Pls come to B*tch Fest this Saturday.... would be v sad and embarrassing if you didn’t..... Link to tickets in biiio0Oo
PS I bruised the shit outta my knees for this -hunter

Repelled and Compelled. A life of comfort or a life of risk.

Sometimes, a bit of this is all that can save ya! 🌊


Actually missing that Hawaiian weather ☀️ It’s late May and it was 65 degrees today! I got this romper to make me look young again 😋 Is it working?! Romper: @freepeople Croptop: @topshop Necklace: @ginger13hawaii #summerstyle #hawaii

That feeling you get when everyone thinks you're doing well but you have no idea what you're doing and you're just trying to get by everyday 😯🤔

What’s this? A podcast about money management and work/life balance for the modern 20-something? Look out for our debut in August!

What truly matters to you in your Career?

#Throwback to the talk I gave at Supercharge My Career Series for graduating students organised by PSB Academy.
I shared how our wants and desires change with life stages and our economy. Back in our grandparents' time, they only cared about survival and putting food on the table.
According to Maslow's Hierarchy, their needs fell under the 'deficiency' needs.

Today, our youths want more.

They want meaning. They want purpose. They want to have impact. 
That's just normal because we live in better times now and better economies.
We have 'Growth needs' that centre around self-actualization, self-esteem and so on.
So much so that 4 out 5 youths face Quarter Life Crisis when they are unable to find their #ikigai - their reason for being (Source: Straits Times)

This is a topic I'm so passionate about I just can't stop talking about. Huge shoutout to Marc Wong and team for having me on board with an amazing lineup of speakers
#ThrowbackThursday #PSBAcademy #Keynote #Millennials #QuarterLifeCrisis #Motivators #Drivers #Ikigai

For the twenty-somethings with a broken heart.

The whole point of this account is to reach out to other people out there who feel lost in their twenties; lost in life. Whatever you’re going through, this account is for you.

For those of you who like love stories, I’d like to share my own. Except it isn’t a love story so much, as it’s a collection of memories that add up to a shit show, and ultimately, an underwhelming love story.
I hope I can find others who can relate, and I hope that by sharing I can finally move on. Stay tuned if you’d like.
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Life lately: It’s been a roller coaster of events and emotions. Lately I haven’t been feeling so confident in myself and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m overwhelmed or straight up dissatisfied. I feel like I’ve plateaued in life. #quarterlifecrisis Never the less, I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had thus far. ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE, here’s me and @littykitty98 being awesome during pole tonight. Also get yourself a pole sister like @samanthacharlee who is obviously so dedicated in getting the best shots! 😂😂 #photographersquat #photoskillsonpoint #poledancing #polesisters #polejourney #pole

Thankful for a group of friends that allowed me to indulge in carbs all night and gave me an excuse to continue celebrating my birthday 😄

May 23, 2018 - I'm afraid of reaching out.

The longer I wait, the more power the fear has over me. What if we have nothing to talk about? What if it's awkward? What if she's no longer interested in being my friend? What if she doesn't have the time for me anymore?

This fear never really goes away, unless you do something about it. Speak to those old friends and trust them as you always did, and see what happens.

Tonight, an old friend and I caught up over a year's worth of growing pains, quarter life crises, the choice of love over fear, board games, and our struggles to become badass women.

Tomo 25 años pero conseguí mi primer pastel de cumpleaños... E iré a BlizzCon #yay #blizzcon2018 #quarterlifecrisis

And this blue eyed little muffin is going to be 3 😭
#makeitstop #mybabies #growingup #momshavingameltdown #quarterlifecrisis

Happy Early Birff Day to me. Thank you for helping me get a handle on the manual transmission @pixiestrong (yeah I bought a car with a transmission I didn’t know how to drive well) But isn’t that what life is about? Acquiring new skills, getting outside your comfort zone, and driving fun silly cars? I guess the third point is different for for some. #suzukisamurai #arethetits #ittybittytitties #quarterlifecrisis #4x4

Holding 5 bottles of wine is easier said than done amiright? @betches

New bike who 👀 dis? 🏍 #Ducati #Monster750 #M750 #QuarterLifeCrisis

Today on the blog I’m talking about home. Loving it and leaving it, maybe, one day. Plus all the quarter-life-crisis feelings that come with that. Check it out @ explosivebagel.com
Link in bio // #whatnicolewrites

It’s been a wonderful day so far, and it’s not even over yet! Thank you to everyone who’s made this day so special for me. Turning a quarter of a century old is CRAZY! 25 amazing years - and hopefully many more happy years for myself to come! Shoutout to @tropicalnicole for being one of the greatest and most thoughtful friends I’ve ever had 🙌🏼 #birthdaygirl #25 #quarterofacentury #quarterlifecrisis #celebrate #ChristianLouboutin #redbottoms #booty #HumpDay #gemini

Set a goal today, so big that you can't achieve it until you grow into the person who can. The best time for new beginnings is now. ✨⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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