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that woman followed me and i stalked her acct then made this post and blocked her (::: #qwerticorn

my eyes r very very green #qwerticorn

tag your other half 💗 #qwerticorn

im sorry ive hardly posted recently #qwerticorn

follow me on the vent app, my username is "receivings" 💓 #qwerticorn

wow im surprised so many of u didnt know that im australian 😂😂 #qwerticorn

i might spam with posts #qwerticorn

being ugly is rlly good but id like to be pretty #qwerticorn

im at school and no ones talking to me so ok #qwerticorn


Could you do it?
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This gave me life
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I lovE this

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Show| Riverdale S2

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Show| Victorious

Malu is dat you?

Thanks @soundsclout for letting me post on ur phone without you knowing

Omg I love @2k19trends account they post all my favorite videos you should follow them!

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yOU FUCKERS THOT I WAS GONE FORERVER @qwerticorn #qwerticorn

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