I was tired. Just keen to hold her and watch shit reality TV on the couch.
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I thought I had it. I was sure I had it. I didn't get it. And I cant tell anyone that I'm so embarrassed that I walked around acting like I had it, for months.
#men #masculinity #radicallyvulnerable #toxicmasculinity

."atrevidas Hermanas, que en el tremendo castigo de desnudas les dio pardas membranas" (audacious Sisters, whose tremendous punishment of nakedness gave them dark membraned wings) a #newproject inspired by the poem #PrimeroSueño" by #SorJuanaInésdelaCruz, ... very soon, in the frame of the 7th edition of #artnou2018. Stay tuned!!
Opening on September 4, 7:30pm #Performance in collaboration with @isamit_morales at #angelsbarcelona espai2 (carrer dels angels 16)
#artnou #emergingartist #artbarcelonagalleries #arteemergente #juanainesdelacruz #membranes #performanceart #radicallyvulnerable #radicallyopen #contemporaryart

I thought I had it. Everyone thought I had it. Been walking around like I already had it. I'm so fucking embarrassed that I didn't get it but I can't say that.
Say it.
#men #masculinity #vulnerable #radicallyvulnerable

🤛🏼Life can get very complicated.... without even trying! Growing up with trauma and a sense of living on the edge in survival as a child meant that I grew up with a very black and white attitude to some areas of my life. ...
... 👍🏼So when I knew people walking on fire with #tonyrobbins I knew what I had lived through was scarier and tougher than that. I knew I could do that if faced with it. I knew when the tiger was there, I could go up and count the tigers teeth. What was more challenging was to be in a relationship, show my needs, my vulnerability’s, go for my dream life and work out what career I want, say no to others rather than betray myself. So I journeyed the school of life instead. ...
... 🤛🏼This is why I like to keep life simple in areas I do have choice. A frost free fridge, friends who are direct and honest, an automatic car! ...
... 👍🏼Trauma was hard work. I had had enough hard work, so when life took me to cross roads I would choose the easy way. Don’t get me wrong, the easy way was not necessarily easy easy, but it was always easier in the bigger picture. ...
.... 🤛🏼Like the time I finally realised I was living with domestic violence and that what was going on wasn’t the ‘bad’ times that all relationships go through... Or the time I left another relationship because I realised he was cheating on me and though I offered to stay and we repair the trust together, when I realised he didn’t want to make it work, I left immediately. Or the other time I was engaged and we had had our engagement party and I realised I couldn’t go through with it as this was my midlife crisis 🤣 longing for the marriage and the one, but he was so emotionally unavailable it was toxic to be around, so I left.... ...
... What has life led you to live by? Do you like it or do you want to change it? ...

“You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting --
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.” -Wild Geese by Mary Oliver —————————————————————
Vulnerable, raw, processing, healing. I am giving myself permission to be gentle with myself tonight. I am allowed to take the time I need to grieve. Crying is okay. Feeling is okay. I will be okay. And until then I will hold myself a little bit tighter and remind myself that I’m not going anywhere.

Throwback to last year. Things felt so much calmer then. Or was it stagnant? Probably a little column a, little column b. I miss my baby so much. Just realized it’s three weeks without him today. This house feels so empty without him here. I almost didn’t post this because I was hesitant to bring up his death again. It’s so sad how we put limits on grief. No doubt enforced by a society that profits off of our suppressed emotions in more than one way. Fuck that. I’m going to honor myself and be open about what I’m going through. I think there’s plenty of fake ig accounts. All I can do is keep being vulnerable. Persist. Persevere. I hope everyone reading this is practicing self-care, regardless of how uncomfortable it might be. •

#throwback #pitbullsofinstagram #bff #grief #grieving #letgo #justbe #heartchakra #loss #mentalhealth #love #imissyoumorethanwordscansay #iloveyou #radicallyvulnerable #healing #growth

Next up for #internationalwomensday is the incredible Rachel - @babyyshark
Honestly, if you're not following her yet, get on it. She's #radicallyvulnerable, raw, genuine, gorgeous and honest. She talks with candour about sexual violence, the desexualisation of the female body, body image, recovery, and things which are generally considered taboo - like body hair, periods, the realities of mental health issues and recovery. I admire this woman so much.
She shares, unapologetically, and I love that about her. She also works during her daily life, her full time life, to help other women and that's something worth shouting about too - she's not just on insta talking about it and posting excellent content, she's out in the real world making a difference too.
#iwd #iwd2018 #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womensupportwomen #girlpower #eliminategirlhate #bodypositivity #nudityisnotporn #selfempowerment #kindness #love #gratitude #womensrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #pressforprogress #endthestigma #survivor #beauty #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #bopo

Listen, it is terrifying to share super personal and vulnerable parts of my life. I know people that I know see it, family, coworkers. I don’t know if my abusers read my content. I feel horrid every time I am told I am “attention seeking.” I am just trying to make sense of my life, and possibly/hopefully help one person along the way.
Regardless, I’ll still tell my story, because I feel like things that aren’t talked about are covered in shame. I’m so fucking exhausted of shame.

