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A little Tula Pink inspiration from AQM .If you get the chance to hear her speak do it .Tula is amazing 🌟.
#tamborinetotilba #tulapink #creativepeople #inspiratioal #quiltingfun #quilting#quiltingfabrics

Not only have I added a dozen coloured sewing machine feet to the website, but I've also added 19 Bolt Ends... When they are gone they are gone! GO GO GO!

🌲If you remember.. Peder always has his hat on crooked because he's always in a rush of excitement every morning to get out to the forest to collect things to make little trinkets for children. Most don't know, though, the real reason he's at the ready before everyone else. One of Peder's favorite things is collecting pine cones. If you asked him what he was going to do with all of them, he'd tell you "Eh, I'm not sure." But the look on his face says otherwise. (Such a mischief!). One time, when Peder wandered off Amanita Path (it's the one that leads you to the Amaranthine Valley where they grow seeds for tomten and gnome food) he came upon an opening on the edge of Moss Forest. A rolling hill, with a view as far as the hat-covered tomten eye could see, was before him. Covered in beautiful wildflowers and clover. He took in a deep breath and let out a sigh of adventurous relief. Boy did he love finding a new oasis.
As he started to roam around he noticed gentle movements among the wildflowers. Eating the clover were the cutest bunnies he had ever seen. They were covered in the softest, most fluffy fur he had ever known in existence. There was something just magical about the quiet of dawn and how the colors of sunrise would dance on their fur.
So.. just before the crack of dawn each morning since, Peder follows Amanita Path, finds his favorite stump to sit on, and watches the bunnies at sunrise.
Always returning.. with a pouch filled with pine cones.🌲 #mossandlotustomtestories 🌲@michaelmillerfabrics #WoodlandWinterFabric
If you don't believe me.. you may want to visit our designer friend for the day - Kitty @nightquilter She might know a thing or two about forest adventures and tomten 🍄🌲😍. Our awesome sponsor this week is Chelsea at @PinkDoorFabrics - she's giving one lucky person a $35 gift certificate to her shop. :||:
{New to the #mossandlotustomtesal ? It's not too late to join in!! See below for details and check my other posts!}

What do you think? ❤️💛💚💙💜💗
Here's the finished quilt that I made for @joann_stores to display at the @afamuseum Annual Fundraiser Gala last Thursday in NYC. All of the prints are from the modern collection of JoAnn's recently launched premium quilt shop. I had a blast putting it together and I'm so happy with how it turned out.
That awesome day started out with a guided tour of the @afamuseum exhibit, War and Pieced (I'll have another post up soon with more from that) and finished with attending the Gala as the special guest of JoAnn's President and CEO, Jill Soltau with my sister as my date. During the dinner, they played the little video I made with JoAnn's earlier this year and I couldn't help but cry. I thought about how far I've come on my sewing journey. I started out in a tiny apartment at 12 years old in a small town and here I was now in New York City at an unbelievably fancy gala, with my little girl, 🐶 Diane Keaton on these jumbo screens and everyone clapping. It was a unforgettable night.
Happy Tuesday everybody! 🕺🌈❤️💛💚💙💜💗 #handmadewithjoann

Honey is staking her claim on the #giantdresdenxmastreeskirt link in profile to buy the pattern

What an amazing project! I had so much fun working on this. Week #1️⃣7️⃣. Assembly. #tulapinkbutterflysal #quiltagrammer #obsessedwithquilting #quiltingfun

The exhibit Light Show by the Contemporary QuiltArt Association opens tomorrow at The National Quilt Museum.

#nationalquiltmuseum #paducahky #lightshowexhibit #quiltingfun


A little Tula Pink inspiration from AQM .If you get the chance to hear her speak do it .Tula is amazing 🌟.
#tamborinetotilba #tulapink #creativepeople #inspiratioal #quiltingfun #quilting#quiltingfabrics

Finally finished assembling my parliament of owls for the #fancyforestquilt. Only one more group to go! #animalquilt #quiltingfun #quiltingweekend

Here is one from my book Diamond Traditions still available on Amazon #quiltbindandenjoy #opengatequilts #quiltingfun #quiltdesign #quiltfabrics #ilovemyjob #designeratheart

So here's our last #thanksgivingquilt for the year. In honor of Cousin Beth it's a #hexie turkey #gobblegobble #thanksgivingquilts #quiltingfun #quilting #quiltinginspiration

