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The right cleansing for each individual skin condition is one of the most important aspects of proper skin care. Only perfectly cleansed skin can absorb the active ingredients in skincare products that are applied afterwards. The natural balance of the skin is not disturbed, but rather maintained by using special cleansing products.
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• Redness is concealed and the skin appears more even • Feelings of tautness can be reduced • Absorbs quickly

Main ingredients • Biophytex®– vasoactive plant cocktail • Defensil® – three-level active ingredients complex (echium oil, balloon vine, unsaponifiable parts of sunflower) • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide • Vitamin C • Grape seed oil • Centella asiatica

‏مازال ذكرُكَ في الشفاه نَديَّا
يسقي القلوبَ شرابَها القدسيَّا
صلى عليك الله ما شوقٌ سرى
نحو المدينة بكرةً وعشيَّا ﷺ ..
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BLEMISH BALM PERFECT BEAUTY FLUID for combination and impure skin combines the lightness of a toning fluid with the caring properties of a cream. The liquid, tinted "two in one"-product supplies impure and combination skin with important caring substances and provide a flawless skin coverage.

~ Overnight intensive vitalizing serum~ • Free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, colorants and PEG containing emulsifiers Main Ingredients • Vitanol® BIO • Vitamin A Palmitate • AquaxylTM • MatrixylTM 3000 • Rosmary extract • Evening primrose oil • Cranberry seed oil • Sesame oil • Camellia oil • Sunflower oil

This velvety day cream with SPF 20 teams up daily protection against UV-radiation and environmental influences with an effective sun protection filter with selected plant extracts of tomato, water lily and sea buckthorn. 📸 @greenpeelnorway

Ampoule excellently suited for adolescent skin as well as hormone-related impurities.
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Vitamin C Beauty Flash, freshly prepared, helps to protect against harmful environmental influences, provides the skin with an immediate boost of energy and has a smoothing, firming and regenerating effect. 📸 @drschrammekusa

For intensifying daily cleansing. Emulsify the refreshing gel with water and let allow taking effect shortly. Then remove with water. Clears and soothes redenned skin.
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