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"Sino na po yung susunod na magpapa-checkup?" 😂 #aboutlastnight #latergram #yearstarter #quackdoctor #selfie

Cascarets are #BestfortheBowels and the best of #antiquemedicine & #quackdoctor candy cathartic tins. My favorite is the #advertisingdesign & #font designed to look like intestines! 😁

Tatlong Persona.


#red #inkonpaper #artph #quackdoctor

No bear is sick 😆🐻🙅🏻🤒
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When Director Medical Department cannot be the Dept Bomoh (witch doctor), the Chief Medical Officer has to double hat as the physician Bomoh. #ems #quackdoctor #myscdf #anationoflifesavers

Why so mapait? 😖😰 tiis2 gamay para mawala si yayay 😊 👼👼
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The kit of a #quackdoctor @lincolncastle #halloween #nightsofhorror "grind up the mummy's skin and make into a paste then feed to the patient. The mummy possesses restorative properties that will cure the ill" - not something I want to try in a hurry!

Lang băm chích thuê có phòng khám riêng =))


Medical Doctor Who Sucks Patients’ Sperm Arrested By Police In Niger .

50-year-old fake Medical Doctor, Umaru Usman, who allegedly indulge in sucking sperm of patients in Minna, Niger State, was arrested by the police yesterday. .

According to NewTelegraph, He was at the Out Patient Department of the Minna General Hospital after parading himself as a medical doctor for over two years without being detected. .

It was learnt that the suspect, who was originally a hospital attendant, usually directs male patients away from the doctors into a room where he would massage their private parts until the patient discharges sperm into his palms. .

Thereafter, he would lick the sperm and allow the victim to go without prescribing any drug for him. .

It was learnt that Usman had allegedly sucked and licked the sperm of about 10 victims before he was exposed. .

According to witness, his last victim was a 40-year-old Sani Baitachi, who slapped the suspect after he could not discharge on time.

This led to an argument which led to Usman’s arrest and it was at this stage the hospital management was brought into the matter.

The suspect was then handed over to the police.

#spermdoctor #quackdoctor #crime #investigation #fuzelocal #localnews #Niger

hala! diri ta kay tag usa ka gatus ug ochinta pitot ra! lol #moveon #MoveonKan-on #quackdoctor #seemslegit #justforlaughs

If you didn't make it to Tavern Talks this month you missed out on four excellent demonstrators! Starting in the top left we had Andrew from @brandywinebattlefield portraying a surgeon, Tim our Quack doctor is sniffing "urine" to determine the illness, Clarissa Dillon presented on herbal distilling and Nancy Webster had a fantastic display on 18th century midwifery. Thank you to all our participants every month! #taverntalks #quackingup #18thcenturymedicine #medicine #historichouse #chestercountypa #delawarecountypa #barnsbrintonhouse #chaddsford #discoverdelco #handsonhistory #historyisnotboring #quackdoctor #midwifery

The quack frog. I like the artists humour. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be? #veganfortheanimals #castlecoch #veganadventures #vegantraveller #wanderlust #steampunk #theredcastle #theliferoom #quackdoctor #wales

On the 15 freeway coming from Los Angeles to Las Vegas you can see this sign with this odd name! I always knew there was a story behind that name lol so I researched and had to go check it out my self! So yes there is and it's kind of an amazing, crazy story lol 😂 There is a hidden oasis with an oddball history. In 1944 LA radio evangelist Curtis H. Springer, self proclaimed minister (and quack doctor) decided the mineral springs were the ideal location for a health resort. He named it "Zzyzx mineral springs and health resort," touted as "the last word in health" and the last word in the English language -- a gimmick so it would be the last listing in any directory. How awesome is that he even named one of his streets BLVD of dreams.

I have several copies of The Farmer's #Sun #newspaper from #1928 if anyone is interested. #heritage #historical #toronto #ndp #eclectric #quackdoctor #oldads #ephemera

Quack doctor, hands in pocket. Met at Erratum Galerie, #Berlin #OneDoctorADayWastesYourLifeAway

If I had a band..and they had a band t shirt..this would be it....••••#LindaHazzard (18 December, 1867 – 24 June, 1938)
Linda Burfield Hazzard was an #American #quackdoctor noted for her promotion of #fasting as a treatment; she was imprisoned by the state of #Washington for a number of deaths resulting from this at a sanitarium she operated there in the early 20th century. She was born 1867 in Carver County, Minnesota, and died during a fast in 1938.••Hazzard was born Lynda Laura Burfield in Carver, Minnesota, one of eight children born to Montgomery and Susanna Neil (Wakefield) Burfield. She had no medical degree, but was licensed to practice medicine in Washington through a loophole that grandfathered in some practitioners of #alternativemedicine without degrees•She created a "sanitarium", Wilderness Heights, in Olalla, Washington, where inpatients fasted for days, weeks, or months on a diet of small amounts of #tomato and #asparagus juice and occasionally a small teaspoon of #orangejuice.•While some patients survived and publicly sang her praises, more than 40 patients died under her care. Hazzard claimed that they all died of undisclosed or hitherto undiagnosed illnesses such as cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. Her opponents claimed that they all died of starvation•In 1912, she was convicted of manslaughter for the death of Claire Williamson, a wealthy British woman, who weighed less than 50 pounds at the time of her death. At the trial it was proved that Hazzard had forged Williamson's will and stolen most of her valuables. Williamson's sister, Dorothea, also took the treatment, and, it is alleged, only survived because a family friend showed up in time to remove her from the compound. It is suggested that one of them managed to smuggle a telegram to alert the family; however, by the time of arrival, Claire had already died. Dorothea was too weak to leave on her own, weighing less than 60 pounds. She later testified against Hazzard at trial.

Aling kepweng is in the house


Unborn Baby Declared Dead, His Arm Was Amputated From The Womb By The Doctor. Only For The Baby To Be Brought Out Alive
This is tragic. A doctor in the Northern part of Nigeria declared an unborn baby dead. He went ahead to amputate his arm only for the baby to be brought out alive. There’s more to this matter than the eye can see. It should be thoroughly investigated.  I mean such a wicked doctor.

#QuackDoctor #Inhumane Acts

Since I'm a witch, I made an ointment to treat my daughter"s eczema myself #witch #homemade #ointment #quackdoctor #hempoil #eco #naturalhealing

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