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Congratulations to our 🏆Second Winner for the @boneiolam KIDDIE ON-THE-GO 🚗 CONTEST : - 🎊@esteezonline 🎉!!!! .

I'm super excited about this winner, because I just love these energy balls. #RaizysCookinApproved It's not just me, all my kids, neighbors & friends loved 'em too!
Here's Anette's delicious, healthy Kiddie (and adult!)-on-the-go meal idea: "
I needed to come up with a quick meal replacement for breakfast for the days that we have no time to sit and eat. So I kept hearing about energy balls and decided to make up a recipe and keep testing and tweaking it until it’s kid tested/mother approved. Turns out that my latest recipe is kid tested, kid approved which is a huge score!!! So from my husband and I, all the way down to my 5 year old and my other kids in between, we all grab and go, and I know that we are getting the nutrients we need even if we don’t have time." .
Annette's energy balls
600g bag of pitted dates
2 x 100g bag of ground almonds
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp coconut oil
200g bag unsweetened shredded coconut (half to put in the mix and half to roll the balls in)
1 tbsp hot water
6 squares bittersweet unsweetened chocolate (melted)

Put all the ingredients except the coconut in a blender and blend until it's a thick paste. (If it doesn't blend, you may need a bit more hot water but be careful not to put too much because it can get too mushy)
Add half of the coconut and continue blending.
Put remaining coconut into a bowl and roll balls into the coconut until the ball is fully covered in coconut. Then roll the ball in your hand gently so that the coconut settles into the ball and then re-roll the ball and place into muffin paper, in a container.
Refrigerate. The energy balls are good for approx 10 days.
This recipe makes about 30 the size of a golf ball. I make 15 energy balls but I make them a bit bigger and use them as a meal replacement for breakfast. .

You can still enter and win the big prize too!
We are choosing one more winner!!!!!

http://dashradio.com/xxl #quickfix WE LIVE!!!!!

I heard on the radio this morning that Australians are the second biggest pill poppers in the world; with a statistic that has doubled in the last 10 years. 😳
I think it’s great that we can talk more openly about mental health and have more resources available to help manage it; but it makes me wonder whether it is being overdiagnosed to provide a quick fix in today’s fast-paced society or whether people are genuinely feeling more pressure to keep up?
We know that antibiotic resistance is a real pandemic due to the overprescription of drugs. Drug companies are also advertising quick fixes by self-medicating. Got a headache? Take some paracetamol to dull the ache and ignore the fact that your body is probably telling you you’re dehydrated and need water 🙄 It may take longer, but at least you are treating the underlying CAUSE and not the symptoms.
I’m also very guilty of being impatient, but it’s a quality I’ve identified as making me feel a certain way and am working on. I believe we need to focus on developing long-term management skills rather than resorting to synthetic drugs unless absolutely necessary.

TIME does not state
Whether people care
about You or not
TIME does not state
Whether people are
Friends or acquaintances
and S U P P O R T I N G
Each other does ...
There’s people i know for
YEARS that would never
Support me and then there’s
People i know shorter that
actually GENUINELY support me
These guys right here
They’ve become FAMILY
We look out for each other
We assist each other
And we make sure we are
Okay health and mental wise
YALL ALWAYS look out
#flashback to my 41st birthday
@lesoukny they came and
Showed love to the kid ❤️
Please follow
For any business inquiries
Check their bio ✊🏽
F A M I L Y 🌍🔴

Kände mig trött på att vara studentpank. Gick och köpte några hundra tusen dollars vid Möllan och sen till loppis för extremfynd: fem klassiker för 25 spänn. Nu känns allt mycket bättre. #boktips #studentliv #dineros #quickfix

@hairkunst has been awarded BEST GO TO MAKEOVER for CLEO BEAUTY STAR AWARDS.

Kudos to ALL my senior Hairstylists that make this happen :


And my awesome junior Hairstylists and senior Assistants
Dania, kak Fitri and Leha


Today I wanted a #quickfix so I skipped the program 😬 don't know #WTF I was thinking though, cause this was everything but quick 🙂🙃 A1) 5 x 20 squats @ 60kg
A2) 5 x 2 neutral grip pullups @ 20kg
B1) 5 x 20 alternating reverse lunges @ 60kg
B2) 5 x 2 neutral grip pullups @ 20kg
C1) 5 x 20 hip thrusts @ 60kg
C2) 5 x 2 neutral grip pullups @ 20kg
#weightedpullups #FTW #camouflageworkout 🤓

Next home workout? 25 MINUTES quick fix! 12 reps each exercise, 3-4 rounds 💥👊🏻 Double tap if you also do home workouts 🙌🏼
1. Goblet Squat
2. Shoulder press
3. One legged dead lift
4. Kroc rows
5. Bulgarian split squat
6. One legged glutes bridge
7. Burpees
8. Abs
#instacatrine #quickfix #abilica #homeworkout


Great lil find. 19g protein 49p

I saw these in Aldi so thought I’d give them a try. Very tasty and the sat fat/carb/protein ration was right up my alley. And for that price as well. Wow!

#protein #bar #snack #tasty #quickfix #food #easy #treat #healthyfood #good #choices #training #gym #muscles

When you lazy to cook but you hungry#QUICKFIX

Struggle to squat without your upper body collapsing forward & heels lifting from the floor?
This COULD be due to lack of ankle mobility or having long thighs bones (femur) in relation to your shins (tibia).
Slide a wedge under your heels or small plates. By slightly raising your heels you’ll find that your ability to squat with an upright torso will improve, alleviating pressure off the lumbar spine.
#squats #manchester #manchesterfitness #cheshire #strength #power #lift #fitspo #fitness #fixes #pt #gym #Focus #Drive #Succeed

If the person who took the "Tony the tiger" costume could give it back now.. #tonythetiger #frosties #cereal #quickfix #sunday

been so busy with events one after another that my fridge has been empty! went to market this morning to 扫 a whole lot of ingredients to resume my #sundaydinner #homecooked routine for the fam! tonight’s simple menu - tokyo chicken stew, garlic butter prawns and 四季豆with olive veg and pork. 😋😋😋 #gonein15mins #kimmymacooks #instacook #healthyrecipes #cooking #cheapandnice #quickfix

Guess the name of the road in #Dubai❓ The new road color is to alert the drivers of a speed reduction by @rta_dubai ================================================ #roads #carbuddynews #carbuddy #instanews #quickfix #sheikhzayedroad #drivers #warning #speed

Pusset opp denne søte kommoden👌
Ett par strøk maling og nye knotter 😊

Style using ghd tools #ghd #ghdmalaysia
Need a quickfix ?
Drop by at
For any appointment :
017 8794255
Muslimah Area Provided.
Our operating hour :
Tuesday - Thursday
( 11am - 8pm )
Friday - Sunday
( 12pm - 9pm )
Closed on Monday
Waze : Petaling Jaya Commercial City.
#quickfix #dashingdiva

Avant/Après #quickfix #çatiendraletempsqueçatiendra (mais ça me faisait trop mal aux yeux)

See what else you can use #colorbutter for 😍 From brassy orange/brown to gorgeous #coolbrown. #Quickfix your #color and get #shiny #healthy #hair. I’m in love💜💜💜💜💜💜 - - #joicocolorbutter #titanium #joiconorway @joiconorway @joico #josefssonfrisor @josefssonfrisor #loveshair #elskerhår

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