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We have nothing to loose and a world to see. ✈️ ✨ Photo by @noel.alva

Let's head straight into the sunset.

With her eyes like a flame ✨ For @okokaymag shot by @monsieurcoms 📖⚡️

Game time.

Through the pines 🌲

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More than ever, we live in a time where fear and uncertainty must be replaced with gratitude. Where words of anger and hate are replaced with words of love, affirmation, and respect. Where we come to the realization of just how beautiful, important, and valuable the people around us are, and how easy we take one another for granted. It seems so small, but the simple act of seeing the beauty, value, and worth of the human beings who surround us on a daily basis just might completely change our world. Words and photo by @jonathanzoeteman #socality #thisismycommunity

My sexy lady

Live for the moments you can't put into words 🌟🌟 📸: WHI's dannyrozenblit #WHIHeart #beachlife #besties


From Nymph to Fairy (series from previous posts), out of my crysalis, just looked for a quiet place to unfold my wings. Sometimes we change, and our dreams along with us. The core of our soul and essence can remain the same, still extraordinary things can happen when we accept and embrace the change.
Photo by @hedac
Wings by @costureroreal #costureroreal
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Last light.

"life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - plebs, me included

Taking it back to Piper with @chloeworthington.

#nowlistening Low Roar 'Waiting (10 years)' I had a big plan for this summer. Iceland, of course. But sadly, it's not gonna happen, not now or maybe not ever. I felt so miserable because of my failure, but now it's a bit better. I found new job, nothing special, but always something new :)

Peak surcharge

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