So let me tell y’all a true story about how my ex husband, after 10 years of marriage and 3 affairs, moved on to his current wife but a week after I kicked him out and asked for a divorce. I’d been a stay at home mom since the birth of our daughter and had only been enrolled in school full time for a month when I found myself alone, soon-to-be evicted, no car, no job and my children by DADS CHOICE went from having dad around full time to seeing him every other weekend. He wouldn’t come around any more than that no matter how many times they called asking to see him bc it cost him “too much gas”. Meanwhile, he became a full time dad to someone else’s child. He’d taken the only tv in the house which was the only thing of value we had, sold it, and refused to give me a dime to help feed our kids. Instead he insisted if I wanted anything from him, I’d have to take him to court for child support. It took EVERY. OUNCE. OF. ENERGY in me not to send him to hell each time he showed up to pick up our kids to play “daddy of the year” in front of his new girlfriend while not giving a DAMN about the facts that his kids were sleeping on their grandmothers futon for almost a year while I finished school and found a good enough job to care for them and maintain a place all our own. I believed with every fiber of my being that he was not worthy of our children and their love. They deserved SO MUCH MORE than the hell he put our family through. However, my children LOVE their dad. Dad was the fun one. Dad was the affectionate one and dads presence made them feel loved, wanted and that they mattered in this whole ordeal. That mattered more to me than my hatred for him. So when I see “women” refusing children their fathers because “he was late”... “he’s gonna disappoint them the way he did me”... “he doesn’t do shit anyway”... “all he needs to do is comply/pay me/do what I say”.... not only is that NOT A GOOD ENOUGH EXCUSE- that makes you JUST as shitty a person as he is. Kids will not be kids forever. Keep in mind they will one day grow up to see things for what they really were and YOU will find yourself having to answer for your actions as well. #RP from @children_needfathers

This team has so much talent, puts in work and they drive the ball every game and today they earned the win, Even with unfortunate circumstances that they could not control happening.
I never do this but holy cow today took the cake and I am frankly over it.
It is a shame when you have people who should be solely on the sideline to support their player being uncontrollable and getting kicked out because well to put it blunt they can’t keep their mouths shut. If you are going to be on the sideline be positive and show the players how to be respectful. Do not display what in my eyes is immaturity and selfishness. I wouldn’t even care if it was just effecting them but when your actions take yards from the team and effects my player it pisses me off. Be there to support the team or just don’t show up at all. You are penalizing your player, their team and my child. Grow up and put your ego aside for a few hours and let these boys play their game. #twomomsarebetterthanone #parenting #sports #beaparent #putthekidsfirst

Holden are not property to withhold from another person. Kids just want to know their parents. What they do for a living does not matter. What they did to you does not matter. #growup #putthekidsfirst

I had to send 4 messages politely asking for my stepdaughter's mother to get Miss S to call Miss E to ask how her concerts went this weekend (as her mother didn't let her come to either of the performances and wouldn't have the courtesy to think of calling). But eventually she called and Miss E was excited to talk to her big sister about her shows. Blended families are hard work, but being a stepmom dedicated to ensuring a loving and strong relationship for all children involved, makes so much difference #blendedfamilies #stepmomlife #putthekidsfirst #sisters

Someday maybe you’ll see where you went wrong.
Someday you’ll recognise all the things you ignored.
Someday you’ll realise what was actually important.
Someday you’ll stop being selfish and put those babies first.
Someday you will become a better man.
But for now... you’re not even a man!
#selfish #horrible #man #shit #narcassist #abuse #bully #why #putthekidsfirst #someday #survivingminimes

I Know its chilly today but act like its not goddamnit bring all yo yungins out to grab a back pack some snacks and food and to hop in the bounce house and have a lil fun on this gloomy day...🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿😂😂🤣 #loveandlaughter #putthekidsfirst #stoptheviolence

THIS.... this picture right here! 💕💕
How awesome is it that my daughter is able to spend time with all of her brothers in one place?! Seriously, it’s the best feeling! .
All of these children get to grow up knowing what co-parenting is all about and how important it is. ❤️
Not only do the children get to spend time together, make memories, and learn we are all family. BUT us adults have gained friendships we never thought were possible! (Even just a few years ago) .
I am so thankful for this; the laughs, the good times, the friendships, forgiving, and making memories these children will cherish forever!

I once tried to meet up with HCBM to discuss how to work together to benefit the kids. She agreed and then on the morning of my wedding had my daughter pass along a message to me, that she didn’t understand why I would want her be friends with her ex-husband. #crazyexwife #stepparentingtroubles #stepdad #stepmom #bonusmom #bonusdad #whyareyousocrazy #doitforthekids #putthekidsfirst #whydoyou #makeeverything #aboutyou

On July 23-27, 2018, 21 Filled w/the HG & 3 baptized in Jesus name! VBS w/a bunch of fun friends! Hosts Bro & Sis Ryan Doran made the event delightful. Great connections made this week - Michael Bergmann Christopher Foster are an absolute hoot! Children's Directors, the Bergmann's are poised & ready for continued success in a huge 😉 way! Thanks to Pastor & Sis Wells opening the door to an opportunity of blessings for the kiddos in Florida! Marilyn and I love the flow of the Spirit w/liberty! And Jeffrey J Peacock is a man powerful in prayer acting in faith by the authority & power of the word of God!
#PutTheKidsFirst #RevivalHappens #KidsEvangelist

Amidst my busy schedule I have been trying to write more articles for my firm’s website and social media platforms on the area of law that I specialise in. Although most of the points I make with regards to child arrangements is common sense you have to remember that when parties separate, emotions become difficult to navigate and feelings can often become entrenched and that is when I come in. To help my clients along the way, to manage their expectations and to always remind them about the costs implications of any steps they are about to take. As good as I am at my job (don’t mind if I say so myself 😂), I believe in being honest with my clients because that is the only way we can have a good working relationship. Now off to write my piece about @uksupremecourt decision on Owens v Owens which was handed down on 25th July. #law #lawyerlife #legal #legallife #familylaw #familylawyer #familylawyers #solicitor #managingexpectations -#doingthebestformyclients #childarrangements #putthekidsfirst #putthechildrenfirst #divorce #separation #itdoesnthavetobeafight

Youth practice starts tomorrow for a lot of kids. Coaches, please do not have your youngsters use this ball carriage. I train way too many little guys that tell me their coach wants them to carry the ball like this and it is very frustrating. I absolutely loved my time coaching youth but I do understand that it can be a thankless job and there is zero pay. Let's do our best to coach these little guys up and have a safe and memorable season. Parents, please understand that these coaches are doing this for free. For those of you who have the obnoxious family member that knows it all in the stands encourage them to give their time to the kids. Coaches/Parents, I'm here to help if you have any questions. Feel free to DM me. Good luck this season! #PutTheKidsFirst #PutEgosAside #LetsLearnTogether

It's been 12 days since we've seen Natalie.
Your heart physically starts to ache with that missing your child feeling. Although we missed her, hearing her pure excitement of all the fun she had while with her other family, makes my heart happy.
Sadly, this feeling is the normal for countless fathers, many we personally know, including my husband.
Mothers all over have no problem separating their children from their fathers. Parent Alienation is REAL.
During summer, natalie spends the summer 50/50 with both of HER families. I can't seem to understand why this 50/50 concept is so difficult for people to accept. 50/50 is what is best for CHILDREN. You don't have to be friends, but you should put children first.
#spreadawareness #5050parenting #sharedparenting #blendedfamilies #itisOKAYtohavetwofamilies #putthekidsfirst #parentalienation #fathersrights

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