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Then I got home and took off my leggings and tutu because it is just too damn hot. Also this is how far my legs have to be apart to not touch. You can't really tell but they aren't touching. I love my body.

Ok this has pissed me right off, this company repeatedly pays a meme page that uses their clothing in body shaming memes - there is another one from this company on this page that I changed.
Here's a tip @behindhemlines don't insult your customers like this but I'm not surprised by a company that calls US size 14, size XXL. It's not XXL it's below the average US woman who is size 16. Also WHAT BELLY?
Also how about saying it's an ad or saying it's sponsored, it's illegal not to. #bodypositivememes

I feel like #selfcaresunday is a really privileged way to talk about talking care of your self.
My Sunday starts like any other day, emptying the bag of urine I've collected over night and doing painful physio that means I'm able to take some steps. And the fact that I can do those things unaided is in its self privilege. There are many people here who's self care is self directed. Their morning starts with another person entering their room and providing personal care on their behalf.
It also further demoralises those with mental health problems who struggle to brush their teeth or change their knickers every day of the week.
It's not that we shouldn't have some way of acknowledging that we're indulging our selves somehow, but that we need to be aware of the privilege those actions hold.
I love my body, and I want to treat it well, but often that means putting a needle in my chest or flushing out my bowels rather than a face mask or buying my self flowers.

I am with everyone who struggles to be consistent in their self care. With everyone who feels marginalised because they can't physically or financially participate in popular forms of 'self care'. I am with every person who's having to partake in difficult procedures or activities just to keep them selves alive. I am with everyone who's mental health has already made self care an arduous task. And I am with everyone who doesn't have the privilege to be involved in what seems to be a very white, very able, cis-het, middle class practice.
Happy Sunday everyone. Whatever it is you're able to do for you, I hope it starts with true compassion.

You might recognised this dress from a recent YouTube video that I did.

I love it - and apparently so do you because when I wore it in that YouTube video, soooo many of you were asking where I got it from.

It's from @PinkCloveUK but here's the thing Pink Clove are UK size 16 upwards (I'm wearing size 22) so a lot of you smaller babes expressed your frustration that you couldn't get it. I was inundated with the same kind of messages for two days and whilst I responded nicely. Something inside of me was screaming "CHECK YOUR THIN PRIVILEGE". But you've heard that all before so I want you to do something else. I want you to feel that frustration and then use that to have empathy for every single fat person who feels that frustration every time she goes to the shop, every time she shops online, everytime she sees a fashion ad on the street, everytime she sees a blogger wear something she likes and probably can't have, every time she is looking for a dress in a hurry for a specific event, or as I witnessed through @thechristinecho 's experience, even when you go GOD DAMN WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING. An occasion which many girls dream of, one that is meant to be fun!

Just imagine that for a minute.
Feel your frustration at not being able to get ONE DRESS and amplify it.
Then once you are done vividly imagining it, realise that that is not your reality.
But it is someone else's.
It's not your reality but it is for 67% of women - yes 67% of women are plus size.
So remember that frustration.
When a plus size woman complains about lack of options, remember that feeling and empathise.
When a plus size woman finds a clothing company that finally does their size, remember that feeling and understand her joy.
When a brand decides to expand their plus size range, remember that feeling and rejoice with her.
When a brand is exclusively dedicated to plus size women, REMEMBER THAT FEELING AND BE GLAD WE HAVE MORE OPTIONS.

So yes, please check your privilege and also GROW YOUR EMPATHY.

