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Till vänster: såhär ser jag ut efter att ha legat raklång på hårt underlag (solat på gräsmatta). Till höger: efter att ha misshandlat min vänstra QL med boll och stretch. Ganska uppenbart att mina problem högre upp i axlar/nacke/bröstrygg utgår från lägre nivåer. Hoppas jag får ordning på det nedre snart, för smärtan upptill börjar snart bli olidlig... 💩 #rehab #ql #quadratuslumborum #snejävel

Episode 336: Make your own massage device! 🛠🔫(Link for parts in our bio) Some of you may have chronically tight QL’s that might even feel like you have marbles or bone☠️ in the side of the back. These knots usually pop up in people who’s lumbar is straightening and losing its normal lordotic curve. For years we used a device like this to break up these super gnarly knots. When combined with exercise (core, glute, and extension based movements), the nodules eventually went away for good. .
The “reciprotool quick change attachment” should be able to connect to any reciprocating saw. We used the Milwaukee Hackzall. For comfort, we later jammed the rubber “Dorman” caps on the end of it. The reason it is so loud🔊 is because he put the attachment on backward…🤦‍♂️
Don’t be stupid! 🛑This is a power tool after all. If you decide to use any massage device, be aware that you can hurt yourself. Start light, test it out on big muscles like the thighs, then mess around in the lower back. We have WAILED on people with these devices and yes it hurts at the time, but it does WONDERS 🙌for people afterward. This can be used on pretty much any muscle in the body.
Extension based movements like the sphinx or cobra pose in yoga (McKenzie Press up) will help to return curvature to your straightened spine and prevent those deep QL muscles from spasming. Also, hinging patterns and glute activation usually FAIL for people with these nodules.
-💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach
🔝Follow the link in our bio to learn about the parts we used to make this device. Top 3 items on the list are all you need! .
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Another #QuadratusLumborum #healingwithpilates for the fabulous @zaynagold and @functionfabulous This is a stretch for the opposing side of the QL that is most likely the one felt. This stretch directly gets at the QL where it attaches L1-4 to posterior iliac crest. Also addresses the long overstretched lateral line and bringing body back to the shortened lateral side.
Keep feet close to wall and arm between wall and body. Try not to rotate.
Learned from the amazing Marie-Jose Blom. #pilatesfresno #qldysfunction #healingwithpilatesisthebest

Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Treatment #physio #physiotherapy #triggerpoint #quadratuslumborum

Besties that stretch their QLs together relieve back pain together! The #quadratuslumborum is a lower back muscle responsible for lumbar extension (sticking your bum out) and side bending and can often be the culprit when it comes to back pain. Amongst other things, a weak core and glutes med + min (#sidebumsunday) can lead to a tight, overworked QL as it's forced to work overtime to help stabilize the low back + pelvis. See all roads lead to core and glutes!!!🍑 Here's a nice stretch you can do with a friend or holding a post to release the QL. Simply cross your feet, hold onto a post and bend, pulling your hips away from the post. Focusing on the opposition here will really deepen the stretch. Happy Sunday! 📸 @serenascheng ❤️

Grad school campus visit! Hogwarts DPT Class of 2020! #QuadratusLumborum #SoundsLikeASpellRight? #universalstudios #hogwarts #hogsmeade

Back Pain? Try this QL Release! [quadratus lumborum]
🚨New QL Release🚨
I did a QL release a few weeks ago but here's another way to release that overworked QL muscle! Here's a little refresher on your QL muscle👇
It can cause you all sorts of back pain and refer pain into your hip and glutes. Having a tight QL can mean frustrating back pain that can cause way too much trouble😰
What does the Quadratus Lumborum muscle do?
It's located at the top of your pelvis and attaches on to the bottom rib and the side of your spine. It helps you
▪️Extend backward
▫️Bend to the side
▪️Bend forwards
The QL can also refer pain into the butt and side of the hip!
Symptoms of QL Dysfunction!
🔸Deep, aching in the low back, often worse in sitting or standing.
🔹Pain with coughing and sneezing.
🔸Pain rolling to either side when lying on your back.
🔹Pain can refer to the groin and mimic sciatica symptoms.
🔸You may have one side of your pelvis lifted higher than the other.
1️⃣ Start by finding a wall or a doorway. Anywhere you can prop one leg up and lay the other flat.
2️⃣ Grab your favorite tennis ball or lacrosse ball.
Lay on your back and place one leg on the wall, so your knee creates a 90-degree angle.
3️⃣ Keep the other leg fully extended. *We're bending the knee, so our low back stays flatter on the ground and helps us get enough pressure on the QL!
4️⃣ Place the ball on the QL.
5️⃣ Now roll towards that side a little bit.
*We want to go into the QL at an angle!
6️⃣ Once you're on the QL, bend your towards your chest and use your opposite arm to continue to pull as far as you can.
7️⃣ Once you can't pull anymore, reach your other arm up and behind you as much as possible.
💥 Tag someone who could use help with Low Back Pain!
🔥 As always, check my IG Story in the next 24 hours to get a more in-depth look at this post!
🎵Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato - No Promises (Tabu Kliffe Remix ft. Adam Christopher)
#joetherapy #lowbackpain #QL

