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Hey black guys... If you're gonna bring home a white girl.... make sure she's ready to think on her feet and not afraid to keep it all the way real!😂😂How it FEELS when a Black Guy brings a White Girl around Black Girls.😳LoL TAG someone if you've seen it get REAL B4! @juhahnjones @theallamericanbadgirl @ayona_theartist @itsjustajlove
@alexaamour @chachitaughtme @thefaketyrhee @wileyedwards @mr100_leonross @obioti @official_aaronhill #couple #date #awkward #raceissues #weave #goodhair #sexy #blackgirlsrock #whitegirl #KissMe #brownskin #beyonce #formation

Do you think Chris Rock took it too far during his hosting duties at this year's Oscars? #oscars #chrisrock #raceissues

@kingjames talking about his home being spray painted with the 'N' word!! #lebronjames #pulse88 #raceissues

Is this the new normal in Trump's America?

"Nude" colored clothing should not come in a single shade to match only white skin. This is not only discriminatory, but can confuse young women of color and possibly make them believe they aren't "normal" aka white. I hope one day a clothing company steps forward and makes a change (if one hasn't already). #raceissues #feminism

This is my life right now all the time HAHAHAHA haha @sketchshark you are amazing hahaha #raceissues #comicstrip

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Shocker I know... {NEW} blogpost about why black is NOT a bad word.
>>>>>>>>> link in bio
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#raceissues #letstalkaboutrace #transracialadoption #blacklivesmatter


Julius Malema (born 3 March 1981) is the leader of the vibrant, irreverent and audacious Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party which he founded in July 2013.

He served as President of the African National Congress Youth League from 2008 until his expulsion from the ANC in April 2012. He has been described during more amicable times by both Zuma and the Premier of Limpopo Province as the "future leader" of South Africa.
Less favourable portraits paint him as a "reckless populist" with the potential to destabilise South Africa.
He is well known for leading a movement in parliament to get President Zuma to pay back money used to add luxurious renovations his famous Nkandla home.
His current rallying cry is for South African wealth, which is currently primarily in the hands of a rich white elite class which still economically controls the S.A. economy, to be made accessible to poorer blacks.
- Wikipedia / Akaitei

Follow him here: https://twitter.com/Julius_S_Malema

#politics #southafrica #raceissues #southafrica #motivation #inspiration #movers #shakers #gamechangers

I have a theory about our #racialdivide #raceissues #racism in this country. I may be wrong but perhaps you had some thoughts. #racewars #trustissues #trust #predisposition #science #theory #biology

around me i see and hear so many people being racist. honestly, my own parents are racist. i just don't understand it. people around me have so many stereotypes around certain races. they just look at one person and assume so many things about them. it's awful. especially when people in my family are teaching my younger cousin that 'black people are scary and weird' or that 'east asian people eat weird things and will steal your dog to eat it!' they're taking advantage of innocent children who are easily impressionable at their age. recently, with all the events happening in the uk, my parents are teaching others that every single muslim is a terrorist. it's horrible. i try to educate them and tell them they're wrong but they don't listen. if anyone has any advice on what to do, please comment and tell me. thank you.

Fuck this omg this is to much now the pride flag is supposed to represent everyone and be a sign of empowerment and love for people of all sexualities key word SEXUALITIES not race the flag has nothing to do with race nor should it. I'd understand it more if it had a white stripe but there isn't. It's a fucking rainbow it shouldn't have black and brown or white in it. No one is being oppressed or left out of the rainbow flag ,people r dragging the race issue. I am all for black lives matter and equality but this is to much Thoughts? #lgbt#gayrightsmatter#raceissues#thisworldsucks#controversial#loveeveryone. PS I love this girl in the picture she's so on point with most of her videos😍

ال 'ط' متل ال 'ص' بس الا عصايه !!
Arabic alphabets page with two letters missing for the fuck of it #arabic #Exist #graffiti #raceissues #rbk #rek #letters

This made me laugh but I hellaaaaa dig this, I remember when I was a kid and I had some of my first hip hop albums on tape, I was very taken aback by the use of the n word, when I was 9 my mom made me watch as much Roots as I could handle, that was the first time I heard the n word, along came a talk on how that was a very bad word that I was never to use and if I heard someone calling a Black person that, that was not ok, fast forward two years, I get my first rap album, sooo much n word, I never played it around my mom, she woulda thought about taking it away, I didnt understand why it was in the music so much, but even at 11, I knew it wasnt my word, good job mom. #thenword #dontsayit #racemanners #raceissues #hiphop #hellafamous

👏🏽BE👏🏽CAUSE👏🏽IT👏🏽APPLIES!!!👏🏽👏🏽 . . . .

#dontberacist #raceissues #racism #socialjustice #socialinjustice #letstalkaboutrace #intersectionality #blm #blacklivesmatter #blm✊🏾

The Football Association has issued its first life bans after being shown previously unseen footage of England supporters making Nazi salutes and slit-throat gestures amid growing fears among security officials that the national team have become a focal point for a new generation of troublemakers.
Other footage showed an England follower holding a finger above his lips to imitate Hitler, in between gesturing that he would stab Germany’s supporters, during March’s game in Dortmund that became an opportunity for many travelling Englishmen to go through their repertoire of songs about the second world war. Via @guardian #footballplanetcom #FAban #footballtopic #raceissues #theFA
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@kingjames talking about his home being spray painted with the 'N' word!! #lebronjames #pulse88 #raceissues

An interview with Bret Weinstein, the Evergreen State College professor that can't seem to escape the #controversy #society #RubinReport #raceissues

"I have experienced racism and I'm white" Oh so your family have been killed and wrongfully jailed because their white? Or maybe someone called you cracker or Becky. Better yet, did your land get taken away without your say and you've been told you're too white and need to use chemicals to darken your skin so you can be seen as pretty? Poor you I can't imagine what your going though. .

#blacklivesmatter #whitefragility #raceissues #headache #beckyplease #crymeariver #fragility #reverseracism

#community #spotlight #Seattle #Education #RaceIssues

Here and Now with @johnyasutake Ep 8: John talks with Cleveland High School Principal, George Breland, to learn about programs & upcoming events at Cleveland High that will groundbreakingly address racial conflict from a whole school perspective. -
www.rainiervalleyradio.world or listen in on TuneIn at http://tun.in/sfwGx.

#journalism #rainiervalley #SouthSeattle #highs hool #youth #socialissues #independent #media #news #talk #localimpact #globalpresence

I felt a little sad returning this book by @lizajessiepeterson at the library yesterday. It was like parting with a friend. I picked it up on the new shelf on a whim and I am so glad I did. She is a magical storyteller / truth teller and her perspective and experience have changed me for the better. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world, Liza! #booknerd #librarylove #justice #raceissues #lizajessiepeterson

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