Meet Bella. Bella's life has been threatened by the city of Lachute, QC....For nothing other then looking the way she looks. With a 'shoot on sight' policy, Lachute's BSL is not only antiquated, ineffective, unscientific, but cruel.
Lachute must learn.
People like you are changing these laws with protests, emails, and persistence.
All of your efforts have been making positive progress: changing laws, saving dogs and keeping families together. Thank you and please continue to remind our municipal councils that these cities belong to us and that their livelihoods are truly governed by us.

Please help another city learn the error of its ways by going to the links in the bio to send emails, sign the petition & get the protest info.

Rencontrez Bella. La vie de Bella a été menacée par la ville de Lachute, QC .... Rien d'autre que de regarder comme elle a l'air. Avec une politique de «tir à vue», le LSR de Lachute n'est pas seulement désuet, inefficace, non scientifique, mais aussi cruel.
Lachute doit apprendre.
 Des personnes comme vous modifient ces lois avec des manifs, des courriels et de la persistance.
Tous vos efforts ont progressé de manière positive: modification des lois, protection des chiens et maintien de la famille. Merci et continuez de rappeler à nos conseils municipaux que ces villes nous appartiennent et que leurs moyens de subsistance sont vraiment gouvernés par nous.
S'il vous plaît, aidez une autre ville à apprendre l'erreur de ses manières en allant sur les liens dans la bio pour envoyer des courriels, signer la pétition et obtenir les infos sur le manif.

Bonne fête nationale des chiens !!
Aujourd'hui, nous célébrons leur amour inconditionnel, leur loyauté et la joie que nous apporte nos chiens, mais SVP, prenez le temps de penser à ceux seuls dans les refuges, à ceux abusés et maltraités mais surtout à ceux qui sont enlevés à leur famille responsables pour cause de la législation spécifique à la race !! Happy National Dog Day!! Today, we celebrate their unconditional love,their loyalty and the joy we get from our dogs, but Please take a minute to think of the ones alone in shelters ,the abuse and mistreated ones but mostly think of the ones taking away from their families under the Breed Specific legislation law !! #chien #endbsl #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #quebecpitbull #mtldogs #stopthehate #dontbullymydog #endbslforever #imagooddog

Utilise ton sourire pour changer le monde mais ne laisse jamais le monde changer ton sourire 😃 ❣️🐾. #smile #chien #endbsl #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #mtldogs #imagooddog #love #quebecpitbull

A very special day for Quebec ‘s dog owners. The gouvernement back down on a province wide BSL. We fought very hard for the cause. Thanks to all my friends that never stopped believing that we could do@it , #endbsl #quebecpitbull #dogsofinstagram #dog

We’re equally obsessed with each other 💁🏼‍♀️💜🐶! #dontbullymybreed #agirlandherdog #pitsandchicks #quebecpitbull

Please go to the link in the bio and write to all of the longueuil councillors in regards to BSL 523. Please let them know that this is unacceptable & they must suspend the breed specific elements of the law immediately or risk repercussions.

S'il vous plaît aller sur le lien dans la bio et écrire à tous les conseillers de longueuil en ce qui concerne LSR 523. S'il vous plaît faites-leur savoir que cela est inacceptable et ils doivent suspendre immédiatement les éléments spécifiques de la race de la loi ou risquer des répercussions.

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Send e-mails, go to protests, educate, encourage others to participate...it isn't a single raindrop, but the downpour that cuts the power
Links for Quebec MNA & Longueuil councillors email adresses & protest info all in bio.

Envoyer des e-mails, aller à des manifestations, éduquer, encourager les autres à participer ... ce n'est pas une seule goutte de pluie, mais la tempête qui coupe le pouvoir
Liens vers les infos sur les manifestations et adresses des conseillers municipaux du Québec et de MNA & Longueuil en bio.
#longueuil #quebecdogs #dogs #montrealdogs #pitbullove #PitBull #antibsl #stopbreedbans #stopbsl #lesangesmtl #eventsquebec #protectionpitbulls #pac #projetpitbull #2018 #montreal #pasdelsr #noto128 #pitbullsofinstagram #pitties #quebec #dontbullymybreed #instapit #quebecpitbull
#pasdelsramtl #chateauguay #endbsl #notobill128

These two have their freedom once again being threaten. We have to deal with this crap again... Cassie and Brady live their lives happily and go through their day not knowing that they are subjects of discrimination on a daily basis. They have been called monsters countless amount of time, even though they have never done anything. BRADY who is the “real” pit-bull terrier ( Cassie is a bull terrier mix with 3 other dogs) is probably the gentlest dog I have ever seen or met, despite being a bull in a China shop and a very large lap dog( not being bias tho, you can ask people he meets or come meet him yourself). Has been called a monster on my very own street while on a walk during the Corderre bull because of the way he looks. Cassie, also a lap dog, who has a strong personality, coming from a rough past, even if she doesn’t trust you right away has forgiven the human race.
These dogs have a bad reputation... I know.... because stupid people own them, stupid people also own Shit zu, Husky, German Shepard, Maltese and MUTS ! Working at an animal shelter, I have seen my fair share of bad treated dogs and puppy mill dogs. Majority come in and are timid of humans. It’s very rare a MEAN dog comes in despite their VERY ROUGH past. A mean dog is created... not born. People also need to learn how to be DOG SAVY.
So I think instead of discriminating against one “breed”( because pitbull isn’t actually a breed) we should ban those stupid puppy mills, that any person can have in their houses, I’ve seen the aftermath of those house breeders and bad owners.
#bill128 #killbill128 #endbsl #quebecpitbull #quebec #endbslquebec #pitbull

When you wake up from a nap and don’t know where or who you are 🐶 #ADogsLife #LazySunday

Hi! I’m Tazi! I am believed to be a pit bull mix although what I know for sure is I am mans best friend. I’m sweet, smart and you can’t escape my kisses. My life started off rough; I was used for breeding, kept in a small cage with several other dogs, I’ll save you the other details. All that matters now is that I am living my best life. I am so excited to start my training to be a therapy dog so I can continue to change peoples perspectives and bring happiness to their hearts.

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