям явно побледнело. А вечером, когда меняли, опять красно.. замучилась блин. Че делать то, а?
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I got to do a little Valentine setup with my sweet friend Raelynn this morning. I think she is pretty adorable! Who wouldn’t want to be her Valentine? #threemonthsold #babygirl #tinabdesigns #knitting #knittingforbaby @hazyskiesdesigns #raelynn

Let the neon glow

i found RaeLynns Beanie!her beanie is available at Urban Outfitters for $29.! ❤😇 { I meant to say on the picture believe in your selfies } lolll

wear or tear? 🍂

{wear} 🍃

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( @raelynnofficial ) 💘

Out here with @crismarshallmusic and @paytonlyon42

😌❤️😌 @raelynnofficial #raelynn

RaeLynn,without you I couldn't ever have a good life as it is now,💘couldn't write this all, that I'm writing now,😘I wouldn’t know such an amazing person who means so much to me😭Rae, your always positive, amazing, funny, clever, beautiful,amazing and Ilysm!❤️You changed my life like sm😭😭😭I can't imagine my life without you, bc you're my life, maybe not all, bc I have school, family... But you're the big part of my life, but you mean a WHOLE LOT to me,😇without you I can't even breathe,you're always saying some advice for your fans, that always helps and you're always making me smile, even if you just posted one photo, you're voice is so freaking AMAZING 😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻You deserve all, that you have and more, bc you're so talented🙌🏼✨ you are always making people smile with your singing , and just being an incredible girl😍You are just so lovely , what you're doing and trying to stay positive is amazing🙏🏻💓 , you act rlly good, I'm sSOOOO excited for the feature for you bc you are so inspiring and a beautiful human being 👧🏻🍥🙌🏼
Thank you for letting me have this all, that I have now, last year is amazing and all the memories are unforgettable,💜yes, I had so many troubles last year but after coming back from your concert my life changed so so much in a positive way 💓 But life without any problems is boring life, we all have to have problems sometimes to be stronger💛But without you RaeRae and all the rae fans I won't go with these problems, I will cry and cry, but gosh, RaeLynn when I see you I can't cry, so yeah, I have problems sometimes and I'm just living with them, but trying to correct some of them💛
And now, I can't explain my feelings,For all of last year I understood so many things, now I have Raelynn, I learnt so many new things to try and I became stronger! But no matter how much I became stronger, I can't stop crying now, bc finally I understood that I will miss the times I can’t see Rae In concert cause yes Ik I can’t see her in every concert but it makes me sad i love her so much!This year will be incredible tho bc I have RaeLynn
I don't wanna lose the memories and feelings, bc you all are part of my life. @raelynnofficial #raelynn 💘🍥

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Princess RaeLynn!!❤️😍 Aunty love you!!😘😘 #happybirthday #2yearsold #niece #littleprincess #auntiesbaby #misobrina #iloveyou #lilmunchkin #mynieceiscuterthanyours #family #Raelynn

This is the birthplace of my musical interests. From the piano of Johnny Costa on Mr Rogers Neighborhood to the funk of the pointer sisters “Pinball Count” with that off kilter time signature. The disco themed “3 2 1 contact” song and all the way to the “Rockapella” blowing my mind on “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego”. PBS is where I had so many musical firsts and I am so thankful. What inspired your early foray into music? Do tell.

When @raelynnofficial is the life of a two and five year old. #raelynn #countrymusic #obsessed #toysallover @dmains89

Return to the cocoon and make a masterpiece.

— Some things don’t mean anything till one day they mean everything — 💎
#RaeLynn #Diamonds

As a kid I could never sit still in one place. Everything was a waste of time. Even it was 3 minutes it was too much. I wanted to be out and free, running. But the one thing that will always sit me down and shut me up is my love for music. I am crazy obsessively passionate about it and creation. I’m lucky to have it

Me and my mini me. #Raelynn #babygirl #mommyandme #minime

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