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Few days ago after leaving Byron, trip has almost come to an end 💦🌿⛺️ #roadtrip #quarry #beforejadehurthertoe

Pool to myself this arvo! How good 🤗🏊 #swimming #quarry #gem #training #triathlon #funkytrunks #summer

Making of do editorial que rolou na Lagoa Azul com a linda da @kaamirodrigues, maquiagem da @atelieannagaglioti, produção de moda @levandoskiju e assistente @andreygermano

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Dry February, day 22 👭

Would you go for a dive here? 🌊 Portroe is an inland site in an old quarry in Tipperary. 2010 - it opened as a dive centre, having been used unofficially by various clubs - including DUSAC - as a training site in the past. It now has a platform for getting in and out. .
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21 Feb, 2017. Orion The Hunter, and his quarry
I’m sorry about the pun there (not really). Orion was on its way over the western horizon for the night and Sirius was beaming brightly above the constellation known as “The Hunter” when I captured this shot at 01:30 this morning. The “quarry” in the title is a disused basalt quarry at Bombo Point, aka “Bombo”, in New South Wales, Australia. Bombo Quarry is a very popular location for sunrise photographs plus there are lots of almost terrifying photos online of the site during big seas and stormy skies. This was my first trip to the quarry but as it was a weeknight I had to be up again for work this morning and had to make my stop there much shorter than I wanted.
Some of the cliff face in my photo is lit up by the Kiama Lighthouse, which is about 2 kilometres south of this location. Although this spot is about 100km from our country’s largest city of Sydney it too suffers from light pollution in certain directions due to increasing urban development and the lights of a nearby sewage treatment works. The sky to the left of Orion has the telltale glow of nearby sodium lamps. If you’ve read this far you deserve to be rewarded with an interesting fact. According to scientists this site contains a geological feature known as the "Bumbo Latite Member”, which is of international scientific significance as it was formed when North and South Magnetic Poles were reversed! How cool is that!
Two overlapping shots stitched together. Each shot was captured with Canon EOS 6D, Rokinon 24mm @ f/2.8, 13 sec @ ISO 6400.

Go check out @LifeatCliffs for more cliff jumping videos!
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This guy is a beastttt!!!
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Adrenaline Junkie @riede94

Bio 25 - Underground release - Lipica Quarry, Slovenia
While I am in Sicily, Simone and all our team of Bio 25(@isa_rina @d.misso @sonderlist @dadle) are in Lubjana visiting the Zupanova Jama cave and Sežana Quarry.
Our episode is called Underground Release. Our project will refer to a moment of material ‘extraction’ - the instant where a natural material becomes valued, utilised, transformed or mythologized by humans. This ‘release’ can lead to any number of outcomes, yet in all instances, it transplants the material from the geological realm to a human one, bringing with it an embedded history of time and place.
Our intervention begins at the point of aforementioned release. The materiality of the underground (a limestone extraction) will be inspiration for two elements of the project, which will use the language of, and be exhibited in, two inverted realities. The first ‘reality’ is that of the superterreneal world (above ground). We consider this a space for systems, time, and rationale. The Sežana Quarry will represent this superterranean space during the Biennial. The second ‘reality’ is that of the subterranean (underground). We consider this a space for subrational reactions to material - a place where emotion, experimentation and chaos drive our investigation of the material. The Županova Jama cave will represent the subterranean space during the biennial. The communication between these inverted worlds will be the crucial synthesis in the development and presentation of the project. More soon!

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Entdeckt im Steinbruch 😊👌
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We had two of these amazing dogs on location with us for our first collaboration. #wolf #dogs #doggo #wolfing #quarry #film #production #comingsoon #fs7 #sonyfs7 #droneoftheday #cinematography #cinema #film #filming #filmmaking #production

Pop out the Hillclimb up to the @nutritechfit #Quarry and see this! #whatasight