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Long time no see!! Thanks man! @job_zamora 😜 #selfie #pweh #manoeuvres #mnvrs

To the moon and never back? 🌕

We spit more rhymes then a lazy Suzan,we innocent Til our guilt is proven #sweh#pweh#punkrock

I'm so dang cool. #pweh #chicago

Every breath you take proves that you can live without him. 😍❤️😍 #pweh

I guess it's also time for me to share some thoughts. I'm not much of a political person .. nor do I usually follow lots of news to be honest. It seems that I'm often too caught up in my own little bubble.. but I believe it's about time to say ..something. mm.. this up there is our daughter. I rarely post anything personal, but I do today. I so love this little girl. She is curious, headstrong, funny and smart... She is also half korean, a quarter German and a quarter Indonesian living in Europe. A kid with immigrants as her grandparents.. But does that really matter, what nationality, religion or color of skin she has? I don't think so. As much as it doesn't matter, if she decides wanting to pray 5 times a day later on ... or if she wants to be an artist, a globetrotter a mother or an academic. It also doesn't matter if she falls in love with a guy or a girl... all of those things aren't really important.. as long as she is happy and healthy and doesn't hurt anyone by her choices. We're trying to raise her to be kind, empathetic and strong.. not yet sure how to do so, but that's our goal. And to know that she'll grow up in a world where we're still facing racism, misogyny, homophobia, fascism, and discrimination against minorities, animals, nature or other human beings.. is making my heart sad n heavy. Blind intolerance against anyone that is different... without even thinking further... no matter if it's a Donald Trump who's saying or doing fecked up things...or that guy in the subway who is making fun of the shape of your eyes.. I also didn't forget about all the other stories going on in the world .. but it's just so much ..and history seems to repeat itself over and over again.isnt it enough? Be kind, world. Start within your bubble. Think of the consequences of your actions and words. Stop that nonsense and let people just live in peace. Be curious and learn from others. Just because all of that shit isn't happening within your reach, doesn't mean that it's not happening at all. And let me tell ya.. I'm quite sure that some of it, does... Oh and do use your voice. It's what it's there for. #pweh #thatsitfortoday #peaceonearth #togetherisbetter #love

Whaahh! Eto pala ung LIBRO ko sa pasukan!!! Ang aga-aga naman nila binigay!!! Kaasar!!! ;( Nakakatakot Magbasa. huhuhu. ;(
#annoying #pweh

My sweater weather ootd, just because! Haha! #werkpadinkahitbedweather #promodiaries #bumabloggerpost #pweh


To the moon and never back? 🌕

I can see clearly now... The rain is gone. 😋😋😋 #pweh

I didn't plan on chugging an almost-liter iced chocolate. Oh well, might as well do. With a book. While I meet. With my old self.

#pweh #chereret

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