PS I don't have any negative feelings towards anyone who sent me that kind of message. Simply using it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

The delusion of dieting is that eventually there’s some sort of end. That at the end of the 30-day cleanse or the 60-day shred, there’s a bright shiny future waiting for us and our new “better” (read: thinner) bodies. As a recovering disordered eater, I bought into this delusion for many years – believing that if I just “worked hard enough,” if I could just “stick to plan,” eventually I would receive the payoff promised to me. Eventually, with enough “commitment” and “dedication” and “discipline” (code words for restriction and deprivation and obsession), there WOULD be a day when I reached “my goal” and could skip freely into the garden of thin privilege for the rest of eternity. But herein lies the painful reality that chronic dieters do not want to hear (and weight loss marketers DO NOT want us to understand) – there is NEVER a life in which you will be able to MAINTAIN a weight suppression brought on by the miserable tactics of dieting without continuing those miserable tactics FOREVER. Whatever miserable tactics you’re using to suppress your weight below your body’s natural place – cutting carbs, counting macros, over-exercising, socially isolating yourself from friends and family to avoid going over your caloric limit on MyFitnessPal – you have to keep up INDEFINITELY in order to maintain that suppression. This is why diets fail, why people “fall off the wagon,” why every January the world is suddenly RAVING about @whole30 or @kayla_itsines or the “wonders” of paleoithic programs – BECAUSE MAINTAINING WEIGHT SUPPRESSION AND LIVING IN A PERPETUAL STATE OF DEPRIVATION IS NOT BIOLOGICALLY FEASIBLE OR PSYCHOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE. Restrictive dieting WILL make your body rebel. Restrictive dieting WILL make it impossible for you to eat out at restaurants without anxiety. Restrictive dieting WILL make you fear food and hate your body and believe your weight is a reflection of your worth. When we live in a society so catastrophically regressive about body diversity – a society that rewards the thin and punishes the fat – a lot of people who intellectually and rationally understand this absurdity may still feel unable to opt-out. But you can. WE can. Start now 👊🏻

I have been chosen.
We are right outside my door.
Also, it's a boy. I'm gonna call him Lord Tiddlywinks for now secretly until we get him to a vet and make sure he will settle in.

Here's a reminder to live life like you fucking OWN it. Your life, your body, your words, your choice - YOU get to decide how to exist in your skin. Fat, thin, curvy, anything inside or outside of those body sizes, whatever your gender, sexuality, the colour of your skin, whether you have children or not, whether you're pregnant, whether you exercise or don't, whether you want to be the FUCKING BOMB or live your best introvert life - YOU ARE UNIQUE, POWERFUL & ONE OF A KIND 💗🙌🏼 Go & live your best damn life & don't take things too seriously - you only get one life, one body, one chance. Make it count ❤ 🌟☀️HAPPY SATURDAY ☀️🌟


If I could sum up how my weekend is going I would say... exhausting. Here is a picture of me catnapping between stressful moments. .
I've been struggling lately. My depression is really bad. And I have been in complete denial about how bad it is for weeks. I'm physically drained and hurting, emotionally stretched thin. I hide it because I'm scared I will let someone down, or be seen as an attention seeker. I don't want to burden people with my troubles. But I'm trying to open up, one step at a time. Here I am. Struggling. .
#depression #panicdisorder #anxiety #mentalillnesslookslike #prozac #radicalbodylove #selfcaresunday #sundaynap .

happy new moon in Leo, yo 🔥

Sendin love from Kansas, where i twerked to the song "pussy" by Lady with some rad ladies this afternoon. We twerked to help us loosen up before I introduced them to their cervixes via spelunking w speculums during a skillshare today
#ilovemyjob 🔥
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Arts by @serpentfire
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i hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! or if it's not your weekend i still hope you're enjoying the day. if your weekend starts tomorrow or if you don't ever get one i hope you enjoy the days about to come. i'm enjoying today, by finding love in myself i've found love in living life. i hope it's contagious to all the others around me 💖🙏🏻
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Fun cat fact- cats have glands in their face that release their own special scent. When you see them rubbing on things- they are claiming them or gathering information.
This one started scent marking me yesterday. A very, very positive sign.

