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Hypocrisy is the narcissist's middle name. What they do and say in private versus in public are totally different things.
They accuse their victim of doing the exact things they are guilty of doing themselves (projection).
β€’ An honest person is accused of being a liar.
β€’ A generous person is accused of having an agenda behind their generosity.
β€’ A devoted partner is accused of being a cheater.
The narcissist's projections are actually confessions that reveal what they are actually guilty of or believes about himself or herself.
Source: relationshipedia.me
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πŸ‘ŠWords can hurt, leaving behind long term damaging affects on the recipient's self esteem and general morale. Name calling, mocking, devaluing of one's opinion are all signs of verbal and emotional abuse. YOU MATTER! ❀BE RELEASED!πŸ™Œ #BeReleased#BeRestored#IamReleased#IamRestored#Victorious#Victim#Saved#Survivor#DomesticViolence#VerbalAbuse#PyschologicalAbuse#Jesus#TheRelease

"You have 'whore eyes.'" To this day I'm still not sure what about my eyes makes them 'whore eyes'. This phrase was just one of the many events that took place growing up with psychological abuse. No, my dad didn't leave me when I was little, no my mom wasn't a drug addict, we had problems, sure but none that you would think justified me to fall in love with abusers. Some people think in order for it to be abuse it has to be physical. This is not the case at all. Bruises will fade but the emotional scars from them, and words, and the threats and the lies, etc... last sooo much longer! I have a knack for finding the lost and forgotten boys, the troubled boys, the boys who 'need' me. My mom calls this the Cinderella Syndrome. I say 'boys' because none of them treated me the way a man should treat a woman. They were boys. On average it takes a woman 7 times to leave her abuser. 7! Not one, 7! We believe they will get help, they will stop, they love us. The cold truth is they won't get help, they won't stop and they don't truly love us. Even writing this now years later it's hard for me to come to terms with the fact that they didn't truly love me. Not the way you are supposed to be loved. I was not taken care of, I was put down, manipulated, lied to, yelled at, swung at, just plain hurt over and over again. I'm not writing this as a pity me story. I am writing this because I am one of the lucky ones. I was able to get out, and when I would find myself in the same situation with a different guy, I was able to leave again. I got help, not him, me. I got counseling and support and eventually, love, REAL love. It is so important to educate our daughters to see the warning signs and know their worth. I am raising a daughter and it is one of the scariest thoughts to think of what I went through happening to her. BUT I am also raising my two sons, who WILL be taught how to treat a lady and be respectful.

Think of an abuser-victim dynamic as a tick attaching to an animal; the parasite grows and becomes stronger, while simultaneously sucking the life out of the host! Get FREE VIP ACCESS to this entire video (and #blog post) by following the link @authormelferrier! XOXO, Mel πŸ’‹πŸ–€

The power of #silence. Someone who has had any kind of profound control over your emotions never expects silence. Your silence is part of taking that control back. When you remain silent, there is never any regrets of reaching out during a weak moment out of loneliness. There is never any regrets of forgiving the unforgivable, just to have a couple days of fake happiness. You can keep your focus when you are not engaging in the high/low dance with the devil. Stay silent. Stone cold fucking silent. 🚫#pyschologicalabuse #domesticviolence #recovery #staystrong #nocontact rp @narcissist.sociopath_awareness πŸ’œ


Healthy people desire to build up their partner, not tear them down, especially under the twisted guise of sarcasm or humor! Abusers do not think this way, of course, and will often be very belittling, degrading, condescending, and patronizing toward their victim. That's NOT NORMAL! 🚨 Want to learn more? Get FREE VIP ACCESS to this entire video by following the link @authormelcross! 🎟 XOXO, Mel πŸ’‹

How can you figure out if you're being played by a #manipulator or #narcissist? PAY ATTENTION TO PATTERNS! XOXO, Mel πŸ’‹πŸ–€

Think of an abuser-victim dynamic as a tick attaching to an animal; the parasite grows and becomes stronger, while simultaneously sucking the life out of the host! Get FREE VIP ACCESS to this entire video (and #blog post) by following the link @authormelferrier! XOXO, Mel πŸ’‹πŸ–€

There's always a "why" behind the "what!" Abusers attempt to gain and maintain control. That's the what. Here's the why... 🚨 Want to watch the full #video or read this week's #blog post? Just follow the link @authormelferrier and get FREE VIP ACCESS to both! 🎟 XOXO, Mel πŸ’‹πŸ–€

In 2012 we lived together. We were only together then for a few months. But we were madly in #love. Everything seemed perfect until the #pyschologicalabuse began. I had no clue what was happening. It was #insidious. It started so slow and subtly. She brushed it off. It was just hormones she said. I was blowing it out of proportion she said. You're confused she told me. But none of it felt right. Some of it #hurt. But they were just #jokes, right? So why am I so #upset. One day it all became insurmountable. So I left. I had to get away. I needed space. I couldn't breath. Then she started blowing up my phone. She called me #crazy. She couldn't believe I would just leave someone I loved like that. She called me a #coward. A #liar. She told me I used her. And I went back. When I got to the apartment, she admitted she #destroyed some of my belongings. Then I had to fish through the trash to find my spare car keys. She exclaimed that she wanted to destroy the TV, but she knew that was too much. I stayed. She had a #beautiful way of making herself the #victim. And each time I played the #fool. I spent a substantial amount of 2016 reflecting on that moment. The moment I should have left. For it was the moment that she realized pushing past the #boundaries wasn't necessary as there were none there. She knew she could walk all over me at that moment. And for the next 3 years, she did. I can never have those moments back. There are parts of me that are #broken that cannot be fixed. But I don't obsess over what's damaged. I reflect upon the behavior which led to the #abuse. And everyday I look into the #souls of everyone around me to see if that #spirit is present. For my own health and sanity, each time it shows itself, even slightly so present, I must decide whether or not to continue to invite the body presenting the spirit in my space. I see what's ahead of me. And I understand the #blessings and #burdens #God has given me. I cannot allow anyone or anything to take me back to the place where God's #purpose for my life grows stagnant. I cannot go back to that #prison...

Mom has a story. Have you ever asked her. Do you know it? Her pain and your pain are sister pains. Its been passed down. Understanding why can help you heal. If she is willing to talk about it, It can help her heal as well. Communication is one of the FIRST steps to mental health awareness in our Community. If you feel you can't talk to your mom or ask her. Can you at least talk about your pain? Your story? To someone...

Be gentle with yourself

You did nothing wrong.

Ask yourself, why do I feel guilty? Why do I feel shame? Did I do anything to feel guilty for? Or am I carrying around the emotions of my abuser?

Mental abuse is as bad as physical abuse... cuts and bruises heal, but memories last forever. I'd like my friends to copy and paste this for domestic violence awareness. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_abuse #domesticviolence #dv #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticabuse #domesticabuseawareness #emotionalabuse #stopdomesticviolence #stopdomesticabuse #pyschologicalabuse #pyschologicalaggression #mentalabuse #relationships #verycommon

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