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Credit to @rabbits.amazing
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The #Kardashians and #Jenners have several pairs of these #ConfettiNYC slippers/slides especially @KhloeKardashian
They are designed by @Duckie_Confetti and are available in #FoxFur #LambFur #RabbitFur and #RaccoonFur πŸ’” .
They are extremely popular. What really leaves me feeling hopeless in this world is how many ignorant, disconnected people want this ugly pair of shoes when they KNOW that innocent animals have been tortured and killed so that THEIR Fur can be senselessly glued on.
We are taking away the LIVES of innocent living, breathing, sentient beings for something as ridiculous and trivial as slippers and most people in this world do not care! πŸ˜’ .
Shame on you @Duckie_Confetti for having so much blood of innocents on your hands and shame on you @KhloeKardashian @KimKardashian @KylieJenner and others for advertising these to the mindless masses #FurIsDead #WearYourOwnSkin #CompassionOverFashion
Caption/pic collage @a_lallie_new


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