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Day ELEVEN of no Diet Coke and I'm starting to not miss it. Jonathan is so excited that I'm not drinking it that he has kept me completely stocked up on sparkling water. Obviously he wants me to live forever because his life would he supez boresville without me. Jk I watch Shark Tank and go to bed at 8, it's fine. Happy Friday, everyone! 🤗 #rachydoeswhole30

Sorry Whole30...sometimes you just need a smoothie. Banana, cashew butter, almond milk, cinnamon, collagen peptides, and a ton of spinach. 👏🏻 #rachydoeswhole30

#whole30 D2M2: chicken nugs, spicy mustard, three mini potatoes with clarified butter and salt, and an orange. 😛 #rachydoeswhole30

Not a huge coconut fan but this @nutpods creamer was actually pretty good! I got these on Amazon. #whole30 #rachydoeswhole30

How did I do #whole30 without Jonathan? 😂 Shredded carnitas chicken with bell peppers and onions. #rachydoeswhole30

This is the @citruszinger.cl water bottle that Jonathan got me for Xmas from Target and I'm using it to flush out my toxins and kill the sugar dragon early. #sugardragon #whole30 #rachydoeswhole30

Er mer gershhhhh, this is the best salad ever. Dear @tessemaes, how did I live without your ranch goodness? #rachydoeswhole30

Day two of #whole30 and hello to being exhausted and having a monster headache. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It's to be expected when you are addicted to Diet Coke and sugar and cheese and carbs. I know this will pass but today's going to be a doozy! #rachydoeswhole30 #whole30day2


Whole 30 day19 dinner#rachydoeswhole30

Picked up this little beauty today.. I'm excited to finally work on me!!! #whole30 #rachydoeswhole30 #whole30withrachy #eosfitness #losingweightforever #doingitformyself #100lbstolose #gottastartsomewhere

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