I eat a couple of the coin shaped carrots then toss the remaining 🥕 orange disks, one by one, across the lawn in its general direction but not too close as the bunny watches me. It’s whiskers twitch. Now it is eating again. I go inside and return with sliced cabbage and strawberries 🍓 that I place on a large, flat rock that I set on the edge of the grass not too close so it isn’t scared away. According to Wikipedia Colorado’s wild bunny population has a fast turnover rate. A year and a half. Two years max. It’s watching me patiently and I’m noticing the people on the other side of the street are stopped and watching me, too. Do they understand what’s going on? Also: does the bunny get it? The bunny that, up until recently had dinner options that were limited to grass, grass-grass and grass-grass-grass? Maybe it hasn’t realized that the flat rock tray I’ve placed within it’s comfortable reach means it can opt for strawberries, carrots and cabbage now. It trusts me enough to be sitting there watching but it shows no interest in my veggie fruit offerings. Does this bunny not know what to crave? I go back inside, rinse vegetable rind off the cutting board and order a pizza for delivery. #nature #wildlife #bunny #rabbit #colorado #fruit #vegetables #grass #fall #autumn #appetite #vegetarian #bunnyrabbit #fall #autumn #instarabbit #instabunny

Proud mommy my babies rabbit 🐇 looks so great today.. he’s done a great job all day showing and taking care of his rabbit #proudmom #rabbitlife #showyouranimal

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