This right here is all that matters .
I look forward to coming home every single day because I know I get to spend an hour with this guy before he goes to bed. An hour isn’t enough. But I’ll take what I can get. .
Today after dinner he didn’t even want to play with his toys. He kept crawling into me and putting his head in my chest. I tried putting music on because he loves music. But he didn’t want anything to do with it. Back onto mommy’s chest. .
Minutes later, I hear a little snore lol. Fast asleep. And although I’m sad I didn’t get to play with him, I’m happy just sitting here holding him. Listening to him snore. 😍 he must have had a busy day at school. All these new toys they got for him to play with! .
Any working mama knows the struggle. Monday thru Friday is hard! Time goes way too fast my friends. And we can’t control that. So enjoy the time together, even if the little one is sleeping 💙

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เวลาสัก อย่าร้องดัง... ขนาดพระตีระฆัง ยังซวยเลย !!
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Never stop believing !
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All my loves in one photo, except my husband ! 😂❤
Many of you will judge and criticise me for this picture but this is a raw ,beautiful representation of me and my life..
Photography is my passion and i am beautiful in my own skin and body, i am not perfect but that's okay..
I have a tattoo and that's okay too because to me, this tattoo means a lot more than anyone could think or understand..
I am not ashamed of the person i am and the person i am yet to become..
This is my self love and self appreciation post and that's okay..✨🍀❤ #selflove#blackandwhite#nikon#camera#mirrorselfie#selfappreciationpost#iloveme#mynikon#tattoos#girlswithtattoos#ribtattoo#quotetattoos#happiness#happyinmyownskin#iambeautiful#photographyismypassion#passion#photography#love#jorussellphotography

Yaağğ mıncırırım🍯💕
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Fun fact about me. I didn’t wanna go to college. •
I was never a good student. I’d like to quote my husband and say “C’s get degrees” 🤣 standardized testing was so not my thing. Like you would laugh at my SAT scores. I don’t know, my brain doesn’t work that way. I actually wanted to go to cosmetology school for hair at the time. But I applied to colleges and really only got into community college. The only way I would be accepted to the college I went to was if I were part of some sponsored student program. So that’s what I did. •
I commuted to school. Literally went to class and left. I really had no interest. But, I graduated with a bachelors degree in marketing and got a really good job 4 months after graduating. •
My point here is, I hate how you’re defined by a score. You are literally looked at as a number and that’s going to define your future? No. It’s not. Because me getting probably the lowest score ever, got through college, built a career and now a successful working mommy. Don’t let any type of number define you. You build your own success. •
I’m looking for girls who wanna build something with me. Let’s build our success together. Grow and show those numbers who the F the boss is. Link in my bio so we can chat ✌🏻

Carpe diem, a phrase that comes from the Roman poet, Horace ,means literally "Pluck the day."
Though it's usually translated as "Seize the day." In simpler words, "Enjoy Yourself while you have the chance."
Tattoo done by Prathamesh Kate | @d_inkboy | Navi Mumbai, India | 2018 .
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It’s finally sweater weather 🍂

After my workout today, I was finally able to go outside and COOL down! Today turned out to be a beautiful fall day, go figure after the gross morning! •
Does anyone else love the fall?! I’m talking like give me a sweater, boots, PSL while standing in a pumpkin patch and be totally basic? hahaha ☕️

But moooom! Do I have abs yet?! 🤣

Yesterday was an ab circuit workout, today was leg day. I’ve mentioned before how much I hate cardio. I seriously hated getting on the elliptical for 30 minutes at the GYM (what’s that?). I’m not a runner so that was a big hell no to the treadmill. And when I went to the gym I would stick to just the cardio area and maybe like 2 machines that were easy to use. Because I sure as shit wasn’t going down to the weights and pretend to know what I’m doing. My headphones would be in, avoid eye contact with people and leave asap. •
Fast forward to now, not having to drive to a gym to get a workout done. I literally have everything I need here. And I’ve gotten better results doing this for me than acting like the elliptical is fun (you know you hate it too) lol. I’m so happy I was introduced to these bootcamps because I seriously wouldn’t have stuck with going to the gym. Especially after having a baby! •
October bootcamp is going on now #jeanseason 👖 message me just to chat or fill out the form in my bio if you’re ready 👊🏻

Varalzinho ❤
com muitos significados <3
Quer tatuar comigo ? 😍
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Did some script and a micro-realistic color piece for @mas.valerio today! Thanks for coming all the way from PA for me to do this 🔥 Zoom in for details

Santinha 🙏
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Rio de Janeiro <3 ⠀
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VR facts eternizado na pele do @ton_vr @vrfacts
muito obg por confiar no trabalho ! tamo juntooo 👊👊
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