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Is no excuse, I was extremely tired this morning! Was up three times last night to pee pee, and on top of getting very little sleep the entire weekend, I certainly wasnt the usual rocket bunny this morning

But I did wake up to being at my lowest bodyweight for years, 76kg / 167lbs on the scale helped a lot on the mood ofcourse, so I have in total lost 9kg / 20lbs in ten weeks without losing any strength or energy, thats a personal victory for me right there

So ofcourse ill celebrate that with some extra broccoli, carrots and red peppers, I party hard lol

Happy Mia wishes you all a fabolous week

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What would you do? 😅

I am too focused on my own grass to notice if yours is greener. #goals
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Summers coming 😏

Another week closer to your goals #MondayMotivation

Nothing has been more liberating than to accept my body in all it's forms. Flexed ab pics are great and all, but the "squish" is more natural, normal, and consistent. As soon as I embraced and accepted it as just a part of me, the less defining of my worth and thought consuming it became. My other bodies; mental, emotional, and spiritual, began to override the negative thoughts that I had about my physical body. So today I'm embracing it and owning up to my poor eating habits from the past few days/ weeks. I finally got back on track yesterday, and I'm hoping my 12 day break from cutting, which starts today 🙌🏼, helps me get back on track mentally for when it ends (more on diet breaks later). Just to clarify, I'm not eating whatever, whenever I want. I'm still tracking macros, but both my carbs and fats increased fairly significantly #soexcited 😂 Hopefully the extra energy allows me to really crush my workouts 💪🏼 As I was planning my meals this week, I was reminded just how quickly things add up and why tracking, for ME, is important. Technically, my body shouldn't be too affected by the increase (if I remain consistent) because I'm eating at maintenance. Regardless of how my body responds, I know I just need to remain happy with where I am today! Because I know even when I get to where I want to be, bodies in general will constantly be in flux. You're just not going to reach your goals and stay there for the rest of your life. It's going to take constant effort and energy to maintain, which is why if you run out of motivation and backtrack a little, learning to be content with where you are in every state and form is so important! I truly believe in honoring our 4 bodies (body, mind, heart, and spirit) so I'm going to use this break to put my thoughts on my physical body aside and build my mental body up so that I can come out stronger and more determined than ever 👊🏼

5 weeks between this pics so proud of myself.
"She got good genetics" yeah,you can only use that s**t ,when you try hit as hard as i do 👊🏼✋🏼👋🏼
Still got loads to work on, but knowing that I've come this far and on my own(never had a coach or a trainer) makes me wanna push pass my exhaustion and frustrations.
So to everyone struggling, yes ,it gets hard at times,but you didn't come this far to only come this far!
So give it your best, give it your 100% ,and no matter what happens, at least you know you gave it your all.
You will always get only what you put in!
And also take a second to appreciate what you're doing, because its not easy!
Stay strong everyone 💪🏼💜#fitfam

Heute eine #Leaslehrstunde über den Säure Basen Haushalt, übersäuern und sonstige Mythen. Instagram ist voll von bullshit wie „basischer Ernährung“, Detox Kuren, angst vor „Sauren“ Lebensmitteln. Fehlt den ganzen "influencern" auch das letzte bißchen Gehirn und Grundwissen?! Wenn ihr keine Ahnung habt, seid doch einfach leise. 😐Also, man kann NICHT übersäuern. ⚠ Der Körper reguliert seinen PH-Wert ganz von alleine. JEDES Organ hat einen anderen PH-Wert. Der Magen ist zB. mit einem wert von ca. 1,3 extrem sauer (logisch), der Dünndarm leicht basisch, Zellplasma usw. haben auch jeweils andere werte. Saurer Speichel entsteht nicht durch Überquerung sondern einfach durch eine schlechte Mundhygiene und Bakterien. Denn der ist nur Lymphe mit Enzymen, also gefiltertes Blut. Schau an. 😉 Was ist mit Zucker? Glucose im Übermaß wird zu Co2 oxidiert, wobei keinerlei säure anfällt. Fructose wird beim Überschuss zu Harnsäure und über den Urin ausgeschieden. Ist also ziemlich dumm, Zucker als „übersäuerndes“ Lebensmittel zu bezeichnen. 😉 Unser Körper reguliert seinen PH wert ständig über seine Organe. Alles andere, nur geringe Abweichungen würden uns sofort töten. ⚠️Die Lunge, Die Haut und unser Urin halten unseren PH-Wert im Gleichgewicht. Und das ganz von allein. In jeder Sekunde, mit jedem Atemzug, fallen sauren im Körper an. Der Körper ist KEIN isoliertes system. Er kann Schadstoffe und Säuren einfach binden und ausscheiden. Säuren machen die Gelenke übrigens NICHT kaputt. Der Knorpel hat von Natur aus ein saures Milieu. Studien haben gezeigt, dass eine ausschließlich saure kost den natürlichen PH wert in Magen, Darm usw. NICHT beeinflussen kann. Sonst würde man ja auch sterben. Lediglich der Urin wurde minimal saurer, was keinerlei negative Auswirkungen hat, sondern nur beweis dafür ist, dass der körper sich überschüssiger säure leicht entledigen kann. Die meisten „Basischen“ Lebensmittel sind einfach von Natur aus kalorienarm und reich an Vitaminen und mikronährstoffen, was dazu führt, dass sich Leute, die sich basisch ernähren wegen dieser nährstoffe besser fühlen und NICHT weil ihr körper basisch wird. Denn wenn der körper basisch werden würde, würden sie sterben.


Mmmm mmm mmm. Sweet Fruity smell on the initial wiff on this one👃Cracked open to find a cotton candy core. This also has some gassy hints like an OG fuel undertone fills the room. Heavy sedation and relaxation after the sesh this is definitely a night time strain. 🍇x🍭x🍋x⛽️#BlueberryKush #CloudsOverCanada #FreeThePlant
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Much needed night at the gym after a deranged day teaching the "future".

Absolutely destroyed my legs tonight. It felt great though. I'm just seriously worried about how I'll be able to walk in a couple of days. Foam rolled before cardio and will be doing my usual Epsom salt baths each night for recovery. They do work wonders and are amazing right before bed.
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First day using C4 and I loved it 🔥🙌🏻🍑 I used to hate taking protein, but now that I know the right diet and way to use supplements, I enjoy them #sweetsweat #peakingintheback #favoritesupplements #greenapplebcaa #strawberryUMP #mondayfunday #mondaylegday #quads #teamgrowglutes #chucks #newme #badhabitsgone #hellogoals #adiostogettingwasted #hellogainz

Tonight my body hurts. I've been pushing myself to my limits recently and it's taking a toll on me. The #arthritis I have in my hip is really giving me #pain , my #quads are making the simple act of walking a challenge and don't even get me started on my aching back. So tonight I'm taking a night off. But guess what? Tomorrow morning 6am #yogapractice is on. But tonight... I #rest .
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Every path has obstacles, but it is up to you to continue to smile and walk the path💫 #mondaymotivation

Hey hey, success! I can walk and got a bomb workout. Hopefully I'll still be able to walk tomorrow 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I took it easy...ish. Definitely on the hammy though. :) #legday #legdayfeels #killedit #sore #gains #summerbody #bootygains #anotherselfie 🙄 #boom #determined #me

I want buns of steel but I also want buns of cinnamon! 🙊😜🍑•

Had the best leg day pump I've had in a WHILE!! 😍 Feeling so motivated!! •

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