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Doing what a Quadski can do! Hanging out in the middle of the ocean on a sandbar. Can your boat or ATV do this? #quadski #florida #sunshine #funinthesun

Ребя, увидел, чуть не 👉👌

#quadski day 😍👌🏻

When you want to quad, but you also want to jetski. #quadski

Quadski ! Kendaraan amfibi segala medan bermesin buatan BMW yg memutar keempat roda di darat dan juga baling - baling di air #quadski #amphibia

We're trying to convince the big boss to bring his quadski out to Moab. Who wants to see Mark Turner jammin' up and down the Colorado river and then pull up onto the rocks???
#quadski #daystarproducts


My biggest inspiration is definitely my dad. He’s taught me everything I know in the sales and customer relations world! His innovative ideas and impeccable customer service truly make him a hot commodity in his industry. Growing up, he always had the funnest jobs - We got to try out all the best powersports toys! In the video above, he was demo-ing his company’s newest creation at the Lake Havasu Jetski World Finals, the Quadski. ATV to jet ski with a push of a button in seconds. How much cooler can he be? 😎 #7DayIGChallenge #Day6Complete

Ребя, увидел, чуть не 👉👌

Missing being onboard lady azul and quadski... #ladyazul #quadski #gibbsamphibians

The TerraQuad boasts a side by side seating configuration, roof bars, and a rear load deck, similar in concept to a typical UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle). The integration of HSA technolog provides a vehicle platform that can also use waterways, so can access many more areas than an ordinary UTV. This 1,518-pound vehicle is powered by a 140-horsepower that's good for a top speed of 50mph on land and 40mph on water, with the ability to switch between modes in just 2.5- seconds.

#DayOne at #DSEI in #ExCeL, #London, #UK - already looking for the toys and I found one! #GibbsAmphibians beaut the #Quadski, combining a #quadbike (#ATV) with a #jetski (#PWC). It truly is an All Terrain Vehicle, capable of up to 45 mph on both land and water. And damn, I really wanted to keys... Next time perhaps!

Отключить чертов ум💆
Еще один вариант перезагрузки для меня. Попробовать что-то новое, экстремальное, чтобы полностью погрузиться в процесс, отключить этот чертов ум, который в последнее время не дает мне покоя! Теменной и аджна пустые, и это самые сложные ЛЯ для меня 🙍🏼
А так, поплавали вчера знатно 🐋Советую всем для снятия стресса и напряжения👍🏻

Погода часто гармонирует с моей жизнью 🙏🏻 сегодня обещали дождь, но в итоге всю поездку светило солнце. Так бывает, когда проектора приглашают, а он просто расслабляется и плывет по своему течению. Это так классно, просто быть пассажиром своей жизни. Вот бы так было всегда.

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