Yo yo yo yo! Doing a few YOYO while watching TV. I need a crap ton of these for a quilt. Should take me a few years... 😁😂
#yoyo #quilting #sewing #fabriccircles #quiltersofinstagram #sewersofinstagram #quiltingfun #handsewn #needleandthread #fabricart #artist #imustbecrazy

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back our 12-Days of Christmas sale the first 12 days of December (including Sundays). Sign up is free, but we need to know that you want to participate. Call us at 828-524-3300 prior to December 1 to provide your name and credit card information. Each day starting December 1 you will receive an email with that day's special. It's sure to be something you will love, and it will be priced at a discount. Just let us know that day (by midnight EST), by phone or email, whether you would like us to add that day's item to your box. Then at the end of the 12-days, we will charge your card for each of the items you selected. Your fabulous items will be available for pick-up the following week, December 19-23; or if you prefer, we can mail them to you at current shipping rates. #12daysofchristmas #stuffyourstocking #quiltstuff #notions #quiltingfun

Here's a quilt I made several years ago (but is safely stored away in a linen bag somewhere unfortunately). I just found the photo of it buried in my Google photos. The center panel (the center square of embroidered peacocks) was purchased in Panajachel, Guatemala. I had gone to Guatemala about 8 or 9 times and has passed by this woman's booth several times year after year. Most vendors of hand embroidery were selling more traditional colors for the region like red, blue, black, green. All primary colors. She was the only one using more subdued tones. I bartered with her several times over the years for one of her embroidered panels but they were too expensive for me. I KNOW how much time these women put into their work so my negotiating was NEVER an attempt to exploit them. However, even in dollars, it was too much for me. Every time I'd come home, I'd kick myself for not saving money over the course of the trip to buy one. Side note: Panajachel is the little town surrounding lake Atitlan, which is a lake in the middle of 3 volcanoes. It's a place we'd go after we had done our work part of the trip. It was the last three days of the trips and it was kinda the "vacation" time. On my last trip there, i saved my money hoping she'd still be at her little stall in the "market" so that I could finally buy something from her. She was there!! So I picked the one I liked. I negotiated, just as part of the process, but I paid her a fair amount for it. I used another quilt pattern that called for a center panel. I had to make the panel a little larger so the black borders are added to make the rest of the pattern work. I traced some of the flowers in the center as patterns and I layered them to make the different colors in the flowers so they'd be similar to the flowers in the panel. I did a button hole stitch around all the layers of the flowers in the black borders. I also added the vine and leaves in the same way all around in the white borders. I quilted the top with "feathers" The story of the quilt makes it one of my favorite quilts.

#handsewnquilts #applique #appliquequilts #guatemala #embroideryquilt #panajachel #quilting #quiltingfun

Have you checked out our Black Friday Sale yet?! We still have ONE more 30% coupon code available! Get the details on our last post. 😎

The struggle is real!! This #spiderwebquilt is so heavy I have a hard time #quilting it.... wrestling this this through my lil’ machine is not easy 😳😳. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another year to finish this baby 😂🤣😂🤣😂. #sewing #pghmqg #quiltingfun #machinequilting

This year I am confident that there will be a christmasquilt on our oven bench...Top is finished!! Again with precious hoarded fabric from Kate Spain in a very simple pattern - I was inspired by a quilt seen on pinterest but I did it 'my way'
#christmas #christmasquilt #christmascolours #katespain #katespainfabric #nähenmachtglücklich #nähenmachtsüchtig #weihnachtsdecke #weihnachten #weihnachtsdeko #quilttop #quiltsoftyrol #quiltsofinstagram #cuddly_by_kieselbach #quilt #quiltingfun #quilting

What color is your kitchen? It’s a potholder making kind of day and I need inspiration.

I have been busy, just haven't had time to visit. This was a quilt I did for a client. She made the top and I did the quilting. Love the colors.
#longarmer #longarm #quilts #quiltingfun #quilting #pinkquilt #christmasgifts #handmadegifts #handmade

Not only have I added a dozen coloured sewing machine feet to the website, but I've also added 19 Bolt Ends... When they are gone they are gone! GO GO GO!

I sewed this blade in upside down. This is both the pro and cons of working with batiks. #oops #quiltingfun #dresdenplates #fiberaddiction #batik

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