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Great weekend in Atlanta!! Dan took the podium in third for two races back to back. First weekend out in his new car. πŸπŸŽπŸ† Dan supports Camp Ooch with his racing, so check out his website for more information about the cause. Website in my bio.
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Yes, I drive like a girl 😎
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When you go to an exotic car show, but all folks are interested in are your wife's shoes... #RaceWife and her #FXXK #RaceShoes by @wickedaddictionshoes , at McCall's hangar party during Car Week.

2016 had a lot of race moments for us, experiencing different race tracks each year.. Belgium #spafrancorchamps was a fave.. next year I wonder where the Kings will race? #racewife #lifeofacarwife #myspousethespeedjunky

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Yes, I drive like a girl 😎
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"Neglect enough todays, and you'll experience the "someday" you've wanted to avoid!" I can't remember what book I read that in, but I saved it to my phone because it struck a chord in me.
I never really took my health seriously. I used to be a smoker, soda drinker, and fast food junky. I never looked at ingredients or questioned the "food"
I was putting in my body.
I am thankful now to have had my eyes opened. I couldn't imagine not being here for my babies because I didn't take care of myself.

At home Monday morning sweat session done-core de force mma shred today! Guarded squat to a squat jump still makes my legs weak but I refuse to give up because I know full well my body can make it thru it, it's my mind I have to push ✌

It's been a really long time since I've had a Sunday all by myself.
I slept in, watched a movie, did some yoga, took a really long shower, sat outside.
But now the house feels really empty and I ready to have my family back home.

Fantastic race day for the 2nd annual STL Tri. Thanks to my wonderful wife @vmpalka for your unending support of this masochistic, time consuming sport of triathlon. Although I missed my stretch goal by less than 2 minutes, I shaved over 5 minutes off last year's race and felt awesome through the swim and bike legs. Congrats to my friends and training buds @theyangerr and Ben Hudson for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes overall. It was a fast day! #STLtri #olympictriathlon #PR #supportcrew #racewife #buds

When the races rain out, I spend my saturdays cat mommin hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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