MS. B.. I am so grateful for this program to share nature!! Ms . be retiring soon and potentially get to go back to her home town of South East Asia and live the rest of her days in a sanctuary! #questforkid # new chapter #ere

Patience and grace! I am so grateful for this moment... Standing in the middle of a vernal pool on the beach watching Bufo fowleri for hours just after #Uniondale HS STEAM night! After coutless attempts during the past 19 years this was the first fowlers toad I've recorded calling! I took the time to really watch and observe...It took years to see this, and one of my favorite fellow herpers and friend @snakeaholic was there the first time we saw one at Clark gardens all those years ago! There is so much beauty in nature so grateful for to share... Enjoy today and Have Fun!!! Peace joy and happiness always Erik #fowlerstoad #amphibian #spring #questforkid #wildlifekidsclub #uniondsle

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