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The #PortraitPage is proud to present this masterpiece!
🏆Photographer: @0wnperspective
🏆Model: @tainahaines
Selected by: @stel72
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Great work !!! Nicely done 🙌😍
Selected by : @jkvisualz
📸by @alessioalbi
Model : @daphne_eisblume
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these are the days we live for.


Forgetting them takes time. It’s a process, an unlearning. It takes time — my god does it ever take time. When you love someone deeply, when you truly, and unapologetically love someone, they grow into the roots of you. You have to pull them out like weeds.

You have to shower them out of your hair. Slowly but surely, you need to scrub away their memory, peel them off of yourself like old skin. When they leave, you have to wash them from your sheets, dust their fingerprints from your favourite coffee mug, shake their scent out of your sweaters. Leave no trace of them behind.

You have to come to terms with the fact that you let them leave with so many pieces of you. You have to forgive yourself for loving yourself thin, for forgetting about the things you wanted to do because you were so busy trying to save someone who didn’t want to be saved.

And then — then you have to build yourself up again. You have to take whatever you have left within yourself, and you have to work with it, you have to rise from it.

See, you have to pay attention to yourself again. You have to pay attention to what stirs your heart. You have to pay attention to the things that make you laugh, the things that make you smile. Really focus on figuring out what compels you, really focus on discovering the aspects of the world that interest you and challenge you and make you want to learn and grow.

You spent so much of your time simply focusing on what someone else wanted from you. You spent so much of your energy being exactly who they needed, and now it is time to figure out exactly what you need, exactly what you want. It’s time to pay attention the the call of your own heart, it’s time to nurture yourself. To say yes to yourself, to give yourself permission to be happy, to give yourself permission to dream out loud.

It’s time — time to realize the potential you always silenced in their presence. Time to survive without them. Time to fall back in love with yourself.

Words: @rainbowsalt
Photo: @ianevanlam

Do you like pizza? Awesome! Thanks to @moment who is providing pizza to everyone after Socality Seattle Community Day April 1. The event is full but you can always sign up on waiting list in case space opens. Link in bio. How awesome is this pic by @robstrok! #socality #thisismycommunity 🍕🍕🍕

Vantage Point
🌎 Throwback to this magical place (aka @erikconover's roof). 🙌🏼💛 Such a crazy perspective from up there.

I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the support on my last two films. Ahh!! 😅☺️😁🤙🏼 I bloody love you guys!
I'm just starting the edit for London, the final part of this little world city trilogy. 😌✈️ Having struggles with music choices at the moment but I'm sure I'll sort that out soon enough.

Hope you're well.

Stay happy!!

Des avis 👸😍💘 #portrait
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I don't need you or your flowers, I need to love myself.

Kinda how I'm feeling about today's weather.
I cannot WAIT for summer.


Been waiting more than a year to share this @stansono #INFATUATED album with the world. It's absolutely incredible front to back. Take a listen on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Super excited about attending the @pursuitofportraits meet up in NYC tomorrow! Gonna be a great experience working with so many talented people 📸😊 #pursuitofportraits // photo by: @konnorwithakay

there are now 12 african-american women missing in DC in the last 24 hours. i'm honestly at a loss for words. it's tough when you feel powerless but if women stick together, hopefully we can stop these acts from happening. #protectourgirls .
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So colorful.
Cosplayer: @wendydydydy

The creative process is a series of decisions that narrow down what the final piece can look like. In the beginning, your imagination is your limit but with every decision you make (concept, pose, light, lens, edit, etc.), you eliminate possibilities of what that art can turn into. You're using a mix of your heart and your head to steer it towards the direction you want it to go.
This is important. Understand that you're the one in charge of those decisions and that every one you make plays a role in what your finished image will look like. Want a peaceful shot? Chose muted colors, a more relaxed pose, and a softer edit. Don't guess. Be smart.
All of that felt weirdly serious (which I'm not). So... butts. Wieners. Farts. 🐩💨
Questions are always welcome (photo related or not)! We're all in this together.

I love her @leah_greenaway

Go were the wind takes you 🍃 #potraitpage #potraitmood


Clicked by @archishaaa 🎈✨

Some girls just have beach in their soul•
Feliz viernes! #goodvibes

Walking on the moon

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