I know, I know, gosh darn it I’m still knitting and while I do love knitting now I kinda miss crochet. So I’m planning to cheat on knitting in two weeks when my bestie and fellow crocheter comes out, but I need your help. What should I make? Drop some pattern suggestions down below 👇🏼 and I’ll check them all out. I already grabbed a skein of Fleek from @flyingkettledyeworks that I plan to work with, sooo excited for a little MCN goodness. I can’t wait to read all your suggestions.
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So over the weekend I realized I needed a mindless project for on the go. So of course I took to Ravelry to see what beauties I had hidden in my library. I thankfully stumbled upon the Caterpillar Cowl by @the_lemonade_shop and then found this gorgeous OOAK I also snagged from Heather a few years ago when she had an open house at her then studio. I know it’s not exactly what the pattern called for but I love it sooo sooo much!!
BONUS: I took it outside of the house with me today and for the first time ever knit in the car AND in public! These ridiculously little baby steps make me stupidly happy. I can’t wait to finish this up and have something I feel okay with taking outside of my work desk. Don’t worry my Topography is still getting loved on and worked on at the desk. As that is one I don’t trust myself to leave the safety zone with yet.
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New daily nap time and bedtime routine. Gilmore Girls and knitting.
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Last night I cast on my very first knit shaw! Fingers crossed I don't drop another m1 stitch and have to restart for a fourth time. Although I may just say screw it and have a lot of extra design elements.🙈🤣😬 So far sooo good but I still don't trust myself without the pattern in front of me at all times.
Pattern: Topography Kerchief by @heyladyhey
Yarn: Oriental Lily on 2-ply Merino Sock by @wobblegobbleyarn
#quirkyknitsnow #topographykerchief #heyladyhey #wobblegobbleyarn

Hubby was super sweet and went out to Joanns for me last night to pick up new knitting needles. Jumping back into knitting with this garter stitch wash cloth. So far so good. Next up learning and mastering k2tog on the decreases coming up!
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This pretty is destined to be my very first #topographykerchief, that is as soon as I find my knitting needles. Would it be weird if I just went out and bought another set in the mean time? Any suggestions on where and which circulars I should pick up?
yarn: Oriental Lily by @wobblegobbleyarn
#wobblegobbleyarn #quirkyknitsnow

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