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“Alex” Richard Stabbert

Do you ever feel so empty yet so full?
Like you want to drop everything and everyone but you don’t want to be alone because being alone means you have to be with yourself and that’s the scary part...
Lately I’ve been isolating myself, not gonna lie.
I don’t mean to do it in a malicious way or for shits and giggles.
At times i genuinely want to be alone but shit, at the same time all i want is a hug.
Being a queer dude isn’t really easy, shit not being cis is hard enough.
Sometimes i just want to yell at the top of my lungs for people to fuck off and stop being dicks, to stop calling me a girl, to stop staring at me like im some different type of human.
I want to be explosive and impulsive but i know i can’t be and no it’s not cause i can’t beat the crap out of someone it’s cause i can...
And that’s the problem
I know I’m not a problem, maybe my emotions can be. (Not my queer ones)
Everything is just a hot ass mess
I have to go to a neurologist tomorrow and i have to sleep from 1-5 am and I’m going to die because i can’t have any coffee or natural/artificial sugars
I love orange juice lots so wish me the best of luck
Oh by the way i also have the flu... ~Mason

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“ Matelot” Richard Stabbert

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