많은 사람들이 흔히 보험을 우산과 같다 라고 하는데... 그건 아니고 그냥 #비가와서
우산 챙기세요 ☔️
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Let’s just say it was a Curious weekend... Alone • A lone • AL ONE • 🤔 • Enola’ • la’ Noe • la Eno • le’ Ano • le’ Ona • 😳yea... you can choose to see what’s seen... or you can choose to see what’s Not seen by those who can only see what’s seen... #thinkdifferently #evolve #mind #mensa #imnotlikeyou #trytokeepup #farbeyond #didilooseyou #sparkthechange #thinkquantum #quantum #quantumleap #thinkbeyondthere #pushthelimits #a_gent_90

해군 부사관의 전역 후 공장에서 근무를 하였지만 큰 꿈을 가질 수 없어서 저와 함께 새로운 도전을 합니다.
관리자의 비전과 멋진 인생도전을 응원합니다!

By focusing on your strengths vs. your weaknesses.
The key here is understanding that we have significantly higher ability to improve our strengths rather than trying to fix our weaknesses.
The Chinese have long held the Olympic gold medal in Ping Pong. When a reporter asked about the teams' daily training, the coach replied... "We practice eight hours a day perfecting our strengths.
If you develop your strengths to the maximum, the strength becomes so great it overwhelms the weakness." "Our winning player plays only his forehand. Even though he cannot play backhand, his forehand is so invincible it cannot be beaten." _________________
What strengths can you maximize that will have you be invincible?
Hint... your strengths are the things you do that come easily to you.

What an honor to serve, learn and relearn together with my brothers and sisters this weekend... 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @marjeanholden @thaddeuslawrence @chuiyee_ab @antskong #missiontomillions #toserve #learnandrelearn #grateful #sobeit #quantumleap #successresources

Quantum leap with friends!!#quantumleap #jump

Shrewsbury sculpture.

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Oh boy.


2 of our favorite fans ever! After our performance at @cambscifest at the Cambridge Library. How are they so precious!?!! Such a joy seeing faces light up!
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There is no beauty that quite compares to the ability to be purposefully whole *all on your own*. 🌟⠀

People will fail you; you will be hurt, betrayed, and wronged—this is part of life.⠀

You will also be loved, accepted, and celebrated for all you are.⠀

But first, you must love yourself, and learn to be whole from within—without the approval, acceptance, or identity in anyone or anything else.⠀

When you can become at home in your own soul, this is when you have true power. ✨⠀

When you KNOW that you are enough, you know who you are and what you stand for, you know your purpose and the ways you are meant to show up in this world, you know how you are meant to make your greatest impact, you know your core truths and stand in them *no matter what*; when you can get to this point, absolutely nothing can shake you. ⠀

When you have made your faith your own, stand in the truth of all you are, and live out your God given mission *no matter who or what is in your life*, this is when you’re truly free and full of the most life changing power.⠀

When the storms of life are raging all around you, you can be right in the center of it all and not be shaken, but instead at total peace, for you are at home in your own soul, and you know that all you are within is more than enough. 💫⠀

No matter where you are today or what is happening in your life, look within, love yourself first, know you are more than enough—and know that you can be *purposefully whole* all on your own.⠀

Until you do the deep inner work, you will not see the success you want to see on the outside; it all begins within.⠀

In my mentorship, we deep dive into your core truths so you can begin to step in your bigness, the greatness that is already within you in order to live out your soul’s mission with total confidence, authenticity, and purpose. We will break through any barriers from an energetic level outward, so that you can be purposefully whole all on your own, and become the unshakable, visionary leader and world changer you know you are. 🔥⠀

Message me to see if this mentorship is right for you, or apply at the link: www.danielle-laura.com/apply

Surprise! Back to the original theme song!! #friends #quantumleap #seriesfinale #themesong #dontcrashthecar

One of the things that I am always inviting people is to define what it is that they want. You want happiness, what does that look like to you. You want freedom, how does that look in your life. You want to be on the spiritual path, how does that look to you?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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