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Absolutely amazing performance by Esperanza Spalding and band 👏🏾💥

@esperanzaspalding Just because I'm a fan!!! And we're label mates!! Gotta pay my respects to a dope album!! #ConcordMusicGroup #radiomusicsociety #SouthernAvenue #Gettingthehangofthispaintingthing

Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society 2 album set in 180g vinyl. Simply the warmest most soulful way to enjoy this brilliant woman's gifts. #vinyl #esperanzaspalding #radiomusicsociety #berkleyschoolofmusic #bassplayer

Crowned 👑and Kissed💋
Friday Vibes X EsperanzaSpalding 😌
#RMS #radiomusicsociety

Vague Suspicions creep into your head...
Listening to so much Esperanza with the release of her #emilyd+revolution album... had to throw it back a little to #radiomusicsociety .
Wearing Rose Luster Matte by #sephora 👄😘👉👉🌻


🇹🇷 Efsane Berklee Müzik okulunun en genç profesorü olma ünvanını halen elinde bulunduran Esperanza Spalding, Radio Music Society ile en iyi caz vokali olarak bir de ödül aldı. İspanyol - Latin sesleri ile jazz füzyonu ve Elif Çağlar sevenler için spotify linki bioda, yanında Suvla pembe şarap ile tabi ki;
🍷🍷🍷 🇬🇧 With the title of youngest proffesor of Berklee, Esperanza Spalding also got the best jazz vocal title at Grammy. This album is going to the lovers of Spanish - Latin rhtyms and pure jazz with rose wine as always;

#esperanzaspalding #radiomusicsociety
#vinyloftheday #jazz #vocal #berklee #nowspinning #33rpm #sunday #afternoon #suvla #rosewine #vintage #turkishwine #vinyl #collector #istanbul

Thought process of the sickest upright bass player of our generation. #EsperanzaSpalding
For someone who was the youngest ever instructor at Berklee, a bonafied child prodigy, and the one who beat both Drake and Beiber for the “Best New Artist” Grammy, listening to her interviews and watching her perform live are truly awe inspiring. She acknowledges that she still makes mistakes and seeks to get better at certain things. It just goes to show that you can still be #humble even though you’re arguably one of the best at what you do. (Not sure who took that picture)

@esperanzaspalding Just because I'm a fan!!! And we're label mates!! Gotta pay my respects to a dope album!! #ConcordMusicGroup #radiomusicsociety #SouthernAvenue #Gettingthehangofthispaintingthing

Tony's #AlbumArtPorn for the week is #EsperanzaSpalding
Album #RadioMusicSociety
Keytrack #CityOfRoses

A year after winning Best New Artist at the 53 Grammy Awards, Esperanza Spalding went on to release her fourth studio album Radio Music Society and earn her another two Grammys for Best Jazz Vocal Album and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist for the keytrack. Spalding takes the best features of soul and gospel and incorporates the stylish big band sound into the mix as she provides the low end rumble on electric and acoustic bass, while singing her heart out on top of everything. The music falls in the Contemporary Jazz genre, but with poppy arrangements that reach out farther than the jazz scene, Spalding has the right formula in place to take her music anywhere without the restrictions of a single genre or sound. Pictured above, Spalding sits a top the stereo waiting to greet the listeners. Enjoy!

#esperanzaspalding #radiomusicsociety は先生からのオススメ
#tombrowne の #loveapproach と #magic は直感で選んだら褒められた

I think I posted both these albums like a year or so ago on my feed already but I've been listening to this queen practically all day👑❤ So gotta show love✌🎨🎶 🎼In particular today mainly been listening to the #chambermusicsociety & #radiomusicsociety albums but essentially just casually groovin to her entire anthology lol💖🎼 If I had to choose my favorite songs off these 2 albums they would be "Cinnamon Tree" "Little Fly" "I can't help it" "black gold" "Apple Blossom " "Radio Song" "Crowned & Kissed" "Endangered Species" "Short & Sweet" just to name a few but I adore her song writing style in general so I'm a fan of all her work. Honestly my love of her as an artist, musician and composer really transcends any 1 piece of music or any 1 album. Like how could one choose between Van Gogh's paintings ? 🎨🌠
#esperanzaspalding #queen #love #jazz #classical #groovin #musician #composer #bassist #multiinstrumentalist #lovely #gorgeous #fabulous #thebest

#MusicMonday This is one of my fav songs for the last few years from @esperanzaspalding. I love the story & the history. If I was a little person and I heard this song I would would feel proud of my history and story as a black person. Unfortunately many young children of colour don’t have a father in their lives and live in some very dysfunctional homes. This song could make them forget their issues and feed their soul in some serious bass playing & history lessons. Go Esperanza, Wit your bad ass self!!! A heavenly 6 minutes and 47 seconds of #Funk & #Soul . Say it loud, say it proud - I’m Black Gold :-) Check out the music video: http://ow.ly/FiVr30brPJZ #BlackGold #RadioMusicSociety #Jazz @algebrablessett

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