New YouTube video is up on my channel I go through my @bustinboards Maestro Mini setup and skate around my block @bustinboards @divinewheelco @em_socks @hoodraizedclothing @mentallimitedskates @paristruckco @globebrand @rampageskateshop

I am beyond stoked about this opportunity @bustinboards has given me. Check the link in my bio read the story and get some gear.

5.75インチ ラッドレールズテールガードがジュードーにお勧め。
#radrailz, #zenitjudo, #取付無料, #ロンスケダンシング,

Few clips from past month or so 🎶 @boxcutterpazzy he has a new album out Friday you know the deal support those that support us @bustinboards @divinewheelco @em_socks @hoodraizedclothing @mentallimitedskates @paristruckco @globebrand @rampageskateshop

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