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I miss these Soo Much @the.pinkcoconut !! Stuffed Dates #QuickSnacks on the go! Stuffed with Peanut Butter rolled into #HempSeeds #CoconutFlakes #FlaxSeeds or mix them all into one 🙌🏾

✨ new blog post ✨ so for today's #NonToxicTuesday, instead of giving you ONE swap...I'm giving you TWENTY ONE! yep. and they are all about your fave JUNK FOODS. I basically grew up on the popular junk foods, we always had them in the pantry: oreos. nilla wafers. reese's peanut butter cups. chips ahoy. slim jim's. doritos. need I keep going..? so in my blog post, I share healthier swaps for all of those, and more. because being healthy isn't about depriving yourself, it's okay to indulge every now and then. so at least when you do indulge, there are better options out there that taste just as good! swipe through to see a few 🍭🍪 link in bio to the full list! 💚

Cheese-stuffed pizza pretzels are surprisingly easy to make (and taste delicious btw). 🍕🧀#pizzapretzel #insidercheese

The gap between lunch and dinner can be a tough one, but we made a list of 7 Smart Snacks to nibble in between meals, or when you’re on the go!
Click the link in my bio to read more on the blog post. #thewholejourney #quicksnacks #onthego #fitfood #snackhacks

I find myself craving sweets so instead of eating cookies or junk I eat a PB&J spoon. It's just as good as a cookie but healthier! 🥜 #pescatarian #healthychoices #fitcops #proteinsnacks #quicksnacks

New @hudsonnews mini store in Baggage Claim opened today. #QuickSnacks #Water #Sodas

Who has an impatient toddler 🙋🏻
An impatient toddler means this mama has to be ready to RUN out the door when I tell him we're heading to the park. I need quick and easy snacks always ready for us to go go go 🏃🏻💨
I like to hard boil a dozen eggs, pre-portion some carrots, fruit, or other veggies in some ziplock baggies and have them in the fridge always ready to go. •
Because toddlers don't know what patience is 😂

#realfastfood #quicksnacks #toddlerlife

So big bro @mrcheffito been putting up these #quicksnacks so here goes mine Cajun crusted ribeye w/cumin habanero pepper shrimp and a simple onion rice



@bdvillaluz makes a tasty snack using Molinera olives, marble cheddar cheese and some lomo slices 😋 that there on the left is cordillera wild honey 🍯 - send us your recipes to team.molinera@gmail.com #originalmolinera .
#quicksnacks #picapica #oliverecipes #quickbites #coldcuts #cheese #cheesesnacks

#WellnessWednesday Tip:
T R A I L M I X Bar// Perfect way to get healthy fats, fiber and #protein in your diet! Try these tips for trail mix:
• I recommend using nuts such as walnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds! #omega3 👏🏻
• When choosing dried fruit - choose unsweetened or one of my personal favs that I recently featured on Good Morning Arizona is freeze dried fruits! Perfect to quench that sweet tooth! The strawberries 🍓 are 👌🏻! Yum! 😋
• Chocolate 🍫 fan? Try 70% or darker for some #antioxidants! Anyone else like #midnight chocolate like me? 🙋🏼
📸: by me
#SimplyWellness #EasySnack #RDtalk #Dietitianadvice

É proibido levar alimentos no Labin da Ulbra. Me pegaram comendo, chamaram meus pais e levei suspensão de 20 dias. #quicksnacks #hue

Snack time made easy! #CelloSquad

I eat just about the same every day at work and it has to be something quick and easy to snack on! I eat a protein bar, 1 oz peanuts, a banana and an apple - on top of that I add something different each week when I have my 12 hour shifts. This week I'm crazy about overnight oats! 👏👏 See recipe on profile 😎 #IFFYM #inspiration #foodideas #quicksnacks #countingmacros #macros #questbar #overnightoats #peanuts #bananas #absaremadeinthekitchen #healthyliving #fit #fitfam #healthyideas #lunch #healthcare #longshifts #lunchtime #snacks #mealplanning #mealprep #mealprepping #girlswholift #musclefood #macrosplit #proteinfood #quest #questbar #proteins

