QBs y’all know what time it is, get in where ya fit in, clocks tickin!! #QBTraining 🚨D1 Active Kids Camp🚨

Boys & girls ages 7-12 meet me & the D1 staff on the turf tomorrow at 1 PM & let’s get after it!! Call D1 @ 501-588-3910 before noon Monday to get in!!

‪Headed back to The Natural State with a few patnas..this weeks loaded up with Central Arkansas QBs, bout that time!! #4Panels8Laces #QBTraining

🤔 My thought of the day and no stones intended so don’t take it that way...
What kind of athletes and young men are we creating today? The camp and training platforms have taken a weird turn in my opinion. It has become more about what is given to you then the instruction itself?..
Athletes now immediately want to know what gear they are going to get? What’s included? The product use to be instruction, development and work...
No one is interested In just that anymore. Trainers have had to implement this into their programs to attract the athletes, it’s become a necessary evil for those training full time as a profession...
But what are we teaching the kids/athletes. Entitlement?..
I love all the cool gear and headphones etc as much as the next guy but as a free thinker I can’t help but wonder how we are molding the minds of the youth? Would love to hear some other opinions?..
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