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I wash my apples thoroughly everytime but they still make me sick. It's never happened before.. I wonder if I built up some allergy, or if I just need to take the fruit wash a step farther ..
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Many fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides to get rid of bugs. Although nobody wants to find a creepy crawly thing in a peach or tomato, according to the Environmental Working Group, even small doses of pesticides can adversely affect your health and are worrisome, not well understood, and in some cases are completely unstudied.

Fortunately, you can drastically reduce your exposure to pesticides and bacteria found on produce with a thorough vinegar and water wash. Experts found that a white vinegar and water wash kills 98% of bacteria and removes pesticides.
You can concoct your own vinegar/water mixture at home to save money. You’ll probably spend less than 20 cents to make a homemade vinegar and water rinse, compared to around $4 for a premade produce wash. Plus, you can use the same bottle many times when you make your own wash!

Good Green Habits for Washing Produce

Mix 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar (3:1 ) in a spray bottle.
Spray on fruits and veggies to get rid of pesticide residue.
Rinse with water after spraying.

Fill a bowl with water and add 1/8 to 1/2 cup of vinegar, depending on the size of your bowl.
Place your fruits and veggies in the bowl.
Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.
Rinse with water.
SOURCE: http://goodgreenhabits.com/wash-your-fruits-veggies-with-vinegar/
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It was 2 years ago today I got married. I remember two very distinct things about that day. I wasnt happy. I was suicidal. I couldnt shake the depression that had hold of me for over a year. The second thing I remember was my father. Not speaking to me after he called me one day and I was waiting to be admitted to the psych ward for my depression. I was so down I just blurted out I wanted to kill myself. His reaction wasnt what I would have expected from a father. Two months he didnt speak to me. The wedding came around and he ignored me the whole week before I was staying at his house. No words were spoken, tension in the air. Until one day he sat me down before the wedding and drew a circle in the dirt. He said these are the people in my life and wrote a bunh of initials. He drew a tiny little bubble orbiting the bigger circle and said I was in it. He said you have to make a choice to be in my circle or out and these are my conditions. My body filled with rage and anger and I wanted to get up and slap him. My heart broke that day, in more ways than one. Instead I just walked away and for the hundreths time in my life I declared id never speak to him again. But as a true borderline that never lasts long.. The urges set in and the yearning to be accepted begins to tug at your heart strings. You cant block that out from your mind or your soul and heart. Not even on my wedding day could they pretend to care abou me selflessly.

I have since learnt extremely valuable lessons about the men in my life. The first being my now ex husband, as our marriage lasted all of 6 months. I was in pain, I was being hurt and used and as much as I wanted to sit there and endure it all for the man I loved…. He made the choice I wasnt worth his time. So of course I cried. My heart broken. Another stint in the psych ward because I just needed to get a handle on my life and why everything kept going so wrong.

Looking back on my wedding photos I dont smile in any of them.
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👉@Regrann from @4biddenknowledge - #OrganHarvesting , #HumanTrafficking , and the 'Black' Market literally... When families or individuals are tired of spending years on a medical waiting list, they sometimes purchase body parts – kidneys, eyes, lungs, heart, limbs and more – for transplant on the black market. It sounds like science fiction, but organ harvesting is an unfortunate fact in the criminology world of today. #USAToday conducted an investigative report in 2006 and found that illegal body harvesting is very lucrative in the U.S. due to the high demand of body parts. The investigation revealed that from 1987- 2006 (19 years), over 16,800 families had pursued lawsuits stating that their loved ones body parts were illegally sold for an estimated $6 million dollars. That amount is based on figures obtained from federal and local investigators, public organizations and medical universities. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And you thought the movie #GetOut was just a Hollywood drama. #4biddenKnowledge
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Jim Thome duplication. What I love about Jim Thome is his open stance and open stride. Thome said he started and stayed open so he could crowd the plate and maintain coverage of the plate with power to all fields. His swing has small movements, but the stretch is present. Duplication of the 2nd engine felt great. No slop or wasted movements. Rag wring felt really good. The differences I see in the swings are aesthetic in the rear leg, follow through, and angle of the clips. Thome's rear leg pulls, but the foot doesn't turn. My rear leg pulls, but my foot turns. Thome's shoulders stop his swing sooner than mine (look at our shoulders on the follow through). #swingtoduplicate #findthefeel #tm86 #twopivotpoints #oneleggedhitting #SnF #snap

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