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Venting my public transit woes #quickwrite

Part of you sticks to me like DNA/ Part of me is asking you to stay/ One more night, one more drink, one more lay/ A part of me, a part of you, I can't get away/ I am here, I am yours, I am for sure/ Late night walks, late night talks, til we hit the floor/ #quickwrite #oceanside #topgun #sunsetporn #palmdaze

people are so strange
nothing ever seems to change
for the rich and unnamed
sometimes i believe we're all insane
get me off this crazy train
before society will be able to recollect my name
#idkanymore #quickwrite

"Who gave birth to language?
That you now,
Decide to "name" yourself...
Things such as Loving,
Supportive, soft, or "push over"
You must be using the term describing how you pushed me over."
#QuickWrite #poetrycommunity #poetry #IGpoetry #PoetsofIG

i love "love". it's beautiful. if someone was to ask me, are u ok being alone. Yes. do u want to be alone. No. (difference). i get perceived a certain type of way & placed in a section w|certain type of girls. things i want cost nothing. 5⭐️ meals are a waste because i can get the "same type of full" for cheaper. we can hit up Rodney for the bootleg dvd's vs $13.50 a tckt at the theater. too many women nowadays care too much about materialistics, ur income, ur car, sneakers, etc....i don't because i just have a realistic mind frame. i rather save money, look "non-designer" & randomly take a trip w/u off funds saved....then to be at every club Thurs-Sun, buying every new updated iPhone, or buying every latest designer handbag out. i am NOT like these other women. let me fucking love u, u asshole 💔📝 #quickwrite #feelings #blacklove #realspit #poetry

Tell me how to keep going if it's like this?

#poem #poetry #quickwrite an attempt to divert and transform destructive struggles into a work of art. Since {Event + Response = Outcome} so why not?

To the Broken Arrow

To the broken arrow I might further break to pieces; I am not, at the slightest, pettrified or afraid
To the venomous end decomposing my grand fall; I will outgrow your parasitic bed
To the dancing, fire-spitting lux; I foresee your treats as a rigorous battleground of what lies ahead

Have no more fear, dear affixed dwellers
My mind and soul can never rot from your presence so mere

Begone, begone, I run for my own

Bandung, November 8th

Photo: Hunger of the Pine official music video by Alt+J


people are so strange
nothing ever seems to change
for the rich and unnamed
sometimes i believe we're all insane
get me off this crazy train
before society will be able to recollect my name
#idkanymore #quickwrite

Date: May 25, 2017
To the world around me
Those standing beside me
Friends who support me
Family who loves

Is my voice
Is my choice
Is my fear
To all that consumes

Is all I hear when I wait to hear what you have to say
Reflects my inner rage
Has settled in my home for an extended stay
Circulates even in a long winded sage

Is my position
Kills my conviction
Incites my disposition
Fuels my conniption

Restrictions to my world that enslave my senses
Telling me to listen but never speak my truth
No proof to expose the troubles of my soul as my woes fill mine sight with nothing but blinding red
A rage engaged to stake or stray the pain away that is forever endured
No pure source of freedom can be found as I wear a crown more scrupulous than thorns though eternally hefty
Wealthy is the plague that gains everything from my thought pockets
Draining them dry waiting for me to die as it plots to feed on my inner innocence
Though I am tainted, the elegance of my mission has given me quite the peculiar deliverance from the common trials of man
But that aside, rather, that applied is why the demons surround more fervently waiting for my eyes to cry vulnerability
I am left often asking why
Afraid my plight is nigh but afar all at the same time
Same story same struggle, consistent throughout my time
So I stop
Hold all in
Hoping I can win though a ticking time bomb is what lies within
Will I explode..Or implode
Who will I know to be true when I decide to reveal the truth, the true me that I hide from society
Who will I trust with what I truly lust, physically, emotionally, spiritually
No one??
Forever in silence
Silently living..in my fear ~ JS #writersofig #poetrycommunity #StoryTeller #SpokenWord #Writer #WriterThoughts #QuickWrite #poetsofinstagram #Writing #Passion #silence #Poet #Poetry

Different sort of morning for me. Prep literacy block of magic e and jolly phonics. Remembering why I have a primary/secondary degree. Loved it #quickwrite #magice #jollyphonics #literacy #prep #iteachprep #aussieteachers #aussieteachertribe #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers

I've always been here,
Stuck in this place,
Falling in and out of love with you,
These tears are permanently imprinted on my face,
The love is gone but your memory haunts my dreams,
I refuse to let you hurt me again and tear me apart by my seams....

Trying out some calligraphy styles of the Renaissance. Italic swash capitals and Italic flourished minuscules.
Lyrics from "Little Do You Know" by @alexandsierramusic

#lyrics #lyricsoftheday #italics #calligraphy #tyxca #showmeyourtype #quickwrite #typography #handlettering #handwritten #alexandsierra #littledoyouknow #playlist #lettering #letteringco

Hahahahah omflllll this beat slaps.
Prod. By kyber x Heaven beats,
I think I'll call this..

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