Yesterday was a busy day! So busy I fell asleep putting Audrey to bed at 7:30!🤷🏻‍♀️. It was a rainy day so we got a lot done inside the house and that includes food prepping🙌🏽. The kids loved helping and mom loved that they were fighting👏🏼. .
The healthy lemon blueberry muffins have already came in handy this morning for a quick breakfast for Jonah. 9 total ingredients and 0 butter or sugar used👌🏼. They are moist and delicious! .
#mealprep #mealplanning #healthysnacks #healthymuffins #proteinballs #eggs #cleaneating #eatingwhole #wholeeating #healthysnacksforkids #snack #snackeasy #quicksnacks

Cinnamon and date - what a gorgeously sweet combo. Love being a thermomix foody and consultant 😍#bread #thermygal #thermomixconsultant #thermomixau #quicksnacks

I have very little time between classes and going from child to child, so I need a snack that is fast and on the go. No Bake Pumpkin Spice Latte Bites to the rescue. These are really good! Recipe from @thebigmansworld.

ATTENTION BUSY LADIES!!! Yup, I am talking to you whether you are a hard working woman, a mom, a student, or all of the above I have a solution to your problems!
How do you feel every day around 2pm? Do you get the mid afternoon crash like I do? It's around this time every day that I envision myself lying on the couch taking a snooze! Anyone else?! 😴😴
Around this time each day, do you often go searching for something sweet to get you to dinnertime? To fill your boredom? Or maybe to release some stress? Yes, yep, and hell yea!✔
Are you so busy during the day that maybe you forget to eat lunch because you don't have time, or you are so rushed that you grab whatever you can find to end the hunger? Oh, been there!😜 Well, busy ladies....if any of these scenarios resonated with you then you need to seriously consider incorporating my daily go to super food shake into your life. I had been searching and searching for some kind of snack that would not only give me an energy boost, but I wanted something that tasted yummy without all the fake crap in it! Well not only did I find this in Shakeology, but this 30 second to make shake also satisfies my sweet tooth, is all natural, includes my daily vitamins, and (even though you would never taste it) gives you your daily servings of veggies!
Even more fun facts about my go to Shakeo- it improves digestion, can help decrease your cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and improves immune function (#momwin). I love love love my shakes.💗 My hardest 2 daily decisions are usually which gluten free flavor I am going to drink, and which recipe I am going to make! Have you been wanting to try a shake to see what all the hype is about? Try a 7 day sampler and check it out for yourself! Purchase today and receive a thank you gift from me! I promise in the end you will be thanking me for introducing you to your easiest, healthiest, and most delicious snack of your day! Are you ready to give it a try?! #glutenfree #healthysnacks #quicksnacks #snacksonthego #thyroiddisese #hashimotos #glutenfreediet #fitfunmama #triberedefine #teamfitdynasty

💯Organic, High Energy, Protein Balls. All natural.Kosher 🚫Free of: sugar, gluten, diary, soy, gmo, yeast, preservatives & artificial flavors. 🍬The perfect snack for kids and adults; pre or post workout & ideal for traveling!

Because food tastes better with a spike (cocktail stick), I can still remember the joy of pineapple and cheese at parties as a child ??!!!
This is grapes halved, peas, cheese, blueberries and blackberries
#snacks #childrensnacks #childrensfood #cocktailsticks #healthysnacks #quicksnacks #lookatthoseperfectcheesesquares #rainbowsparklemud

Need some after-school-snack inspiration? Check out my blog for healthy, simple and quick snack ideas. Link in bio

#snacks #afterschoolsnacks #hangrychild #fuelforthebody #fuelforthemind #simplesnacks #quicksnacks #readyinminutes #kidssnacks #blogpost #catherinelippenutrition #kidsnutritionist

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