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This is how we spend a "cozy evening just the two of us" 🙄❤️ #racewife #subaru

My wife's Kawasaki EX250r race bike is coming to life fiiinnnnaaallllyyy ( not the final position of the fairing ) .. a lot more to do but always nice seeing it looking like a race bike @mistressofmotors #ninka250r #custommotorcycle #racebike #racewife #gofaster

Das my race wife! So freaking proud of her earning her GIANT double trifecta medal! What a way to close out our Spartan season...traveling around all year with this animal and going on spartan adventures has been pretty freaking stellar. Congrats my little rabbit 🐰
#spartanrace #stongwomen #inspiringwomen #racewife #racewife4life

Why 950 HP? Because #RaceWife

Who needs this custom bracelet in their lives??!! (Aka every race wife) 🏁😍🏁😍 Link in my bio 👆🏼👆🏼 #racewife #racelife #racing #race #racegirl

Out and about before the heat
#racewife #racepooch #racingthesun


Still one of my favorite braclets yet! #15 #racewife #

🔥🔥These Mr &Mrs shirts came out amazing these pictures are 🔥🔥!!!!! Place ur orders today!!!
#mr&;mrs #engagementphotos #racewife #chally #smokingtires #matchingtshirts #personalized #cabrera18 #0918

This past Saturday was nothing but PURE BLISS 🧡💛❤️... I had a vision an @scatpackrob @cfelic07 @trouble_kingpetty made I‎t come true!! From the walk in the park to the burn out on the back road these pictures are flawless!!! I can’t wait to send out our save the dates!!! #fall2018 #blackbride #love #cabrera18 #momarriesrob #0918 #chally #allblack #racewife #ilovethatfuckincar #ilovemyteam #mrmrs

It”s Race Day Y’all !!! #raceday #racewear #racing🏁 #racewife

Y'all watch out real racer driving now 🤣🤣😎😝👌🏻👀 #hisracetruck #racewife #hotrod #girlswhorace #coolcat #yesiwentthere

730 days, and many many more to come, lucky to have spent my last 2 years with you 😍 #mygirlbad #shesarocket #youcanlookbutyoucanttouch #luckyme #futuremrs #racewife #loveyou

I've been following the color-coded containers system for 4 years.
It transformed the way I look at food. Before, I was measuring with my palm and fingertips, trying to guess if I was balancing my macros.... googling what a macro was. 😆

I got my original transformation before this container system. But I'm telling you it was so much harder. I was eating all of the right things in all the wrong portions.

Now don't get me wrong I learned so much googling everything I wanted to eat. Looking back I can't believe I had time for that. Having this perfectly balanced color system makes life so much easier.

Bonus, I'm eating way more food!!! Now I focus on quality and quantity.
Eat all the good food and eat a lot of it. I don't know about you but I like to eat 😋

5 years ago my life was falling apart. Most of you know my story, if you don’t quick recap: •fired from my job
•failing marriage •pregnant •overweight, smoker, drinker
I decided that instead of continuing down the same path that I would take a chance and do something drastically different.
That was the day I became a Beachbody coach.
I wasn’t fit. I had never done a workout from them. I had never joined a group or had a coach.
I desperately needed a life change and the company offered that. I needed to be able to control something, in a time that everything felt so very out of control.
I knew that I could control what food I put in my body.
I knew that I could control whether or not I did a workout.
I knew that I could get control of my thoughts and the way I spoke to myself.
Those where the key elements of running my new business. Those where the key elements that I used to change my life.
For the last 5 years I leaned on those 3 things as I grew my business, grew my myself, achieved goals, and became someone who empowered others.
Last weekend I went to Vegas for a leadership retreat with the company that has stood solid for me.
I went hoping for some insight on how to reinvigorate my love and appreciation for this business.
I had no idea that I would come home opening a new chapter in my life.
That the reinvigoration that I was seeking was not for the business but for myself. That it was time that I grow again so that I can empower more people in a whole new light.

God used this business to save me 5 years ago. God used it to save me again.
My change goes well beyond my waistline, yours may too.
Sometimes simple tools do the greatest work.

@spandexandvodka This picture makes me smile. #noregerts #racewife #wegotmarried

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