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Hey black guys... If you're gonna bring home a white girl.... make sure she's ready to think on her feet and not afraid to keep it all the way real!😂😂How it FEELS when a Black Guy brings a White Girl around Black Girls.😳LoL TAG someone if you've seen it get REAL B4! @juhahnjones @theallamericanbadgirl @ayona_theartist @itsjustajlove
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Do you think Chris Rock took it too far during his hosting duties at this year's Oscars? #oscars #chrisrock #raceissues

MUST WATCH full interview online: Uncovering far-right extremism in Canada. At least 100 far-right groups exist in this country and the numbers are growing. Experts say Canadians are (generally) unaware. You are encouraged to watch and share this eye-opening and (for some) jaw-dropping assessment of the movement likened to white supremacy on this side of the border. #cdnpoli #raceissues #CTV #news

@kingjames talking about his home being spray painted with the 'N' word!! #lebronjames #pulse88 #raceissues

This is my life right now all the time HAHAHAHA haha @sketchshark you are amazing hahaha #raceissues #comicstrip

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Shocker I know... {NEW} blogpost about why black is NOT a bad word.
>>>>>>>>> link in bio
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#raceissues #letstalkaboutrace #transracialadoption #blacklivesmatter

This made me laugh but I hellaaaaa dig this, I remember when I was a kid and I had some of my first hip hop albums on tape, I was very taken aback by the use of the n word, when I was 9 my mom made me watch as much Roots as I could handle, that was the first time I heard the n word, along came a talk on how that was a very bad word that I was never to use and if I heard someone calling a Black person that, that was not ok, fast forward two years, I get my first rap album, sooo much n word, I never played it around my mom, she woulda thought about taking it away, I didnt understand why it was in the music so much, but even at 11, I knew it wasnt my word, good job mom. #thenword #dontsayit #racemanners #raceissues #hiphop #hellafamous

Is this the new normal in Trump's America?


This is not a drill. If you are tired of the division of our nation, and want to actually do something beyond the screens of your electronics (like myself). Direct message me please. This. Is. Vital. #psa #raceissues #humanrightsviolation #cometogether #anystate #usstandup #unitedstates #florida #tampabay #tampabayartists #stpeteartists #findthis #fight #thrive #worktogether #racial #sex #gender #therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #maybe #smartphone

Join us for the next UNT Comm Blackbox performance "What We Talk About When We Talk About Race." Oct. 4-8 @7pm GAB 321 #wwtawwtar #race #racetalks #raceissues #raceinamerica #performancestudies #performanceart #performance #blackbox

The Turkish Film "Ayla" was not part of the official selection at TIFF but I was able to watch it at a private screening. This movie has moved me so deeply that I need to share my thoughts with you.
As a Black German actress it happens a lot that I'm confronted with the argument that the lead role has to be white so that Germans can have persons on screen to identify with. But to show you that this is still a global issue: A few months ago in Montreal a 5-year-old white girl told her black kindergarten teacher who was wearing a crown that black women can't be princesses.
What has all of that to do with "Ayla"? I, a German, sat in this film for over two hours, watching a Turkish film in Turkish, with English subtitles that takes place in South Korea. I was balling almost the entire movie through. The film is about war, friendship and humanity. This movie proves to me one more time that race does not matter if the acting is convincing.

Producers, Directors, Casters - please check your argumentation. Thanks to director Can Ulkay for a brilliant film and congratulations to your Oscar nomination as foreign language film.
Story: The Turkish Official Süleyman was sent to the Korean War 1950. He finds a little Korean girl in the battlefield. He takes the little girl and they become like father & child. When he has to go back home he wants to take the little girl but this seems impossible. He promises her to come back for her. Based on a true story. #tiff2017

Another important race topic: I DO stand with dreamers. What gets me is that President Trump wants to punish people who only know this country as their home. Who had no say in their parents criminal act (yes, it's a crime, same as if I were to illegally go into another country). They're willing to do what it takes to become legal, and with DACA you have to join the military or go to college in order to get that legal status, so these people affected by what might ultimately be the repeal of DACA are not the lazy, drug dealing, criminals that Trump wants you to think they are. They are hardworking people like you and I and should have the right to stay here. If anything, these children are victims of their parents mistakes and they don't deserve to be punished or penalized for that.
#daca #defenddaca #immigration #immigrants #raceissues #politicalissues #socialissues #trump #thewhitehouse #poc #latinos #latinas

