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Poosharipady Sambaram is so famous for its devilishly killer spice quotient, that it has been featured in online portals like Eat Kochi Eat!
Look at the man as he smiles like a boss, when I requested for a picture! If you get to travel on the Paravur - Ernakulam route, you have to try this! #beattheheat #chilly #quenchthethirst #deliciouslikefuck

They said California is in a state of drought but they hadn't seen nothing til Thirsty came to town. #QuenchTheThirst #ItsTheWorst

Don't be thirsty this Thursday - we deliver plenty of drinks.

#foodpanda #foodpandasg #drinks #quenchthethirst

Just engineered an equation to get rid of the drought. #quenchthethirst 💦

Nothing better on a day like this than a refreshing Red Bull, oh and I love my Red Bull’s!! @redbullnz #vasc #itm400 #pukekoheparkraceway #quenchthethirst #givesmewings

Throwback Thursday. 😈#quenchthethirst

Do you have a thirst that can’t be quenched? Try the Vampire Slayer Rebel 🦇 a flavor combination of strawberry 🍓 and pomegranate 💜 with a little energy boost ⚡️to get you through those long nights! #monmouthdutch #dutchbros #vampireslayerrebel #quenchthethirst #halloweenfun

@Regrann from @karanjotwani - For the n number of questions on this. Here's the answer ;) #quenchthethirst #Regrann


| S U M M E R F E E L S |
Happy Friday! So much mineral water was consumed over this last week at HQ. Summer has most certainly arrived early! .
Have a sun-filled & refreshing weekend, folks! ☀️💛
#daylesfordandhepburn #mineralwater #quenchthethirst #summerscoming #sunshine #countryvictoria #freshair #happyfriday #weekendishere

Sometimes you’re just hanging out for a frothie to quench the thirst 🚴🏼‍♂️💦🍺
📸: @cyclebro via @instajvck

melbourne is still delivering this perfect weather (surprisingly)... so look after your locks just the way we look after our skin in summer, the ELEVEN #hydrate collection is just the perfect solution to quench dry summer hair this season

Best part of this backpacking trip was we didn't carry any water with us. We crossed multiple fresh glacier streams and rivers everyday. The water was so delicious!

#thirsty #quenchthethirst #glacierfreeze #bluegatorade
#glacierwater #torresdelpaine
#soundon #waitforit

Good morning! Do you start your day with a glass of water? I’ve been making a real effort to in the past few months and the days I do I really notice a difference. - I drink more water throughout the day. Starting my day with a glass means I usually drink a whole litre before i leave the door at 8.30. It’s like that first glass triggers my thirst - I eat less breakfast because I’m not eating to quench a thirst - I feel more awake
Such an easy step to implement into your day. Try it!

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