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Today's #LadyInRed feature goes to: @isamayaffrench
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If you had told me last year, that at this time this year....I'd lead a mother flippin ecstatic dance on Oak Island...Well I would have laughed in your face at such an absurd thought.
BUT...it just happened. And WOW! The energy from the women who showed up- blew me away and flooded my heart with some much needed reassurance that I am right where I'm supposed to be, and that shit IS changing.
People are waking up, getting in touch with something bigger than themselves, and seeking connection and light. I see it EVERYWHERE I go, and now to witness it here in my hometown island community, just rekindles hope for a collective shift in consciousness. Sure it might not be in mass proportions, sure it might not happen overnight, but damnit I'm still a believer.
I just facilitated an incredibly beautiful ecstatic dance, on Oak Island! I mean that sentence just sounds so crazy! When I was discussing whether or not there'd be interest in Ecstatic Dance here, I thought, there's only one way to find out- build it and they will come. And tonight we did it. And we all soaked up the power of music, movement, and the goddess within. I love all the women who showed up tonight ✨❤️✨I'm still glowing!
Now I'vee been hearing quite a bit of negative banter about this area recently- both Wilmington and Southport/Oak Island- people feeling underwhelmed with these places, dying to get away, go somewhere else, and just talking down on the area. And Ive felt like that too. But you can't depend on an external place to bring you internal joy, happiness, peace. You'll never find that 'perfect place' to call home. It doesnt exist. And this area just like ANY area, will become whatever you make of it. The people that have joined me for my spiritual development workshop, the ecstatic dances, are so potently refreshing- they appreciate the growing community, they see the good in themselves and us. They see the beauty all around. Sure it's not perfect. There are lots of issues here, as there are everywhere else in a world ruled by corrupt politics and dirty money. But you create your own world, no matter where in the world you are. Choose to create that which you want, that which you love ❤️

We've got your skincare essentials covered! So where will this month take you? Be sure to live radically.
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Photo Credit: @hikingwithheels

You could not even begin to believe how true this statement is in my world right now as I allow myself to relax even deeper into a period of rest. Oh how the Universe orchestrates on your behalf every single dayyyyyy. But so we see these riches? Not always. Sometimes not ever. Which is wild to me. The slower I go, the more I see. What a divine truth that is. Whatever you do, make time for rest for that is where the riches lie.
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Could God be calling you to serve as a #priest and #missionary?

Could #ReligiousLife be a good life for you?

If you answered "yes" or "maybe" to those questions, #ComeAndSee what the @PaulistFathers are all about during a weekend retreat Feb. 2 to 4 at our #seminary in Washington, D.C.

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feel it. the thing you don’t want to feel. feel it. and be free. - @nayyirah.waheed

A week of meditation on this poem has led me to this // Humans are wired not to feel pain + society telling us to ‘keep it together’ ‘don’t be hysterical’ ‘get yourself under control’ = an emotional cage designed by nature to keep us small and stop us from playing with and questioning our own lives.

I choose freedom. 💕🙌🏽

Smackin 2018’s fat ass like...

These charming & carefree ladies are too cool! This piece by @wherethewomenwander is a delightful addition to our day and to any wall that needs a little #womenempowerment.
We all know that we come in different magical shapes & sizes, but it’s harder to embrace that personally in a society where so much value is placed on appearance and precarious standards. To accept self fully is truly an act of love, one that we want to cheer for. ✨🙌🏽✨
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More encouragement to keep moving forward, said wondrously indeed by poet @nayyirah.waheed.
Her book, “Salt,” is another recommended read, comprised elegantly & emotively by directness, openness, imagery, and feeling.
Be wondrous! .
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2018 is waiting for you, and all your goodness & genius. Go get it!
Repost: @risingtidesociety

A year of radical movement forward. The door is open and the path is clear. Step into a sustainable way of life. Everything is connected. Food, clothing, wellness, relationships, career and purpose driven paths are awaiting you. Holistic living. Welcome this new year with open arms, open heart and wide eyed anticipation for what's in store. I am excited for the national launch of my new book, Jan 9 2018 and to share the prescription for change. #itstartswithme #accountability #radicalliving #radicalmovement #sustainableliving #ecoluxe #ecoentreprenuer #author #bookrelease #speaker #leadership #consciousness #transformationalcoach

Deep breaths of good air this weekend, everyone! A new year and new days are on the way... What are you excited for?
pc: @anikazebron

Getting ready to step into 2018 with a purpose—and pretty surroundings don’t hurt. As we prep for the new year’s celebration plans & beyond, surrounding ourselves with goodness is a key part. Who are those people, where are those places, what are those things that buoy your spirit?
#reflections #goodness #thegoodstuff #2018ready #newyearplan #makeithappen

With only 3 days left of photos, I had to snag some after this magnifique night!! :') And a huge thanks goes out to 2 specific people... first, to God for blessing me with the amazing spiritual family pictured here... @an_ally_walker , @roagenshoes , & @lauren_ragon , you guys are all amazing & worshipping with ya'll was a blessing beyond words tonight! ^^ However my second thanks tonight actually goes to @zey53188 , because boy... this man is a loyal brother haha. He walked through the cold just to see me tonight, and then went the extra mile to get me some Denny's which he didn't have to do... and even though we both ate so much our stomachs ached, I'm so glad we got to spend the night together😊 So can't wait to see what more God has in store for all these friendships, because He's working radically as He's daily doing what only He can do ^^ #GodIsGood 💕🔥 #RadicalLiving #BrothersAndSisters #Dennys #PrayerRoomWorship

YO INSTAGRAM!! So I already announced this on FB, but time to officialize here too; at the kickoff of the New Year, I'm going to be taking on this 365 day challenge that God has put on my heart to learn to be more intentional about living in the moment in the new year. The challenge is called "The Lens Cap Life", and the 3 key principles of it are that for an ENTIRE YEAR, I'm not going to take any photos, make any posts, or waste any time mindlessly scrolling through social media...which these are all huge for me. Photos used to define my dorm room and I've always been known as random selfie guy. Posts have been one of the most powerful ways I've used to share what God is doing in my life as I reflect on what He's done. And scrolling is just the go-to boredom cure everyone falls into. But to cut ALL 3 OF THOSE THINGS OUT?? It is going to RADICALLY challenge my identity, as I give up these things I'm so used to in order to discover NEW creative parts of myself I never even knew existed in their absence! So it's gonna be a gnarly year off the grid... if you guys wanna know more about the challenge, the rule files are publicly displayed on my FB page, and I'd love to have ya'll check it out, and if you feel up to it, ask God about maybe taking on a 2018 challenge of your own!! I know that every time in my life I step into a radical life-change with God, the fruit is always beautiful, so I can't wait to see how He moves through this next year as I live the Lens Cap Life😊📽 #2018Challenge #LensCapLife #NoPhotos #NoPosts #NoScrolling #RadicalLiving #LivingInTheMoment #FromHimAndForHim #GodIsGood

P.S. I'll still be here til mid-day on Sunday to finish the #2017TimeMachine , so if anyone wants to reach out, ask questions, or gather any of my contact info, you have til then!😊

"Beautiful people search for the occasion to make others feel beautiful." ~Liz & Rachel Edlich, sisters on a mission. (Excerpt from the book: Get Radical - Secrets to Creating A Life You Love)

Yassss! I love this one because I truly believe the world would benefit from more people focusing on what they want and less on what others think of them. Think of the things you could do if you didn’t give a hoot what anyone might think of you?! All the movers and shakers of this world did just that. Think about it ;)! #quotes #quotestoliveby #brendonburchard #truth #honesty #radicalliving #dontcare #youdoyou

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