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We’re all going to die, that’s not the question. The question is how are you going to LIVE?
I attended a funeral this past weekend and was once again reminded that life is not measured in years, but by how fully we soak up the oh so abundant opportunities to love, laugh, and make a difference.
If, heaven forbid, you got hit by a bus tomorrow would you have regrets? Would the people in your life know how much they mattered to you? Would you have experienced all that was possible for you in this lifetime?
If not, what’s stopping you? What would it look like to let go of your limitations and jump in the deep end of life?
Let us live rather than merely exist until we transition out of these lovely human suits.
Let us check off our bucket list, explore love, and run through the rain.
Let us love profoundly, feel deeply, and laugh heartily.
Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. There is only now.

“La persona más feliz no es la que más tiene, sino aquella que aprovecha mejor lo que tiene”. 🌟 Disfrutando mi momento favorito con mis colores favoritos en mi hogar. 💕 🌅

You think that if you are stressed and in pain, that means you’re on your way to a solution to your problem.
That’s like saying if your hands are burning and your kitchen is smokey, that you’re on your way to a good meal.
The stress and pain that you are inflicting on yourself are getting in the way of you actually finding a solution.
At the end of this caption I want you to like my post, and then think about something good that happened to you in the past week.
Try and bring the memory into the front of your brain, and explore the positive qualities of the experience.
Your subconscious, in the meantime, will be able to work on a solution for you in a clean environment. Unbothered by stress and smoke.

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