#healingwithpilates and another post on the #quadratuslumborum muscle ▪️ This is a deep spinal postural muscle which takes the slack for many other imbalances in the muscular system. ▪️Tension and muscular imbalances in the hips, thoracic spine and shoulders and weak abdominals, may set these muscles on fire 🔥which may be persistent until these imbalances are corrected. ▪️Mobilization and stretches may help alleviate this discomfort and help avoid more muscle compensation taking place ▪️ 🎥 Find the QL with different movements and find the most "delicious stretches" for YOU ▪️ Yesterday I posted a few options to check out ✔️ Today's post is a feel of organic free movement stretching and mobilizing the muscles and the spine, shoulders and hips 👌 Enjoy if you get a chance to try this 💜
Hosts @zaynagold and @functionfabulous 💞#pilateslovers#pilatesinstructor#pilateseveryday#pilatesbrasil#pilatescommunity#pilatesstyle#pilatesbody#pilateslife#pilateseveryday#fit#fitness#fitspo#fitfam#fitnessaddict#healthyliving#muscles#powerful#yogacommunity#yogafit#inspiration#pilatesinspiration#balance#pilatesstrong#pilatesworkout#strength#fitnessmotivation#healthyspine


내 QL을 지켜줘 Wilson 3번4번!!
사무실에 내내 쭈그리고있으니 내 등줄기랑 허리는 계속 무너지는중... 좋은 트리거 포인트살 돈은 없어서 테니스 공 가져다주고 깔고앉으니 세상 시원하네😲
근데...왠지 이 병은 사므실말 나가면 나을 수 있을 것 같긴해😑

When you have back problems like I do, a couple of bulging discs in my lumbar spine, traveling can wreak havoc on my body. So getting on my mat this morning was a little bit daunting with such tight hip flexors, back and hamstrings from riding in the car all day yesterday. But it was imperative to do a restorative practice today – nothing fancy. This first picture is Supta Virasana, A pose that inwardly rotate the thighs to help relieve pressure in the sacrum of the lower back. This can be done with props so that the stretch is not so intense on the knees. One can add a block underneath the Sitz bones and a little bit of extra height under the back. Working with my yoga wheel really allows for great stretching of the hip flexors and my pesky psoas muscle. This muscle bothers many people and is the cause of much back pain. Once you know how to stretch it and release it, you can find great relief, both in the hip flexors and lower back. And as always, I need to strengthen my back. My quadratus lumborum muscles need lots of work, so I will be working in that part of my body to help relieve any discomfort in my back. And downward facing dog is an all-around fabulous pose for me to get the body into a meditative place to practice and hear the wisdom of the body. Restorative practices are so good for the body, mind and spirit. We get a chance to be very compassionate and patient with ourselves. If you want to learn more, feel free to reach me for more information and a session. #quadratuslumborum #restorativeyoga #psoas #illiopsoas __________________________________

To register for Yoga or Wellness Retreat please 📩me or
Text me at 256-777-9496

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I want to put this up yesterday but forgot, so sorry. Also totally loving the moon filter at the moment lol. This is a little shoulder, hip and back opening sequence with a magic circle.
Step 1 is just pressing down to engage the core and expand the thoracic spine. Step 2 is the same thing then push the circle forwards to extend the length into the shoulders and ribs. Step 3 you twist with a stable pelvis and get a brilliant elongation of the QL and ribs. Step 4 is in prasaritta padottanasana and you do the same thing as in the floor, just watch that your hips stay stacked over the feet. Step 5 you turn the feet out a little into a sumo squat and lift the arms with the arm bones in the sockets and watch that the ribs don't pop forwards. Step 6 put the circle aside and attempt pressing up into. Wide legged handstand (which I still can't do, clearly, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!!)

