Victor Cruz software edit #quantumedits

Russell Westbrook. Thunder or Spurs?? #quantumedits

Darin Ruff software edit. Dope or nope?

Johnny Manziel. Dope or nope?

Sorry for not uploading!! Patrick Kane edit. Who will win? Kings or Bhawks?

Dope or nope?

DOPE OR NOPE?! Just made this Paul George edit one of my absolute favorites #quantumedits

Peyton Manning, one of the best QBs. Ever. He is a Champ, but only one Super Bowl. Do you think he can get one more before he retires? #quantumedits

MY FIRST EVER CONCEPT/ALT/SWAPPED JERSEY! Imagine if the Clippers used the LA Kings logo... @cp3 #quantumedits

Really dope Lundqvist edit I made a bit of different style but LETS GO RANGERS!! #quantumedits

Lebron James edit... Dope or nope?? #quantumedits

Yasiel Puig... Not my favorite edit at all but let me know what you guys think #quantumedits

Dope or nope? Melo Edit👌 #quantumedits

Steph Curry... My first edit on this page. Rate 1-10, if low rating please leave helpful feedback so I can improve! Thanks guys! #quantumedits

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