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I always wonder what he's dreaming of 😴

Well, after today's rabbit rescue adventure, Bonnie has a new friend! This little baby was one of the 13 caught today and was lucky enough not to need as much vet care as the others. I'll never understand how someone could just throw pets out in the streets like they're trash. #RapidfireRachel @american_arsenal
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Big Baby Cuddle! ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ ------🐰🐰🐰 ------- Beautiful pic by :  @mummybun 🐰
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Funniest thing seeing Cooper walk on non-carpet flooring😂

🎶Shake shake shake Senora
Shake your booty line.
Work work work Senora and some treats you'll find 🎶
This #ScarfTherapy we brought out the goods (crunchy baked banana chips) and shook them all around to encourage ChiChi to 🎶Move it move it🎶. As you can see, she was convinced I was the one with the treats here but I wasn't 😂. I've been trying to hold the scarf at an angle so that she supports more, if not all, of her weight; I just help keep her back body up and from flopping over to the right like it normally does. #Progress! 🙌
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I like to be treated like a king! 👑 Please feed me more nanas, peasant.

I'm getting a new transmission from the "Transcontinental Nosewriggling Radio" 🐰📡: "forecast for the week predicts sleepy days full of treats, be prepared for lots of snuggling followed by more snuggling and more treats." Well there you have it, sounds like you're going to have a great week everybun 🙊👏🏻!


Teri : Wow so many clothes, which one should I buy? I'll try them in the fitting room, bye mom 👋🏻🐰✨👔

#rabbitsofinstagram 🐇🐇... My secret is simple .. My incantations comes from a higher power .. Tired of guessing? It's elementary dear Watson, I pray... Maxine the rabbit 🐰🐰 ...photo credits @emyvivas ...

Meet our little Mars satellites Rover and Maven, 2 young bunnies full of naughtiness and delight who were rescued when they were just 1 week old after their mum was found in a tiny hutch with an older litter of babies as well as these tiny newborns. They have been in our care since January. They had been up for adoption with their sister to live as a trio but Rosetta experienced complications with her neuter and after an unavoidable and prolonged period of separation we were sadly unable to put them back together as a bonded trio. However, hopefully a pair of cute bunnies will appeal more than a trio and these two will get snapped up very soon!

Their mum had been repeatedly bred from and was in a sorry state, covered in urine and extremely skinny so we didn’t hold out much hope for her offspring but out of the 6 newborns 3 fought against the odds and survived. Although we believe they were born around the 1st of January Maven and Rover are smaller due to their poor start but their appetites are strong and our rabbit specialist vet has certified them ‘fighting fit’. After many a month in a our care the ‘wee babies’ as we’ve affectionately been calling them feel like part of the team, they follow us up and down the corridor from their high up run and try and help out in every aspect; cleaning, toy sorting and especially feeding. The little lad Rover has become the most confident with us, perhaps because he’s the smallest and the one we’ve kissed and cuddled the most, but he’s ever so cheeky and will push himself up against the bars of his pen to try and magically push himself through. Maven can be a little hesitant when handled but food time brings her flying over too and she’s ever so good once settled in your arms.

Like dogs the pair come bounding over when called and will respond to any rustling, whistling or veg chopping. They’ve become extremely confident with our bunny carer and will do their very best to climb up her arms and will nudge her for extra portions.
For more info on our animals and our adoption process please see our website (link in bio)

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And now for something completely different. #bunny #rabbit #rabbitsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram #petsofinstagram

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