“I am not a pretty girl.
That is not what I do.”
Bonus points if you know what this iconic song is.
#radicallyvulnerable #radicalsoftness #vulnerability #effyourbeautystandards #genderroles #gendernorms

The way I am running my account has become unhealthy for me.
My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has competely taken over my joy and passion for this account. And why the hell should I do anything that is not rooted in joy or passion?
Morning analytic checks, have become like pre-recovery days where I would weigh myself every morning. The numbers on both scales determined my worth and my emotions for the day ahead.
I would become obsessed with losing followers, in the same vain that I would if I gained pounds.
I was basing my exquisite worth on the number of people enganging with me on a social media platform.🤯 INSTAGRAM is not real life. I would survive if it got deleted tomorrow. (which @aliceandpeanutbutter mentioned in her most recent post, which really pushed me into this neccesary headspace.)
I also began planning and forcing posts. I have believed in every message I have shared on this account, but so many of my post were coming from hollow and passionless emotions. Nothing was ever posted in the moment of my feellings. Nothing was truly raw or vulnerable, like I endlessly claim to be. I lost my original intents and inspiration. Is this what @brenebrown meant when she talked about vulnerability hangovers?
I don’t think there is ANY shame in loving or highly engaging in social media. I think a lot of the rituals I took on with this account over the past months, started as innocent habits that many influencers probably do to stay organized and focused, but were very dangerous behaviors for my OCD. I want to be proud of the work I create. I want things that take up space in my life to SERVE ME!
I have already done some exposure work, and authenticity checking with myself. Such as deleting my access to checking my analytics, and “messying” up my account.
I don’t exactly know what will happen moving forward. I just want to feel good in this space again.
I made an instastory speaking more in depth on all of this. This is my first time talking about any of this publicly, or to anyone at all.
I am proud of myself tonight.
Y’all are kickass.
I hope I can get back to me again.
#ocd #vulnerability #radicallyvulnerable

In. Every. Area. 💯
Your like is not my concern. Whew. That's not easy to say, but I KNOW it's true. It's extra. MY like is what matters MOST.
I've felt called to show up 100% authentically for awhile now. {Gulp.} I'm answering.
#answerthecall #authenticityisexqusite #embracingthejourney #perfectlyimperfect

Going through this EXACT thing right now (and for the past week...). I'm ready to talk about it and I'll be doing a FB live at 2pm EST on my Coach Michelle Moore page sharing authentically what's been happening & how I'm navigating this space.
#imhumantoo #radicallyvulnerable #realtalk #happywednesday

👆🏻Read it again.
I used to believe that if a door closed that meant it wasn't your door. 🤷🏻‍♀️Maybe. But maybe you just need to try and open it again. ➡️Stop quitting on yourself. ➡️Stop quitting on your dreams. ➡️Stop quitting on the desires of your heart. ➡️Stop giving up so easily. ➡️Stop rolling over.
Listen, sometimes ... no,👉🏻OFTENTIMES👈🏻 you have to fight for what you want.
Oftentimes you have to persevere to show the Universe that you're serious.
Oftentimes you've got to stand your ground and stand up for yourself.
Oftentimes you have to open the door again and again and again and again until the hinges wear out and you can walk in and grab what's behind the door.
The goal is to release the HOW, but not the DESIRE. Frequently we combine the two and when the HOW doesn't work we give up. Or, when we hit the smallest bump in the road we decide that means "it" isn't meant to be and we walk away.
Maybe, just maybe, the door you're trying to open is not your door. But, by you fighting and standing your ground another way is shown.
#capiche #rantover #stopwussingout #fightforyourlife

Cheers!🥂Who's with me??? #friyay #weekend #mood #happygirl

Happiness. Inner peace. Health. Kindness. 💫💙 #yesplease #joyfulonpurpose #happythursday #mood #moreplease #nailedit #happythursday

💙 Join me in my Coach Michelle Moore Facebook page where I share a vulnerable moment of what one of my coaches calls "shrinking" and learn how to show gratitude in the face of what initially appears as disappointing or negative circumstances.
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