Let me fix your 'n word help sheet' a bit:
The n word has a racist past and it always will have racist undertones, hence why black people get mad if anyone but them say it. You also cannot say 'I can say the n word but you can't' because that's not how society works. If you call yourself a term, whether that be positive or negative, you are indirectly giving others permission to call you that, whether you want them to or not. You cannot change words to mean what you want them to. That's not how things work. I don't say the n word myself, nor do I think anyone else ought to say it because it's just plain racist and offensive.
Note: I am not telling black people what to say, or to get over your oppression with this post. I am merely pointing out why the n word is racist and how NO ONE SHOULD BE SAYING IT! #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #racism #raceissues #socialissues #politicalissues #sjw #liberal #conservative #poc #whitepeople

😉💦🙌Happy Day! So I have been absent from posting on social media for a while, and I am glad that I have used this time to evaluate what my emergencies are and what can wait. The diversity issue in our "perfect fitness bubble" came in at a lot lower place than other life events. But I am glad that someone had the guts to address it and that even more responded and engaged in the conversation.  I have to say that the  #tiutalkdiversity topics and seeing two of my dear Instagram fellow #tiuteam friends disagree with the validity of this issue made the conversation feel like a fire that I had wished, I could extinguish right away. But that isn't my job, and we are luckily all capable of self-care 💕 here.  I can understand that to some this #tiujourney almost becomes sacred and a cocoon that isn't supposed to bring anything problematic into the mix. I too feel protective of my fitness journey, but discussions are healthy and don't have to divide or be labeled offensive, harmful or as not "real #tiugirl -like." Which made me gasp because who defines what a "Real Tiugirl" is supposed to be, isn't that also a form of discrimination itself? Is a Tiugirl not meant to think, wonder, and voice concerns?  I think not; I believe that this community strives to uplift and inspire change in each other. And as every individual woman changes, I know that there is power to inspiring change in people that don't even know what #TIU is around us. My wish is that this sort of inspiration & change reaches as far and as many places as diverse as possible. When I voice my feelings, I just want to be heard and be acknowledged by someone with empathy by a person, who is trying to see things from my point of view. I know that is hard and a lot of times I can't see things from another person's perspective because their experience is too far removed from my life experience and the action of using my imagination to understand other's feeling might become too painful and sad so that denial is easier and more comfortable. >>>continues below with personal experience

I don't know why I have to keep explain this one, but here's a breakdown of. Why "reverse racism" is not the same thing. Period. Links in bio!

This beautiful #family won my newest piece #IsWhiteReallyBeautiful based on #DiverseCity collection, I'm so happy for them. I'm glad they got it, it's a good conversation piece, it's current and #relevant. Speaks of the many things we are experiencing in our society today. #SoWoke #racism #trump #diversity #conscience #awareness #segregation #gentrification #raceissues #embracedifferences #godisgood #community

Decided I'm gonna post just anything I live on tumblr/twitter and not just memes but still tons of memes

My next audible read focusing on murder rates in LA. Already enjoying it.

#ghettoside #books #read #readmore #audible #library #learn #losangeles #LA #raceissues #justbritthings

I went to a White school. 85% Caucasian. It was the beginning of my junior year and I was excited about making friends with people who did not look like me. I befriended a White girl. She had blue eyes and she seems polite. Once I decided to sit in her seat, by accident.
I'm so sorry, I apologized over and over. 'Don't worry about it.' She chose another seat.
As the semester went by, we were in the same history class.
What did you get in your exam, I asked, trying to create a conversation. I figured she did not want to talk about it because she did not do well.
One day, in history class I noticed she was packing stuff from her desk. She whispered to a couple of her friends. She raced out the room.
'What happened to her?'
'She transferred to another class.'
I was shattered and later learned from over hearing her friends and did not have a right amd how dare I befriended her. All these months, my act of being polite and talking to her was actually crossing a boundary in her world.
#Black #blacklikeme #white #whitelikeme #weareallthesame #secondlayerofskin #blacklikekayrawhitelikeme #racetalks #racism #racismhurts #blackkidsinthecafeteria #letstalk #imaginaryboundaries

Silently dying because I missed this why did it have to be on a Friday morning. I too believe in her perspective that many non black folks simply don't get it and never will. #RaceIssues

One of the many things that have kept me from speaking out on race issues over the years, is the notion that when you open up that can of worms, you 'have to be willing to help, inform and talk to your white sisters about it'. It felt like more emotional labour I am not ready to deal with right now. So I kept my mouth shut. But @wildmysticwoman and Dr. #joydegruy are opening my eyes to where the focus should be first, where the healing is necessary, before we can start to heal together with others. I am being very mindful of my time right now, to make sure I am not running around educating others, while I neglect my own study and healing in this matter.
#whiteprivilege #posttraumaticslavesyndrome #blackgirlmagic #healing #race #raceissues

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