Lateral translation into lateral flexion: feet a few inches away from wall, get ribs & hips on wall, then translate the hips away from wall keeping armpit on wall, then translate ribs off wall keeping hips on wall. For lateral flexion side bend away from wall with arm and shoulders, but try to keep bottom rib on wall. After a few of those, side bend allowing ribs to peel off the wall. So good to stretch sides of body and before rotation of spine. #lateralflexion #spinemobility #spinalmobility #spinehealth #sidestretch #quadratuslumborum #pilatesunlimited #activeaging #fitafter40 #happyspine #flexibilty #keepmoving #movementmatters #spinemovement 😂#tanlines

Tap once to hear the sound, twice to show the love! #sideplank
with #threadtheneedle
I no longer crush my #glutes together for this #exercise though that does give support! That doesn't serve the nerves surrounding the sacrum and coccyx very well! More importantly, just squishing glutes together doesn't really make the entire body #connect
Instead, #reach through the #feet especially the #heels until the #legs and glutes #engage for that #stability
The #shouldergirdle #shoulderstability must be en pointe but keep in mind the #scapula should never be considered glued in one spot always. Yes, a little #rotation and #flexion is added here. Mostly through the #thoracic #spine
While we can say the #obliques are working, it's really the entire #core
#tva #transversusabdominus
#rectusabdominis #qls #quadratuslumborum #erectorspinae #reformer
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Here's a preview of today's work with @sutarko_hadiwidjoyo and @lanlutfi. They both are starting #soulboxjkt's #signaturechallenge today. This includes a 30-day plan with personalised #diet and #trainingprogram. Ago has some work to do with his #thoracicspine while Fi is working on improving overall posture. We're going to build muscle, burn fat, improve posture, and everyday movement. We're doing some core stability and strengthening in the first video, then we did a #quadratuslumborum stretch at the end in the second, third picture is Ago working to improve his walking mechanics with a #monsterband and stick to keep his #hinge honest while Fi is slamming a #sandbell, and finally we have some #bearcrawls. I placed #yogablocks on their backs so their hips move less and they can feel the hips and get to know their bodies better. The final picture is Ago working on keeping his hips in line and stable for a #squat. Thanks for the idea @moveu_official. I also have Fi working on #shoulder rhythm and stability. Ago has some real tightness throughout his body so staying in the kneeling position and pressing was too much at the moment. So we stood him up and did the same movement. Still a long road ahead of us but getting better everyday. #recovery #trainwithlaspina #fitfam #perfectionbeforeprogression #collaborationnotcompetition #work #fitness #mobilitywod #nutrition #indo #expat #moveu #work #myodetox #inspiration

The Butt Walk on 👉@exercisealignment .
#fitnessfirst with @moveu_official 👈
The Butt Walk! 🍑This is a simple exercise to help get some blood flow and strength into the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscle in the lower back. You might be thinking, “But my QL is tight,” and that is probably true, but chances are that it is actually weak as well.😔 This exercise is meant to warm up the muscle before you massage it (tomorrow’s video). Do it with or without a weight.⚖️ We chose the barbell overhead because it is incredible for strengthening 💪the mid back as well as the QL. .
Do 1-2 minutes straight of this Butt Walk. Try going forward, backward, sideways, or circles. Make stuff up!🤔
Cues: Keep your back as flat as you possibly can! 📐Lift the entire leg and hip at the same time… this will require some *hip flexor activation* as well, which is also a good thing! If you decide to hold a bar overhead, make sure to keep those armpits rotated forward to engage the serratus anterior muscles (knives on the sides of the ribs)🔪 to stabilize the shoulder.
When a muscle is tight, it is usually weak as well (like the hip flexors). It can be really beneficial to actually try to build strength🏋️ in that weak muscle rather than just trying to stretch it all day. 🤸‍♀️Stretching has its time and its place, but strengthening can be really relieving. Try it out! If it aggravates your symptoms worse after trying it a few times, then you know it is not for you. Rehabbing your injury often requires some testing and retesting🔬 to figure out what works for you.🕵️‍♀️
-💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach
🔝Follow the link in our bio to check out our free categorized exercise library at the bottom of the page. Searching through our Instagram feed for specific videos can be a pain… head over to MoveU.com 👍
#MoveU #Education #Sport #quadratuslumborum

Spent about 45 minutes stretching this evening. Yes, there are at least 45mins worth of muscles to stretch.

