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When you are closing graduation ceremony and your students grab you to your feet and start showering you with love. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️😘😘

Fasten up your gypsy pants; The Lester Seal Collective is about to be #live at Lazy Mon!! -

I am light
I am light
I'm not the mistakes that I have made
Or any of the things that caused me pain
I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind
I am light
I am light
I am not the color of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside
I am not my age, I am not my race
My soul inside is all light
I am light, I am light
I am divinity defined
I am the God on the inside
I am a star, a piece of it all
I am light -India arie

May I be wild. May I be free. May I know deep deep radical love.

Intense. A word people use a lot to describe me. Sometimes in a good way - sometimes in a bad way - but always in an intense way. I am pure fire 🔥- burning, transforming, warming, and the element of safety and bringing people together. And something has shifted in me lately. My passion and intensity used to take me on such waves personally - being completely overwhelmed and sometimes even angry with God with the life and responsibility she had decided was mine. As I continue to grow my capacity for life - a still lake is growing growing growing within me. I have more weight on me now than I've ever had in my life - responsibilities (and yes big financial commitments - but this too is just an inner relationship). But I am growing increasingly detached from it all. That I am the vessel and God moves through me - but outcomes are not and cannot be my focus. To completely focus on my presence and ability to serve that which is currently in my sphere of influence is my top and only priority. With about a dozen current projects and thousands of people in the mix - I have constant demands of my time and energy. And it has become a deep learning of choosing myself first - knowing that only with a silence in my soul can I be if deep service to the other. If something isn't calendared or written down in my life - it doesn't exist. I can no longer take on the endless to dos in my mental space. My stillness is my top priority - and with all this growth - I am finally at a place where my capacity is such that I am no longer shaken nearly as deeply by the demands of this life. My inner life is good and still - and my outer life is more of a 'game' and a place where I relate but don't primarily identify. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves - and it is my deep prayer that you have a loving one. ❤️❤️😘😘 To a peaceful inner life, and an ever growing capacity for profound loving service (whatever that looks like for you...) ❤️a (ps - if you have never been to an online lecture of mine - I highly recommend you check out the Money, Sex and Spiritual Freedom live online talk I am giving tomorrow - link in bio)

Welcoming a new batch of future yoga leaders into the jungle today. May the woman continue to rise. Through education. Self love. Connecting to the Earth. And learning the ways of ceremony and healing. Thank you thank you thank you

We are a couple days into our 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Self Empowerment Course here in the jungle. The intimacy is already rich, and the tears and layers are beginning to fall. A powerful group of young women from around the world have come together with the primary intention of diving into their own deep inner work to emerge more deeply in love with themselves and equipped with the teachings and tools to play a leadership role in this era of social transformation and the rising woman. To yes teach yoga - but to take this far beyond the movement of the body. It is a balancing of the energetic system that supports us in deep healing and radical self love. It is an honor beyond words to hold the space and welcome the grace to work on these soulful graceful beautiful women. We have a space left for our May 27 - June 17, and we have a (super) special payment plan package available for this seat. If you are interested in applying for this (super rare and beautiful) opportunity to make this program work for you financially - send me a DM with your email or tag someone below who you think may want the spot. Only seekers ready to dive into the fire of the work need apply 😘❤️

Ramon Chicharon de #Columbia
Sunday Nights @ the Open Jam
#theCanJam ... Who's next?

#livemusic #envivo #puravida #costarica #pvcr #homepvcr #lazypvcr

This week marks the beginning of a new era for me as a woman, a professional, and a servant. This last year has been deeply humbling and a journey into the darkest shadows of my own soul. I have been called into leadership in a new capacity while balancing the work of excavating and releasing layers of my being that were keeping me back from feeling Love more fully. It has been a huge transition - really bringing me into womanhood and my unapologetic truth and power. I am the most present, expansive, and connected I have been in my life - and it has come from a ripping open of my heart, shamelessly expressing my vulnerable truth, and cultivating the courage to show up fully in my marriage, my life, and the continual creative birthing of my company. This week I opened doors to Pain to Purpose: the MasterClass - where I outline a collective philosophical and spiritual blueprint that I have developed from sitting at the feet of masters and doing my own deep internal work. Many of us want to break the chains that keep us isolated and trapped within ourselves - but don't know how. And it is my deep intention to be of fuller service to a wider audience of women around the world through this 3 month online intensive format. This program is the culmination of years and years of my own self study, study with spiritual masters, the wisdom of my own shadow, and finally now uncovering and educating in radical deep pleasure. We dive into sex. Into money. Into fear. Into manifesting the lifestyle of our deepest desires. I don't hold back. And I want you with me. You will hear and see a lot of me the next couple of weeks. If your heart is called - I hope you make the commitment to yourself to join us on this journey of global sisters coming together to do the work to transform our inner life. To invite in more love. More presence. More freedom. More pleasure. And more power. For ourselves, and ultimately to show up in a purposeful way in the world. Link in the bio. Registration ends March 23. ❤️

Caribeña 😘

Never am I more connected.

