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This guy was one of the baddest helmet painters of all time. Now @paintcan_ just does decals and I give him crap about it every time I see him. #decalworks #artist #paintcan #quitter

Because discipline begets discipline. .
When one area of your life becomes disciplined-- usually other areas follow suit.
Somehow it's all tied together. .
I noticed that once I started getting up early to get alone time for myself, that took discipline, then my fitness started to become more disciplined, my eating was better, I was even more disciplined in my finances. .
Unfortunately, this can work the other way too. When you don't take care of yourself, your bad eating habits come back, and then that rolls over into your finances and relationships too. .
Don't think you need to change ALL areas of your life today. Just change one. .
You might be surprised how well rounded you feel your life is a few weeks later.
#quitter #jonacuff #morningroutine

Stopping smoking is so hard even with nicotine patches. I have the upmost respect for anyone who has quit the addiction. After 16 years i'm finally trying to get the monkey off my back. #Nicotinell #quitter #willpower

I can't come up with some ideas for a video and all my plants are dead #quitter #oldpic

James Harden go fuck yourself you lowlife scumbag choke artist #quitter #Barstoolsports

#team225 #tired2ballnation me and @jonjons02 fuck the same hoes same hoes the same hoes #tired2ballnation #team225 #epic #quitter içi c'est parole de musique vous n'avez pas dis vs êtes bêtes lol

when ur ready to crush a biking pubcrawl only to get a flat at the first one but then proceed to bike on it to three other bars because ur no #quitter (but also clearly have no regard for taking care of ur bike)

Officially three whole years smoke free last week!! It's become such a part of me that I completely missed my anniversary! I remember as a smoker, ex-smokers telling me that if I quit I would miss it forever - that couldn't be further from the truth! If anything, I wish I would of done it sooner! #threeyears #smokefree #anniversary #quitter #proud


#Quitter la terre 🚫 vers des #Cabessas d'enfer 😈♨ #Le king👑
#Été 2k17 Prêt 😘✌
#Tommyhilfiger #Class 💫
#Clandestino 🎩💰

funny stupid feet lady 👻 #petscop #quitter #arg #doodle

Confession time: This is not Whole30 compliant. I made it to day 19. They say if you slip up, start back at day 1. I won't be doing that. While I did have more energy on the diet (seriously I need like 2 hours FEWER sleep), I was gaining weight. And to feel deprived AND gaining weight doesn't work for me. I k ow what works for me and that is eating MOSTLY clean and tracking macros. This is why I'll be going back to my online coach @melaniemerciless and getting back on a macro/meal plan and workout routine. I said my feed would be honest and posting that I "failed" or quit isn't easy. But you really do have to do what works for YOU. Cheers to all the Whole30ers, macro trackers, WeightWatchers, cardio bunnies, and gym rats. As they say, "you do you." 🥂
#whole30 #quitter #noshame #wine #paradisesprings #health #fitness #happines #drinkingmycalories #eatclean #eatcleanish

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