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Okay.. so I found this on tumblr (princessbuzzkill.tumblr.com) whilst going throug the octachel tag and now I'm kinda thinking that they could potentially work and end up actually possibly being super cute/? Thoughts, guys? x)
#octachel #rachtavian


#racheldare #octavian #rachtavian

I just realized that the words are all sorta to the right a bit but oh whale.
I made this one because I'm on this weird Taylor Swift streak and this song fits Octavian. I don't really ship Rachtavian that much because Rachel is WAY too good for him but I guess it's kinda cute.

Rachel!! 💖💖 Do you guys ship #rachtavian ? ~
Credits to Artist
Tomorrow is my birthday And I'm writing my exams. Yay! (Note the sarcasm)

I ship rachtavian and if you have a problem with that then you can go screw a cactus #rachtavian #notinthebestmoodsorry

I don't normally post this ship, but here we go. Hmm. I feel like Octavian went down such a weird route in the books. Maybe that's just me. •

#racheldare #octavian #rachtavian #percyjackson #percy #pjo #pjofanart #fanart #heroesofolympus #trialsofapollo #apollo #prophecy #prophesizedseven #oracle #camphalfblood #chb #campjupiter
Credit: jdeanart.tumblr.com


I see some of you think I’m crazy. but who else would go the extra mile?

if you wish to know what someone holds dear, see what they photograph.

I’d fight for her touch.

what a beautiful girl.



look what mere days can achieve with the hands of loyal soldiers and men.

you can now all finally find out what the big splendour construction in New Rome is. a house worthy of a queen. @damoracle

carrying the world gets heavy, doesn’t it?

you’ll all come to see, very soon.

fly high above the clouds, but know your place in the skies.

design ideas. excellent.

oh, what I could do for this city.

the worst and greatest thing that can happen to you is love.

I can’t wait to show you your queen.


I am the light, the way.


she thinks she’s funny or something. @damoracle

I’ve ruined every photo I’ve ever been in. ha.

📸: @damoracle

compliments to the modern day Van Gogh @damoracle

paintings are timeless.

I think about her a lot.






glossy lips and bruised hips.

I love this photo. signifies the two year anniversary of my cousin and her husband’s wedding. two weeks will be the fourteen month anniversary of their divorce. six after that, his murder. girls can be abusers as well. keep your eyes open.


as augur, one will watch the flight of the birds. they are flocking and flying. something is coming. can’t wait to share it with you.

have you ever seen one so pretty?

Arcus sends her beauty to the world for us all to adore and treasure.


give to get.

three steps closer to an unforeseen paradise.

bloom to blossom, bloom to perish.

stab people in the heart before they stab you in the back.

the things you find at 2am. a time where everything that couldn’t be said before coming spilling out and you drown in your insecurities and sorrow. go to sleep.

flowers bloom to die. think as yourselves as flowers. some of you are beautiful, and some of you are ordinary. but you will all suffer the same fate.

i am not a robot

📸: @reyannwilliams
I have never seen a woman so angry. you literally teared up every flower in that field, Jesus fuck, Williams.

love yourself as much as I do. as much as everyone will. they will bow to your name and smile to your sight.

hot rich bitch.

a work of art.

I do it for the people.

the prettiest models are the ones that don't try.

vroom vroom. live life fast — if you don't, you'll notice every painful detail of shit you could've done better.

coming soon.

you wish for a beauty such as mine but you will not work for it.


for you. @damoracle

the beauty within these walls . . .

the only silence I get from the voices in my head.

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