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~ Ποιος γυρεύει τον άλλο, ποιος φωνάζει – ακούς;
Είμ’ εγώ που φωνάζω κι είμ’ εγώ που κλαίω, μ’ ακούς; Σ’ αγαπώ, σ’ αγαπώ, μ’ ακούς; ~ 🙋🙋
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He chased her eyes-a daydream in his mind.
His Soul spoke his heart tonight.
Confessed his love-a treasure found.
Longing for her kiss-desire now told.
Wanting her everything-thirsting for her to know.
His words he professed-urging for her touch.
Craving to be hers-will he be enough?
The stroke of his hand against her face.
His body leaning forward-securing his arms around her.
Assuring his love-still questioned by the stars.
Hungering an enchantment everlasting.
Brushing his lips against her skin softly.
Kissing her neck delicately-ever more.
His hands traveling aimlessly-to feel her infinitely.
Her scent breathlessly he tastes.
Her fire he sees in him.
Will his flame be enough to last forever?

trus saja membuat dirimu istimewa dengan diam mu dan terus lah membuat tanda tanya diantara kisah kita

biar aku cari apa jawabnya sampai tanda tanya berubah menjadi tanda cinta.

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