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Harry Evans (@c_fisx) captures the Grumman AgCat in all of its yellow glory! The AgCat is a beautiful radial engine beast.

CL-215 engine start. No turbine engine will ever compare to the sound of a radial.

Sometimes, you're so fly that you fly radial.
Gear Up! #seaplane #radialengines #graphictee

Starting to enjoy the front end being off... #Radialengines are a beautiful design... this one is now airworthy

#radialengines in motorcycles upper left @whohareswins ; upper right #jrlcycles ; lower left #verdel #sammymillermuseum ; lower right @popeofwelding #rotecradial

Lucas, cuando te van a dejar de gustar esas viejas y problemáticas máquinas?
#stearman #vintagepilot #aviationlove #radialengines

Lol right up to the time they quit...great engine though, seriously #radialengines #flying #usaaf #b24 #liberator

Let's build something awesome.

Flew into Gimli and checked this awesome bird out.. The sound of 4 radial engines is so nice! #b17 #radialengines #gimli #aircraftmaintenance


Harry Evans (@c_fisx) captures the Grumman AgCat in all of its yellow glory! The AgCat is a beautiful radial engine beast.

I was taking the pic of the shiny Beech 18 and didn't realize I grabbed the DC3 doing flyby (correct me if I'm wrong.. I'm new at identifying these beautiful airplanes) at the same time!! Lucky me! #985 #radialengines #radialengine #chinoairshow2015 #chinoairport #chinoairshow #beech18 #dc3 #invasionstripes #vintageairplane #vintageaircraft #calaero

This is a picture, that if you're a fan of the #DeHavillandBeaver, that should be made into a framed piece of art & given as a gift. For Matt @Mpbethke, who took the picture, "Life as an expression of art."

From Jena (@jholliday32) "Days are long and you become not only physically but mentally exhausted. However watching my love and his dad work together on the planes (arguing about anything, just because they like to argue) 😊 Well, these days make it all worth it!" The Ag life runs in the family & that's a good looking Thrush!

Let's build something awesome.

Does it get any more serene than this #DeHavillandBeaver on the water with a backdrop of the blue sky with clouds? What famous engine powers this #floatplane? Photo by @Dehavillandbeaver

The American Ayres Pratt & Whitney #R1340 powered Thrush S2R Agricultural Aircraft at Rahmi M. Koc Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Toby (@Aeroplanetoby), started cleaning all the inhibitor off the Beaver's Pratt and Whitney #R985 today, a long way to go though. It lived on the water for the last few years in Cairns then Lake Macquarie so the previous owner had thoroughly coated it. Toby's glad they did to protect it from the salt, but it looked terrible. But now it's going to live on the land so I'll be able to wash it properly each day. Next step is to polish the spinner! 🛩

It's Sea/boat plane day. Another seaplane we love is the one that Nick @sschniels flies for @HamiltonIslandAir, the DeHavilland Beaver floatplane sporting the #R985! Believe it or not, this image is from Whitehaven Beach and this is Nick's winter! Have a g'day mate!

Samuel (@mechonboard) came in for his Annual for his #R985 powered Staggerwing. What's your favorite R-985 powered aircraft?

Via @NatGeo, Photo by @irablockphoto (Ira Block). A crop duster sprays a field in southern Illinois. Aerial application or crop dusting of pesticides is very controversial, but a major part of modern farming. To supply food to a growing population agriculture needs to get the maximum production out of its fields and control of insects and weeds necessitates spraying. Organic farming uses pesticides but they must not be synthetic. #cropdusting #aerialapplication

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