What you’re seeing now is what my man @mikeschneider161 sent me as a little momento from our “Runa x Flatface” collaboration. He sent me a free board, AND wheels.. That’s INSANE Mike! I hope you like/enjoy the board I sent you as well! You hooked it up man, not to mention all the stickers!! Sincerely thank you, the last FF I’ve owned is an OG G12 29mm..🤤❤️ ALSO! An unboxing of this package will be up in the near future! As well as the gorgeous ledge you see too!! #flatface #runafbs #fingerboard

B.I.G news. RUNA x Flatface collab decks now available at www.flatfacefingerboards.com ...Get em while they’re hot folks.
It’s such a huge honor to me to work with @Mikeschneider161 . He’s thee reason why I began to fb to begin with. Now to actually work with him and his amazing company is simply amazing to say the least. Thanks so much Mike for the opportunity to show you and others how hard and serious I take this. This is huge for myself and Runa. Such an enormous milestone. Enormous. This will only put fuel on the flame to make me work even harder. Anyway, go on their site and cop a board tonight!! #runafbs #flatfacefingerboards

Fri/23/3pm. X-Wide. ❤️ Sold Out. #runafbs

#singleclip I’ve been on a kickflip back tail binge recently but... this is definitely the hardest combo I’ve landed 😅 somebody get my back with a cleaner one???

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