《 Side Laying Series 》🖤 a likkle tricep, core and booty
☆training your #LateralLine is super important ..bcs we often get stuck doing flexion and extension in our #sagittalplane (ie, straight fwd/back movements) it's crucial to incorporate the #frontalplane (side to side) and the #transverseplane (rotational/turning/spiral line) into our training regime for better #balance overall 🤸🤹 __________
📍1. Single Arm Tricep Push Up into Twist 2-Hand Pushup ..shoulders away from your ears, keep your feet on the ground..lead with your chest, not your face on those 2 handed pushups..no chicken head 🛇🐔 📍2. Toe Dip aka Clamshell variation ☆don't let your pelvis flip open, bcs at that pt the focus becomes the hip flexor in front of the hip, keep your toe pointing down the entire time ..its not about the height of the leg ..its about the #QUALITYofCONTRACTION in your glute med(very important hip stabilizer) 📍3. Modified Side Plank w/ Reach Thru ..setting up ..always start with elbow closer than you think in side planks, push your hips straight when coming up, knees lined up with each other even though top leg straight..if you come up into the position, and your elbow is out away and Not underneath your shoulder, #ADJUST ..squeeze that tushy #allday
10-15 reps each × 2-4 sets
great accessory work to add on to your #cardio days or while you lounging in front of the screen, waiting for dinner to finish stewing 💡🖤👣❤💃👌👀💯

"Results happen over time, not over night. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient"... We start out relatively light which gives our muscles time to fully warm up for that particular exercise. We then go on to do slightly fewer reps with heavier weight which forces lots of blood into our muscles and gives a great pump and finally we add more weight so that we are training relatively heavy for power and strength. @legendarycat77_

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For all the rep counters out there! Perhaps you're putting the cart before the horse (I think that's a saying) There is a time and place to potentially begin tracking things like time under tension, reps, load etc. Not that these variables are the most important thing that should make up the bulk of ones exercise process, however perhaps it shouldn't be completely dismissed either. It's imperative to understand where tracking these things may fit in, and for whom, along with there individual goals! Are these the only variables that can be tracked to determine progress?... Of course not, and perhaps there is more to consider that most are just unaware of. So before deciding to count the reps in your head next time you're doing a set of an exercise, try to consider the actual muscles you're trying to engage, unless of course the goal is to hit an arbitrary number of reps, with no consideration for the actual muscles involved! None the less, It's unfortunate that more often times then not, "tracking reps" gets used in the wrong situations/context with the wrong demographic of people!!! For anyone out there who cares, and for those where it may apply, consider the pre-requisite to all of your counting... #QUALITY #ForWhom #goals #have #own #tolerate #zoomout #exercisespecific #ranges #contraction #altercontraction #qualityofcontraction #activerangeofmotion #intension #takerts #trainsmart #customfit #rts

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