I've got some exciting news ✨ to celebrate the completion of 'Vegan July' in the Emporium we are offering a one month access into Emporium 🙀 if you have been interested or curious in checking out what the Emporium is all about this is definitely the month to do it 💕

Normally membership is 4 months with 4 monthly instalments, however this month we would love for you experience the Emporium, our very own online health and wellness retreat ✨ supporting you and teaching you how to have a happy mind, body and heart.
PM me if you would like to join us in the Emporium where we will be doing [28 days of gratitude, being guided day by day on how to practise and ooze gratitude in every area of your life/what will you be doing next month] 🌷 You will also receive 1 box of our amazing superfood protein powder and only pay 1 payment ✔️ ✨ 100 % plant based & vegan 🌱
✨Dairy free 🙌🏽
✨Safe for everyone including Bubs, kiddies, pregnant & breastfeeding mamas 👶🏼
✨ Gluten free and safe for those with IBS
PM or comment 'YES' 👇🏽to get set up in the Emporium before the End of the month so you can join us for our next challenege and awesome events!
Not sure what to do with your superfood shakes? See picture #nowhiring #believeinyourdreams #eatcolors #eatcolorsnotcalories #veganshake

"i heard you've been having some trouble finding your place in the world. i know how much that hurts, but if you need a friend then please just say the word." 🌼

Me and my momma chilling at the hospital before her appt. She's an awfully special lady going through a bit of a tough spot right now. Love you lots @turneywendy ! #nevergiveup #cancersucks #mom #adultkids #greeneyedgirl #pizzasisters4lyfe #curves #spooniesisters #adulting #legalizethunderthighs #girlswithtattoos #bodypositive #radicalbodylove #girlswithglasses #bigandblunt

When I was born, I was a © section. I developed RSV within the first few weeks, and had to return to the hospital to live inside a Respiratory Therapy Cave, or mist tent. I remember it, every bit, and now anytime I see one of those alien pods I am overjoyed with childlike wonder, and subconsciously equate that pod to LOVE and SAFETY. Earth mom loves her little extra terrestrial.

Now I'm staying in a bed covered with a pod. How love finds itself again and again, conscious fully conscious.
⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗ #et #podcast #mist #love #joy #radicalbodylove #aphextwin

I have been chosen.
We are right outside my door.
Also, it's a boy. I'm gonna call him Lord Tiddlywinks for now secretly until we get him to a vet and make sure he will settle in.

👆🏻For all you relationship givers out there👆🏻Recognizing toxic relationships and friendships is hard. Getting out of toxic relationships and friendships once you’ve recognized they’re toxic is even harder. Know that you DESERVE people in your life who give to you just as much as you give to them. When you stumble upon the real deal with someone (girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, childhood friend, whatever), the beauty won’t even be in the mutual exchange of giving, but in the mutual exchange of TAKING as well. Much love peeps and happy Sunday 😊

What are some ways I've experienced shaming/bullying and how has it effected me? Well besides the obvious internet trolls, there's the time I was told from a sexual partner at the time "that he couldn't date me because I was fat." How I got judged and bullied in school for looking different then my fellow classmates. (I thought I looked bigger tucking in my shirt so I only wore jumpers.) How I got called pregnant by a fellow student at the age of 10 in front of everyone. How about the time by doctors said my pain was all in my head and would stop if I lost weight. (A different doctor found my issues on the first visit and got me actual help.) How I used to hide and wait to throw away food wrappers just so I wouldn't be judged. How I used to cry just trying to find a swimsuit/pants that fit. How I got told I couldn't have pain medication till I walked (c-section recovery) even though I have back issues and it caused me to have back spasms and tore my staples a bit. I struggle to stand up for myself with doctors. I struggle still with eating in public. Trying on clothes is still a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. Sometimes I'm still in disbelief when my partner wants me sexually. When I look in the mirror I see two parta of me. My fierce warrior, survivor, the kick ads fighter that stands up easily for others and demands to be heard. And I see a me that walks on shaky ground. Someone who is becoming comfortable in letting herself be seen as she is. I still have a long way to go, but one day at a time. Today I choose not to wear makeup (besides my eyes) to hide my acne. Today I'm posting a picture showing my double chin. Today I put on a silly shirt (it says "smashing"). And today I'm allowing myself to still feel sexy.
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