I started with rolling out my gluteus medius and realized the QL needed some love too. I like to mix up my roll outs with yoga balls and Franklin balls. Here I'm using the Franklin Fascia Massager peanut.

#quadratuslumborum #rollitout #pilatesbyazalea

Let's face it...lower back pain is just that... a PAIN... although there are multiple reasons that low back pain may occur.. one muscle that is likely to be affected if your (#QUADRATUS LUMBORUM) Muscle.
This muscle is responsible for stabilizing and movement of The spine and pelvis.. so when this deeper muscle is disrupted, CHRONIC lower back pain may occur... your goal will be too Lengthen this muscle... FOLLOW the steps in this video for an at home QL release... If this video was helpful, COMMENT below.....👇🏽👇🏽 #Quadratuslumborum

Unilateral advanced work: kneeling up/down, side bend and a twist. Main target is the obliques internal and external (abdominal muscles responsible for the rotation and side bend of the trunk and spinal stability). Will also work QL (muscle in the posterior abdominal wall and the deepest one) which contributes to the stabilization and movement of the trunk and pelvis and when weak, often contributes to the back pain. Will strengthen and teach stabilization in the shoulder girdle as well as strengthen the hips. The best part about practicing unilateral exercises, is that they help to identify muscular imbalances/weaknesses in the body. Address these imbalances before they become an issue. Tips for the execution: try keeping you shoulders and hips in "a box", shoulder over shoulder, hip over hip, hip in line with the shoulder. Initiate the movement with the core, everything else is helping... Modification: if the shoulder girdle is not strong enough, try on the forearm, or by only lifting both hips, while knees remain on the floor. #pilatesforlife #pilatesmat #unilateral #unilateralstrength #balancedbody #backpain #stability #obliques #quadratuslumborum #shouldergirdlestability #hipstrengthening #core

'SUP with your back?
Reduced multifidus activation and/or tight/weak quadratus lumborum are common causes of lower back pain.
Prescribed exercises can include hip elevation/depression on a step ↕️
Although this is an effective way of training the QL, it relies on 'righting reflexes' (stable foundation) which is not adequate for many sports and activities.
An unstable foundation will activate your 'tilting reflexes' which are necessary for conditions where your foundation moves e.g. skiing, skateboarding, or even standing as a train suddenly starts moving 🎿🏄‍♂️🚂
Whilst tilting reflexes can be triggered on balance mats etc. the movement is still predictable ↕️
My favourite pelvic/core stability and balance exercise is SUP (stand up paddle-boarding) which forces (unless you want to end up in the water💦) your body to continually realign through the ankles, knees, hips and spine to maintain your centre of gravity.
Your entire body works dynamically with micro-twitches firing and releasing your postural muscles at constantly varying speeds, loads and durations ⬅️↖️⬆️↗️➡️
#sup #standuppaddle #backpain #lowerback #core #lumbargo #ql #quadratuslumborum #multifidus #prehab #rehab #balance #propreoception #balanse #dji #mavic #mavicpro #boystoys #norge #norway

My best friend Dee has been with b+b from the very start...pilates has been her staple exercise all thru out the past 17 years! Thankful for clients who journey together with us...growing and evolving.. 💙💙💙 #bbstudiomanila #stottpilates #merrithewhealthandfitness #reformerpilates #mermaidwithrotation #quadratuslumborum #lateralflexion

@moniquemolino tap once to hear the melody, twice to show the love! @newyorkpilates did this so gorgeously the other day, I had to try their version of #snake
#pilatesteachers need to take classes from each other too. Notice me look in the mirror. I left that boo-boo in the video on purpose. It's a no-no and you can see why. Distracts from what you're doing.
Try this homework for your next class: don't look in the mirror. The mirror is for the teacher so you can be seen from multiple vantage points at once, for your safety and to give you #corrections
So snake. I tried it. Then I went #gaga for #planks and this video emerged.
There's lots of things to evolve and work on with each lesson. We can't always feel or see what they are and that's why we seek out our teachers. I'm Plank-ful for Pilates today, and I hope you are, too. ♡ My Pilates team, when shall I drop into your classes?
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