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A picture is worth a thousand words.
Mobb Deep, Nas, & Raekwon 1995. .
photo by Chi Modu

Thank you #PeteRock. To me, freestyling is a PREREQUISITE. This is how we separate frauds from real. And you don't have to black out on it but just say some witty lines that rhyme and be able to ride the beat. 2Chainz aint no Kendrick type of lyricist but he got in there and killed that freestyle on the Kendrick beat so I respect it. That's why I laugh at this trend of ppl coming out with music under "rap" genre. And when they go to these radio stations and can't deliver a freestyle under pressure, now all of a sudden they're like "fuck rap I'm really a rock artist." Nah Lil Zesty. That's a PR move. You should've started off as a rock artist then. When I open #iTunes or #Tidal, your name should be next to Coldplay and Metallica... not next to Jay Z and WuTang. As a culture and as an art form, yes we should evolve. But the key elements should always be preserved.

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Artist/s: #WuTangClan
Track Name : Method Man ( Live )
Released : 2011
Baraye didan baghie music video ha b hashtag berin -> #OldSMV
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#PiffHistory - 7 years ago today, #YelaWolf dropped "Trunk Muzik," which featured #Raekwon more.

I'm sorry to announce that Prodigy has passed away at age 42, cause of death is yet to be determined but it can be noted he was hospitalized after suffering complications from sickle-cell anaemia. One-half of Queensbridge House duo, Mobb Deep, Prodigy wasn't a shook one, a halfway crook and put his life into the lines of paper that contained his rhymes. Prodigy comes from a musical background, his great grandfather being Budd Johnson and his great-uncle Keg Johnson having contribution to the Bebop era in Jazz while his mother, Fatima Johnson was a member of The Crystals. As a rapper Prodigy was a heavyweight, having many hard verses with Havoc while also shining as a solo artist. As far as Hip-Hop goes he was apart of one of the biggest beefs in Hip-Hop, East Vs West while also having beef with the likes of Def Squad and Havoc. It's a sad day today, we lost a lyrical soldier, a true MC, we lost one of Queen's finest, so with a heavy heart we here at OSHH say salute to Prodigy for his impact in Rap and Hip-Hop, may he Rest In Peace. Shook Ones Pt II/ Survival Of The Fittest/ Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)/ Quiet Storm/ G.O.D. Pt III/ Hold You Down by Mobb Deep/Alchemist (ft Nas, Raekwon, Ill McGhee). #rip #mobbdeep #prodigy #havoc #nas #raekwon #illmcghee #alchemist #shookonespt2 #survivalofthefittest #eyeforaeyeyourbeefismines #quietstorm #godpt3 #holdyoudown #theinfamous #hellonearth #murdamuzik #legends #greatestofalltime #realhiphop #oldschool4life #oldschoolhiphop4life

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Repost from @wu_new_hip_hop - NEW MUSIC !!! Wu-Tang Clan - Don't Stop Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck (Produced by RZA)

SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL YOUTUBE !! ⬆️LINK IN BIO⬆️ https://www.youtube.com/cha…/UCvUYJrqZ1j0mBrAzce_rNUQ/videos<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUYJrqZ1j0mBrAzce_rNUQ/videos>

Just received Raekwon’s newest album, “The Wild”, on vinyl yesterday. Since it’s release, I have been impressed with the music on “The Wild”. Rae avoids the commercial approach that was used more abundantly on his previous effort, “F.I.L.A.”. The most mainstream sounding song, “Purple Brick Road”, featuring G-Eazy seems a bit out of place, but is not a bad song. The Chef keeps this album more solo-driven with only five featured artists. The disc starts off strong with the intro, and goes perfectly into the next track “This Is What It Comes Too”, proving Rae can still spit almost 25+ years later since making his debut in Hip Hop. Tracks like “Nothing”, “Crown Of Thorns”, and “The Reign” further prove this. Experimentation seems to be the weakest attribute of this album, with tracks like “You Hear Me”, where Rae tries on a faster flow over a sped up, trap-style beat, and weird chorus. Another experimental track, “M&N” shows Rae and P.U.R.E. exchanging bars with words that start off with the letters “M” and “N”, hence it’s title. Although an interesting concept, the beat and execution fail to keep the listener engaged beyond a few plays. The strongest moments of the album are brought by the soulful “Marvin”, featuring Cee-Lo Green, and the excellent sample driven, “Can’t You See”. One gripe I have with this album are the skits. Asides from the dope intro, the skits that follow do not add much to the album and should be omitted all together. Another small complaint I have is that there are no Wu-Tang features on this album, but regardless, Rae held it down on his own. What do y’all think of this project? My current top 5: 1. Can’t You See 2. Marvin 3. This Is What It Comes Too 4. Crown Of Thorns 5. The Reign. @raekwon @wutangbrand #Raekwon #WuTang


🔥🔥🙏🏽RIP Fam.
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Eye for an Eye- Mobb Deep X Mobb Deep give up the goods intrumental.

Nas and Raekwon verses
#boombap #vinylonly #mobbdeep #nas #raekwon

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