Sometimes the depth of the work that we move into shakes me. It brings me to my knees. To sit with a circle of wild, raw women committed to their own womb healing - brings me to tears. To watch as we sob, we move, we dance, we celebrate, we hold each other, we cry, we celebrate, we argue, we challenge, we educate, we learn. We come together in a sisterhood so profound - that it is the substance of the revolution. To lean into conversations around race. Ancestral shame. The truths around sexuality and womanhood that is only recently being unlocked, felt, talked about, and freed. To watch a powerful group of women move their bodies with the intention of calling forth and releasing any deep seated shame that is still dwelling in their hips or hearts - and to hear the cries, the anger, the ecstasy, the resistance, the shame, the celebration. It is awe inspiring. We lay out the container and invite in the work - and the way that grace moves through us as we come collectively into the heart of the jungle to re-emerge re-born - it goes so so so so so so deep into the root of our womanhood. This month - we are welcoming 40+ women into our Permaculture Center deep in the jungle to lean into this work. And to emerge as leaders - holding the torch of the revolution. The Pre-Natal group just finished yesterday - and the depth of wisdom that comes with a willingness and curiosity to break social conditioning around the BIRTHING process is awe-inspiring. We announced 2019 dates this week, and we have (HUGE) promotional specials that close March 23. Take a look in my bio to find the link. Especially if you are one of the many that have reached out to us about opportunities to study conscious conception, conscious pregnancy, conscious birth and supporting women in that journey - GO SEE THAT LINK. Get your deposit down, and you have almost a year to save for the rest. Thank you thank you thank you for the opportunity to be of service. May you have the courage to lean into your own commitment to excavating that which is ready to fall. To the woman rising…. ❤️ adi

Sex, Money + Spiritual Freedom. As we lean into the era of the woman - most specifically the era of women as leaders in business - we begin to re-frame and have a new and vibrant understanding of what it is to create, to birth, to destroy, and to transform the models as we know them currently. Creation comes from sexuality. A trapped and oppressed sexual force invites shame, repression, and ultimately a woman 'turned off'. To step fully and meaningfully into life and business calls for a transformation from the deepest parts of us. A revolution of excavating ancient ideas about a woman's role and how it is she is to channel her vital life force energy. I teach often on the relationship between our sexual power and our creative potential as impactful conscious entrepreneurs. Starting with a foundation of radical self love and acceptance - we move into business from a place of deep authenticity and are able to manifest models of abundance that reflect our deepest values and support us in uncovering our wildest desires. While serving the other. To repress our sexual energy is to create a deep division within us that then invites a double life - our deep hunger for freedom contrasts our helpless surrender to perpetuating the agendas of companies that do not honor our inner wisdom. Creating a world divided and sick. The era is upon us. Harnessing the whole being - celebrating the whole woman - in her radical sexy capacity to channel her inner Shakti feminine creative force and channel that wisdom through a structure that invites radical social impact and simultaneously deep inner transformation. Inviting in the God experience. The union of presence, structure, and creative manifestation - rooted in properly channeled sexual energy. A tree can only grow as tall as its roots are deep. Inner work meets external manifestation and conscious social impact. Sexy business. I wouldn't have it any other way. Want some more ? Link in the bio for the free Sex, Money + Spiritual Freedom online training class coming March 17. 😘😘

The dream is free. (The hustle is sold separately.)

Just another sunny day in Puerto Viejo (2019 schedule launch + a HUGE announcement drop on FRIDAY!) I hope you are all enjoying the Emotional Release Summit. Next huge free offering ? A free online LIVE training lecture with me - Sex, Money + Spiritual Freedom. If you aren't an insider already - follow the link in my bio and sign up for this free live conversation with me. ❤️❤️❤️☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 The revolution is upon us - and I am committed to doing my best to spread the education that has supported me in living a free and full life. FRIDAY brings the new era !! ( and sweet deals on early 2019 enrollment - but only for a couple of weeks) stay with the story. Love love love Adi ❤️❤️

The energetic system and sensitivity to its wisdom is the foundation of the teachings. From our connection to the Earth and ancestry, to our sexuality, our self worth, our capacity to give and receive love, our capacity and skill in sharing our truth, our intuition, and ultimately our ability to be present fully with the Divine experience of the present moment - we have wounds and energetic knots in our systems. The divine communicates with us through the portal of our spine and nervous system - and without the skills to actively heal this system (through allowing the primal process of fight or flight) we freeze due to social contracts and the encouraged taught necessity to repress and deny our emotional truth. And in freezing and not being able to express our wild truth freely - we experience disharmony in our energetic system - and when not addressed - these energetic blockages (over time) manifest as physical dis-ease in the actual body. If we commit to practicing our ability to listen deeply to our own wild truth and express fully, have the skills to bring our nervous system back into a place of balance, and regularly commit to detoxification of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body - we know deep health. Feelings of well being. But when we deny the energetic tension in our throat, our heart, our pelvis, our belly, our heads - and allow this tension to build - we fall into depression, anxiety, and ultimately severe problems in the rest of the body. Yoga gives us the tools to become more subtly aware and open into the daily healing process when the trigger happens - rather than allowing these things to accumulate over a lifetime. Through posture (and understanding the energetics of each posture), breath, sound, primal expression, dance, diet, lifestyle, conscious sexuality, conscious relationship, etc - we know fuller health and more fulfilling lives. This is what we teach. And we always do it barefoot with just a dash of Shakti sexy jungle funk <3

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