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Halfway to 50. Many thanks to those who make this life fun. #quarterlifecrisis #dontgrowup #ragerts

There is a way in which people break you.

There is no preparation for all the plenty ways in which you could disintegrate into a million tiny pieces, it reminds me of all the times my friend who said there wasn’t a god described death, a slow descent into nothingness, gross darkness and time playing a cruel trick; a continuous loop.
I have never been able to understand it until recently when loneliness started nesting between the spaces in my body that I kept for all the people I loved. It usually starts with half-baked conversations about the weather, a series of how are you’s that no one wants the truth to, sarcasm meant to cut you in two’s and leave you bleeding out on the streets, hurried goodbyes, eyes begging to be understood, a body aching from carrying its own weight; aching to be touched, held. A longing to be seen.
You see I have never known how to carry my aloneness well perhaps it is in this awkward dance with myself, a face i do not quite remember, hands wrapped tightly trying to cradle this frail frame, legs tilting towards salvation, hips moving in defiance, that i try to find pieces of myself.
Bones breaking, blood refusing to flow to your heart, your body bloodied with bruises; an aftermath of a war you didn't even know you were fighting.

They speak of healing and a gathering of selves into one piece,a returning, they even dare to speak of the staying. But no one ever tells you No, not even a faint whisper about the pain of setting bones, the stench of open festering sores, the dull ache in your head from trying to forget the pain.
They don't tell you that even if you manage to gather yourself, you might not remember where each piece fit, that returning would feel like being dropped in the middle of sahara desert, you might lose direction and that it is always scary when you know no one is even looking for you.

This place called lonely,lost and no direction almost feels like rock bottom.

this is what a #quarterlifecrisis looks like. // 11:32am ☕️ (aka. $10 açaí bowls, rustic coffee shops, & moving to new york.)

Thankful for friends that take me to Tiesto and make sure I don’t remember a single fcking thinnnnnng #25 #quarterlifecrisis

25/the start of the middle path/a quantum leap of faith/redefined rebel searches for her cause/the Divine’s healing hand cloaked in young adult angst.
"The great epochs in our lives are at the points when we gain the courage to rebaptize our badness as the best in us."
#quarterlifecrisis #nietzsche #thedreamarchives

Shout out to 18 year old me who thought she had it all figured out. Welcome to your 20s. Lol enjoy.

Nine years later still going strong.
@patmcgowan1 still on his white boy shit. New Zealand be ready. #quarterlifecrisis #fam🏞🌏

Huge shout out to everyone who helped to celebrate and wished me well turning #twentyTHRIVE y'all are the best 🥂🌚♥️ #25 #birthdaygirl #quarterlifecrisis #quicheovercake


Little Leo!! So sweet and snuggly. It's cat adoption month in MD so if you're looking for a sweet little addition- you should go and adopt! #imobsessed #quarterlifecrisis 🤗

Halfway to 50. Many thanks to those who make this life fun. #quarterlifecrisis #dontgrowup #ragerts

Quarter life crisis begins! 🎉 #25 #howtoadult #quarterlifecrisis #birthday

#facts. I feel like this explains my relationship so much. We love each other, so we say. But, neither of us would change or do anything to be with the other. We could change one day and be together, but in this moment, why? That’s always the big question. We always used to joke about why we love each other. About a week ago I asked why do you love me? And he answered I don’t know, but I know I do. I could give you a list of things I love about him, things he does, or how much he inspires me, but that doesn’t even matter anymore. If we wanted to be together, we would be... we would have worked through it. But we don’t. And we must move on

Candy floss hair don’t care. #quarterlifecrisis #pinkhair #manicpanic

The only image from last night that doesn't contain a wildly inappropriate amount of nudity... Happy 25th Birthday to my love @bm_1992

If this weekend is any indication to how much fun 25 is going to be, then we are all in for a wild (party bus style) ride. Shout out to the greatest friends for jam packing this weekend with all of my favorite things. #thisis25 #quarterlifecrisis

the birthday week goes on... ✨✨ #AREV25 #milkingitforallitsworth #quarterlifecrisis

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